Review: The Sound of Perseverance
Magazine: Altars Of Metal / Greece
Written by: Dimitris Petrakis
Published: summer 1998


The Gods of Death metal returned and they will kill us all this time! Chuck is back with a new line-up and ready to cut off our heads! The Sound Of Perseverance is their new album and it's simply another masterpiece by Chuck and his partners! Chuck has changed his vocals a bit, they are more sharp! The combination of the killer new drummer (who's as good as Hoglan, I think) and the accompaniment of psychotic/insane guitar riffs and paranoid bass tunes, the new album will dissapoint no one! "T.S.O.P." is the natural combination of Symbolic and Individual Thought Patterns. "T.S.O.P." consists of 8 new excellent songs (including an instrumental song, "Voice Of The Soul, with acoustic guitar) plus a cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller!!! The cover of Painkiller is simply EXCELLENT! Killer drums, killer vocals! I really could not believe that Chuck could also sing power metal! The new material is completely paranoid with a taste of psychosis and madness! "T.S.O.P." begins with a great little drum solo in "Scavenger Of Human Sorrow" and a lunatic guitar riff! If these songs are played live, none will survive! Chuck's lunacy will hunt you! The whole album is full of lunacy! Looks like Chuck is either a psycho or a genius! Death are condemned to create masterpieces! I cannot say which songs are the best ones, this is impossible, as every song is a different masterpiece! Another diamond for your record library! If I could, I would rate it with more points....


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EmptyWords-Published on November 22 2003