Review: Scream Bloody Gore
Magazine: The Metal Observer / Germany
Written by: Hawk
Published: 2002

I always wanted to write a review of the best death metal disc ever. Of course we're talking about Death's debut album. As everybody now knows, Death's founder and mastermind Chuck Schuldiner has died, after a long road of suffering, on December 13 2001. I know from experience how heavy this disease is, because my father lost his battle with a braintumor after six devastating years.

Back to Death in 1987, I read the review of Scream Bloody Gore in Gummi Hammer, which reported: 90% of the metalheads, beware!. That was reason enough for me to grab this thing. No sooner said than done. An order was placed at No Remorse-Mailorder, also ordering the M.O.D. debut. After the first listen, I thought: what a piece of shit and already took into account that I made a bad buy, but somehow I was also lightly shocked by the brutality of it.

After the third or fourth turn it happened to me: I was addicted to this music! What Reign In Blood meant for thrash, Scream Bloody Gore meant for death metal. It was the most important disc at all!!! Where other bands only had two or three hits on their disc, this one was full of highlights. The amount of cover-tunes speak for themselves. Countless acts from the extreme scene have covered Death, and guess which album the most?

In case there are still people who dont know the album: it offers raw, fast, fusing death metal, with a minimum of melodies and variety, but it has that magic something that makes it the genres milestone. The unmistakable grunt of one Chuck Schuldiner and the brutal production by Randy Burns put the crown on this album, all completed with the cult cover of Ed Repka, which shows four decaying monks during a chearful drinking-bout.

You see, there's no escaping from this, the most important (next to Morbid Angels Altars Of Madness) death metal album of all time. Get it, today.


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Translated by KK/YK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on May 9 2003