• Day of Remembrance
    We don't want today, December 13th 2003, the 2nd anniversary of Chuck's day of death, to pass unnoticed. The Italian Metal Hammer has a special about Chuck this month, including an interview with Jane. They gave us permission to publish the translated version early on EmptyWords (thank YOU Fabio and Vincenzo).

  • Thursday December 11 2003
    Especially for the Death fans from Lebanon and Greece, check the benefit page.
  • Tuesday December 9 2003
    Especially for the Italian Death fans, check the benefit page.
  • Saturday December 6 2003
    Added three oldies from Guitar School. The first one is an interview with Chuck by Jeff Kitts (thanks Jérôme). The second one is a Guitar School special called: "Welcome To Hell", a guide to essential death metal, in which Chuck appears once more, also by Jeff Kitts, with the contribution of others (thanks Manuel). In the third and final piece, Chuck is again briefly interrogated by Jeff Kitts about the death of Death, or maybe not. Chuck in: Fuzz Box (thanks again Manuel).

    We've also added ten more tabs: Denial of Life from SBG (thanks José Emmanuel), Within the Mind (the first!) from Spiritual Healing (thanks Jerad), Flattening of Emotions, Suicide Machine and Vacant Planets from Human (thanks again Jerad), Jealousy, Trapped in a Corner and Nothing is Everything from ITP (thanks Dave), plus Symbolic and Without Judgement from Symbolic (thanks Danial). Good luck!

    And finally: things put in perspective by Chuck (from Rox Magazine, thanks Joab). In other words: Chuck's death metal amongst the washer, the dryer, and the lawnmower. All reduced to the essence. Need we say more?
  • Wednesday December 3 2003
    Editorial comment concerning Control Denied:

    Hello everyone,

    We can no longer suppress the urge to make a statement of our own. It's not normally our place or duty to comment on the business matters surrounding Death/Control Denied, but this situation is emotionally out of hand.

    The controversy surrounding the second Control Denied album seems to be turning into a vulgar slugfest by and among some of the fans. Like Jane once said to us: “this is not just another Death album, this is the very last piece of work that will ever be released of my son.” Some of you really have crossed the line and shown no respect at all.

    A musician’s mother being available to the fans like Chuck’s mom has is a very special thing, and because of her openness, she’s put herself in a very vulnerable position. We know you're dying to get answers but right now that's not going to happen, for legal reasons and legal reasons alone.

    Her email address is available to all of you to ask any questions you like or to order t-shirts. So please stop harassing her. It would be a shame if all this could break apart the Death legion.

    The EmptyWords Team

    "This is not a test of power
    This is not a game to be lost or won
    Let justice be done"

    [C. Schuldiner]

    "Everything will be okay in the end
    If it’s not okay
    It will not be the end"

    [M. Muller]
  • Monday November 24 2003
    Message from the Schuldiner family in response to Hammerheart Records' press release:

    Dear fans,

    This is Chuck's mom. The latest threat of Guido (Heynens/Hammerheart Records) is that he will release a demo of Chuck's music on CD if the Schuldiner family does not do what he wants. The courts here in the US will decide the rights to that album and neither GH/HHR nor the Schuldiner family has the right to release any part of it until it is decided by a judge and jury here in the US.

    He is taking advantage of and damaging Chuck's reputation and memory, and is hurting this family and the release of Chuck's album enormously in the process. It is sacrilege. I am asking that none of you buy this CD and that you respect Chuck's memory by waiting for the full album. Just as the people who sell shirts and merchandise are making money off Chuck's memory, if you do not buy it, then it will fail. If GH/HHR does go against Chuck's attorney's advice and releases that music, then the album will not be released. What would be the point?

    Jane Schuldiner
  • Saturday November 22 2003
    We've added two pieces from the Greek (yes, the first two from Greece) Altars of Metal webzine from the Sound of Perseverance era. A major interview with the architect of death metal and a TSoP review which gets at least 11 points out of 10.
  • Thursday November 6 2003
    We've added something from the distant past again: three issues of The Metal Crusade (thanks Jane and Jochen). This brings the total to six (5 regular and 1 special) of Death's official quartely newsletter. Speaking of official: the Metal Crusade logo actually originated with issue #3, but we decided to put the logo on the pages of the first two issues as well. The posted release dates are the originally scheduled dates, which doesn't necessarily mean that they appeared at that time.

    Now a note about the making of this update. We didn't have all the original issues complete so we had to use replacement material, such as the scans Chuck's mom completed and some scans from humandeath.de. These copies from scans from copies (with varying filesizes, back and forth over the internet) don't always give the best result with the pictures. Nevertheless we think that with some artifacts we were able to create something nice out of it. After all, it's all about the content anyway, isn't it?

    About the content? Really a lot of funny stuff, especially Gene's contributions. And of course the equipment list, back then added at the last moment by The Metal Crusade staff, which will give a lot of fans detailed answers to what appears to still be the mother of all questions. Last but not least, which maybe superfluous to mention, but please note that the addresses within are not valid anymore! Enjoy!

    #1 Greetings DEATH fans! Welcome to the most unique underground fan club in the world. You now belong to an international organization made up of legions of Metalers… more>

    #2 Greetings once again! Things have been very exciting for DEATH recently as they have just ended a very positive tour in the U.S. and Europe… more>

    #5 Metalic greetings to all around the world! So, you got a chance to hear DEATH's new release 'Symbolic'? What did you think? There have also been some cool interviews with DEATH in magazines like… more>
  • Tuesday November 4 2003
    We've updated the Early Tourdates page with some cool flyers, thanks James Murphy. More soon!
  • Monday November 3 2003
    Especially for the Peruvian Death fans, check the benefit page.
  • Monday October 20 2003
    We added an interview with Chuck, done after his final show in Atlanta, and an interview with Tim Aymar, discussing Death versus Control Denied, plus a retrospective on Chuck's career (all three from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, thanks Jubie).

    We also updated the Perennial page with Q&A's part 7. As always the numbers in red are new. Enjoy!
  • Tuesday October 7 2003
    We added a Death/Pestilence/Viogression concert review (from Rock Hard 11-'91), and three album reviews: TFAoE (from Edge Of Time), Live in L.A. (from Metal Eagle) and TSoP (from Metal UK).

    Besides we would like you to meet another side of our co-workers. Matt Medeiros in an interview with the German Possessed webzine about his band Kalopsia, and Luca Minieri in an interview with the American Aversionline webzine about hís band Illogicist. Enjoy!

    Next: three articles from the American LotFP (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) magazine, and we are working on the 7th set of Q&A's for the Perennial page, stay tuned!
  • Wednesday September 24 2003
    We added two Italian Human reviews from Heavy Metal and Metal Shock (thanks Matteo and Vincenzo). We also added a concert review (from Enterzone, summer 1995) and an interview with Chuck (from Hellfrost, April 1995).
  • Sunday September 7 2003
    Message from Chuck's mom:

    Dear fans and friends,

    Since there are too many emails to answer personally, I am writing a short message to all the friends and fans of Chuck who have written to me of Guido's comments to Blabbermouth. Since I was attacked by Guido through his attorneys to desist from truthful comments I had made, I am surprised he would make false comments of his own. I refute his statement.

    Chuck's sister and I received such a multitude of telephone calls from Guido concerning Chuck's last Control Denied album, that, in self defense, we finally stopped taking them and let our answering machine record those messages. After saying the same thing over and over again to him, our position on Chuck's work is firm and he knows what that position is and why. There is no need for any more contact with Guido, that is why we each have attorneys.

    We wanted as much, probably more, than anyone for Chuck's final album to be released as soon as possible, but we have our last promises to Chuck to fulfill. And we will do that to the best of our ability. Chuck deserves that. I will keep you all posted on the emptywords site.

    Just remember to please do not react in a negative way to these statements of Guido, and if there are rumors you want to ask me about, you know where to reach me. I have always been truthful with you. Also remember, as Chuck always says, Support Music, Not Rumors. Take care.

    Jane Schuldiner

  • Monday August 25 2003
    Message from Chuck's mom:

    Hello everybody,

    I am online again and I want to thank all of you who wrote during these past couple of months. It was terrific to recieve all that mail. Many of you told me that you had not written letters in a long time so I appreciate them all the more.

    I do want to alert all of you who have never taken your computer for repair. Be very careful who you take it to, make sure they are qualified and reputable technicians. Just because a business sells computers does not mean they are qualified to work on your computer. When I took my computer in the only problem was getting online, when I got it back it was totally blank, no windows, no folders, nothing. They accepted no responsibility and I had to purchase a new computer.

    I would appreciate it so much if all the people who sent articles, and especially pictures, to please send them to me again. I had not backed anything up and so all was lost. I really regret that most of all, so if you have not done that, please do it right away. I sure will in the future. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you, I have really missed that.

    Jane Schuldiner
  • Sunday August 3 2003
    As promised some time ago, four articles from the now defunct Norwegian Crystal Mountain website: an interview with Chuck, and three album reviews (TSoP, TFAoE, Live in L.A.), all from Scream Magazine (thanks Jens Remi). Thanks Mike for your personal story and pictures of the Metal To The Masses tour.

    The 4th of July somebody sent us a list with gigs that we accidentally deleted. Can you please send it again? Thanks.

    Finally, check out the Scottish Kondemned webzine for their tribute to Chuck.
  • Sunday July 27 2003
    From the James Murphy official website:

    "Both Paul and Mick from Slipknot have been confirmed as major contributors to the Death tribute, and will be performing on many of the tracks... in addition, Terry Butler (Ex-Death, Six Feet Under) will contribute some bass tracks. Paul, Mick, and Terry will be joining myself, Deron Miller (CKY), Dave Culross (Suffocation, Malevolent Creation), Brett Hoffman (Malevolent Creation), and (Immolation frontman) Ross Dolan, and a few other as yet unconfirmed guests at SR Studios in Iowa (the studio is still subject to final confirmation) in mid to late August to begin tracking.

    We're not giving up the full tracklist just yet.... but some highlights are:

    Land Of No Return
    Forgotten Past
    Low Life
    Lack Of Comprehension

    .....and many more."
  • Wednesday July 2 2003
    My name is Jamey Jasta, I'm the singer of Hatebreed, the new host of Headbangers Ball and a fan of Death. I just wanted to let you know that I have convinced the shows producers to play Death's video for "The Philosopher". The show will air July 5th on MTV2 at 10 PM East Coast Standard Time.
  • Tuesday July 1 2003
    Email from Chuck's mom:

    "[...] I still have no computer, and do not know when I will get one, so please tell the fans that for me, will you please? I sure do miss corresponding with them, and you. It seems as if it has been such a long, long time since I was online with them and to tell the truth, it has been a lonely time without that connection. it really is like having an extended family all over the world. I receive so much mail, so I know the fans remember and love Chuck still and it warms my heart [...]".
  • Tuesday June 24 2003
    We added the sixth set of questions. The numbers in red are new on the perennial page. Enjoy!

    Chuck's mom let us know that although she can't be reached through email, you can order shirts through snail mail. Send a letter to:
    Jane Schuldiner
    613 E. Citrus Street
    Altamonte Springs
    FL 32701 / USA

  • Monday June 16 2003
    Due to computer problems Jane's having, she can't currently be reached via email. As a result, merchandise is on hold. We'll let you know as soon as she's back online again.

    We published some gathered reviews from Chuck's performance at Dynamo '98 (one of the first of Death's new line up), last May 31th, 5 years ago (thanks Robert and Vincenzo). Also published an article, titled Death-Alive and Well, by Andreas Bechtel from the Nuclear Blast cataloque later that year (thanks again Robert).

    Next: Q&A part 6.
  • Sunday June 8 2003
    We added two Italian pieces: an interview with Chuck from Metal Shock and a Symbolic review that appeared in Metal Hammer as well as in Grind Zone (thanks Vincenzo).

    Upcoming: Death on Dynamo ’98 and an article about Chuck’s come-back.
  • Tuesday May 13 2003
    Today, on Chuck's 36th birthday, we take you back 10 years with two pieces from Metal Maniacs. An intie with Chuck, titled Revolutionizing Death, by Alicia Morgan and an ITP review by Don Kaye (thanks Robert).
  • Friday May 9 2003
    Added three new tabs, Scavenger of Human Sorrow, A Moment of Clarity (thanks Remi) and Spirit Crusher (thanks Diego). We've also published a Scream Bloody Gore review from the German Metal Observer.

    At the request of many fans who want to know what the Symbolic shirts look like we added a picture of the long sleeve shirt, check the support page. Also in response to many questions about merchandise, the Symbolic shirts Jane offers on the support page are the only official merchandise available at the moment.

    Upcoming: in 4 days we will honor Chuck's birthday with some old material from Metal Maniacs.
  • Sunday May 4 2003
    We have taken down all the tabs we published yesterday. The person who sent us the tabs claimed they were originals, but in fact they were not. As a result, we recieved several angry emails from the original authors. If you are going to send us tabs, they must be original. Tabs published in books or posted on another site represent the work of others, and we will not host any unoriginal tabs. Thank you.
  • Thursday April 10 2003
    As promised, we published two interviews that Chuck did for Metal Maniacs (thanks Robert). One about Death’s reincarnation and a talk about perseverance

  • Saturday April 5 2003
    Chuck’s mom answered the fifth set of questions. The numbers in red are new on the perennial page. Enjoy!
  • Wednesday April 2 2003
    The UK edition of Metal Hammer includes a "Vault of Doom" section which describes "Scream Bloody Gore" under the title "classic albums you should own" with an associated article, added on EmptyWords (thanks David).

    Next: we laid our hands on several old(er) articles, most from Metal Maniacs and one from the Nuclear Blast catalogue. Robert you rule! Soon on EmptyWords.

  • Sunday March 23 2003
    Jane had office hours again. Q&A parts 3 and 4 are published, *nr* are new, which means that Jane's back online again.
  • Wednesday March 19 2003
    We added the memorial article from the German Hammer Magazine (thanks Jochen), and an (old 'n short) interview with Chuck from the Italian Metal Hammer (thanks Vincenzo). Also added an interview with Gene about his new love (from Aardschok).
  • Sunday March 9 2003
    We (re)published the two interviews that Kerry Vick did with Tim Aymar and Steve DiGiorgio for redrival.com/controldenied, as well as an interview with Chuck from Metal Edge (thanks Kerry). More coming soon! We also made some changes to the TSOP-USA tour page (thanks Jason).

    Due to computer problems Jane temporarely cannot be reached through email. The problems will probably be solved next week, we'll let you know when she's back online again.
  • Saturday March 1 2003
    We added Chuck's comments to the songs on Symbolic from Spark Magazine 07-'95 (thanks Lukas), and an interview with Richard from the Turkish Rock Station Magazine 01-'03 (thanks Deniz). A little more time and we'll be back on schedule again.

    Coming soon: Part 3 of the Q&A's. Also some material from Kerry Vick's old Control Denied site and Jens' Crystal Mountain Death site (both have been closed down) will be re-published on EmptyWords soon.
  • Tuesday February 25 2003
    When I gave an interview to a magazine (Rockaxis) well over a month ago I was very emotional because of the 1st anniversary of my son's death. I said some things that should not have been publicized and I am sorry for that. It was not something that should have been shared with anybody other than the people involved. With this in mind, I will not give any more interviews to magazines, but will continue with the Q&A on the emptywords site. Chuck would really hate this, and I hope everyone lets it go and concentrates on the only thing that really matters, Chuck and his music.

    Jane Schuldiner

  • Monday February 24 2003
    From Blabbermouth: Former DEATH/TESTAMENT guitarist James Murphy, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION/SUFFOCATION drummer Dave Culross, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION vocalist Brett Hoffmann and CKY guitarist Deron Miller are going ahead with their previously announced plans to record a DEATH tribute CD to benefit Murphy and the family of late DEATH frontman Chuck Schuldiner. "James Murphy got the OK from [Chuck's sister] Bethann Schuldiner to proceed, as we did not want to do this unless we had her blessing and permission," Miller told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "James has solidified Dave Culross on drums, Brett Hoffmann on vocals, me and James on guitars, but still no bass player. [DEATH/CONTROL DENIED bassist] Steve DiGiorgio declined to participate. I would also like to get some other guests from other bands who are DEATH fans to contribute tracks as well. I am also awaiting word from James on a label that will be releasing it. Recording will most likely begin sometime this summer." A tentative late 2003 release is expected through an as-yet-undetermined label.

    Message from Jane: Beth gave permission because it will help James with medical expenses in treating his brain tumor. James has our support and I hope everyone goes to buy it when it comes out. I sure will.
  • Saturday February 22 2003
    As promised: the two Czech articles are posted (thanks Lukas). Two interviews with Chuck from Spark Magazine, one from the March '95 issue and a chat they did with Chuck in Deep Look Inside from July '95. We also published the interview that Jane recently did for Rockaxis, Chile (thanks Fernando and "Cote"). More soon!
  • Wednesday February 19 2003
    We've added two more Metal Crusade issues: a special edition regarding the (Death For Life) benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and B.E.T.A. that took place on December 16, 1994 in Orlando, and a regular edition (Newsletter #4) about the Symbolic sessions and more.

    Because of the many questions about what, when, how and why, we made a releases page especially for the mr/mrs particulars among us. There you'll find a detailled survey of all Chuck's released material, official and unoffical, with a lot of info from the tape-trading area and about the various European re-releases, in addition to the timeline.

    Upcoming: we are busy working out two articles from the Czech Spark Magazine, (yes Matt, they are LONG!) one which is titled: Deep Look Inside, kind of a chat-box with Chuck. Keep an eye out, and to Lukas: your patience will be rewarded soon!
  • Saturday February 15 2003
    From The Metal Crusade Staff, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, SEPT. 1994: Greetings once again... First of all, thanks for being so patient waiting for issue #3 to come out! So many things are going on for DEATH that we wanted to make sure you got the full official details. We've got the most recent info of the band and..... more>>

    The first Metal Crusade issue (#3) is on, we hope to gather more in the near future to complete our collection at EmptyWords. We only have a few (which will be posted soon) but we are still missing a lot. So if you are an old Metal Crusade member and you want to make copies for us, let us know, it would be appreciated very much!
  • Monday January 20 2003
    Jane answered the second set of questions for the Perennial page, numbers 13b-18 are new. Thanks to everyone who has already sent us emails. We have gotten a lot of questions about how much time it will take before you get your answer. We don't want to flood Chuck's mom, so for now we will send her 5 questions at a time. Jane wants to take her time to give the best possible answers, so it might be a while before you find yours.
  • Tuesday January 14 2003
    Back to business as usual. We've added five album reviews. From Foundry Music: TFAOE (thanks Marc), and from the Italian Metal Hammer: Live in L.A., TFAOE, ITP, and Leprosy (thanks Vincenzo).

    We also added more tourdates: from the Metal To The Masses Symbolic Tour (thanks Jens and Alex), and some early tourdates (thanks Jokum). We are working on this jigsaw-puzzle bit by bit.

    Finally, check the TABLATURE page for thirteen more tabs, with seven from TFAOE (thanks Eric), and six from several albums (thanks Ryan, Robin, Mike, Emre and Mohammad). And for those interested in some faces behind EmptyWords: the playlist page has been re-styled. That's it for now.

  • Thursday January 2 2003
    Another year for EmptyWords, the fifth. We made some changes in the navigation menu. The MEMORIAL pages and the TABLATURE page as well as the new PERENNIAL Questions page can be found in the main menu now. Send your questions to Q&A@emptywords.org. Soon you'll find answers to your questions, as given by Chuck's mom. The first dozen Q&A's are on.

    We want EmptyWords to continue to grow with reviews, interviews and articles, so whenever you have something lying around that would be interesting for fans to read, you know where to find us. We are still missing a lot of tour information as well. If you have some send it to tours@emptywords.org. Thanks in advance for digging it up.

    We are working on some new ideas, which were suggested to us by fans, they still have to be hammered out though. To get a glance behind the scenes, many are still being inspired by Chuck, in all sorts of ways. As you can see EmptyWords is still alive and kicking.

    Finally, we added something else to read: an intie with Chuck (yes, he IS metal) from Enslain Magazine, and an interview with Steve DiGiorgio from Renegade2k, thanks Fernando. And remember: EmptyWords wouldn't be what it is today without your help, so hopefully we can count on you again this year to keep Chuck's metal spirit alive.

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