Death playlist

1] Zombie Ritual
2] Pull The Plug
3] Suicide Machine
4] Together As One
5] Lack Of Comprehension
6] Symbolic
7] 1,000 Eyes
8] Crystal Mountain

all time list

1] Iron Maiden-Number Of The Beast
2] Iron Maiden-Piece Of Mind
3] Exciter-Heavy Metal Maniac
4] Kiss-Alive
5] Mercyful Fate-Melissa


1] M.I.R.V.-Feeding Time On Monkey Island
2] Frygirl-Someone Please Kill Me
3] Forbidden-Green
4] K.D.Lang-Ingenue
5] Devind Townsend-The Compilation Disc That I Make Myself
6] Queen-Anything pre-'80


Picture taken in 1998 in the Morrisound garden
by Mike van Rijswijk

Chuck & Gene


Richard Christy Death/Control Denied


1] Galactic Cowboys-Galactic Cowboys
2] King Diamond-Them
3] Death-Human
4] 311-Music
5] Malevolent Creation-Retribution


Tim Aymar Control Denied


1] Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell
2] Crimson Glory-Transedence
3] Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance
4] Metal Church-The Dark
5] Queensryche-Rage For Order


Matt and Luca are our faithful assistents. Besides being the guitarist in Kalopsia, Matt edits all the stuff we translate and is our overall advisor. Luca plays the guitar in Illogicist, and helps us work out our ideas regarding the site's layout. Both are true Death fans.





Matt Medeiros


1] Megadeth-Rust In Peace
2] Death-Symbolic
3] Slayer-Reign In Blood
4] Malevolant Creation-Retribution
5] Deicide-When Satan Lives
....Cannibal Corpse-Tomb Of The Mutilated


Luca Minieri


1] Death-The Sound Of Perseverance
2] Cynic-Focus
3] Pestilence-Testimony Of The Ancients
4] Iron Maiden-Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
5] Atheist-Unquestionable Presence


Perry, playing the guitar in Artisan, and Robbie, guitarist in Dead Head, are both press guys who really care about the Death case. Throughout time they contributed a lot of articles and pictures to the site out of their private collection.





Perry Grayson Tsathoggua Press


1] Death-Human
2] Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast
3] Rush-2112
4] Fates Warning-Awaken The Guardian
5] Witchfinder General-Death Penalty



Robbie Woning Aardschok
The guy that HAD to pick 10


1] Scorpions-Tokyo Tapes
2] Van Halen-Fair Warning
3] Iron Maiden-Piece Of Mind/Killers
4] Nasty Savage-Indulgence/Abstract Reality
5] KISS-AliveII
6] Queensryche-Rage For Order
7] Death-Spiritual Healing
8] Possessed-Beyond The Gates
9] Judas Priest-Unleashed In The East
10] Zero Hour-The Towers Of Avarice


Travis made the beautiful artwork on both The Sound Of Perseverance and The Fragile Art of Existence. He'll do the artwork of When Machine and Man Collide as well.

Travis Smith seempieces
The guy who just couldn't pick 5


1] Control Denied-The Fragile Art Of Existence
2] Opeth-Morning Rise
3] Katatonia-Discouraged Ones/Tonights Decisions
4] Anathema-Judgement
5] The Gathering-Mandylion
6] Solitude Aeturnus-Into The Depths Of Sorrow
7] Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings


Adam was the first to help us out as a friend, correcting our English. He is busy nowadays playing the bass in Avidost.

Adam Schifler

1] Fates Warning-Awaken The Guardian
2] Skycladd-All
3] Annihilator-Never, Neverland
4] Savatage-Streets
5] Shadow Gallery-Tyranny



Colleen took over when Adam left and helped us through a period in which we posted a lot of articles.

Colleen Migliore

1] Savatage-Streets
2] Control Denied-The Fragile Art Of Existence
3] Tool-Opiate
4] Journey-Greatest Hits
5] Alice In Chains-Alice In Chains


We got to know Kerry through his Control Denied site, nowadays he's too busy to keep that one going and decided to contribute to EmptyWords.

Kerry Vick

1] Control Denied-The Fragile Art Of Existence
2] Atheist-Unquestionable Presence
3] Believer-Sanity Obscure
4] Cynic-Demo's ('89-'90-'91)
5] Death-Symbolic



Maciek is keeping an eye on our typos, after all the reading we do ourselves he still manages to find a lot.

Maciek Dzikowicz


1] Death-Human
2] Death-Symbolic
3] Metallica-And Justice For All
4] Death-Individual Thought Patterns
5] Deicide-Once Upon A Cross



Kees & Yvonne Kluitman


We try to do the best we can to keep you all as up to date as possible, without the help of all the people above it would be an impossible job. This page was meant to give you an idea of the faces behind EmptyWords.


1] Death-Symbolic
2] Savatage-Streets
3] Opeth-Still Life
4] Control Denied-The Fragile Art Of Existence
5] Symphony X-The Devine Wings Of Tragedy


1] Death-Human
2] Kate Bush-Aerial
3] Tori Amos-Abnormally Attracted To Sin
4] Lisa Gerrard-The Silver Tree
5] Emerson, Lake & Palmer-ELP