Review: The Sound of Perseverance
Magazine: Metal UK / UK
Written by: Dani B
Published: November 1999

This latest Death release follows a lengthy two-year absence in which main man Chuck Schuldiner has formed side project Control Denied. If you have heard any of Death's albums (from the 1987 debut 'Scream Bloody Gore) you may be aware that Chuck and his ever-changing band have ventured into the more technical side of metal. 'TSOP' is no acceptation to this.

New drummer Richard Christy has made Gene Hoglan's switch to Strapping Young Lad seem not such a bad thing after all and the guitar work is Death's best yet by far. The production, by Jim Morris (Deicide, Cannibal Corpse) is crystal-clear and Chuck Schuldiner's vocals are still crushing but his switch in style allows us to hear what he is singing about - quite aptly so as this is their deepest album lyrically.

What you are in for here is a metal record with integrity. Guitar-hero solos play a part in every song, mad-jazz drums and harmonising most notable in 'Spirit Crusher' and 'Flesh And The Power It Holds', respectively, keep the songs as interesting as they are technically brilliant and brutal. A cover of Judas Priest's classic 'Painkiller' closes the album's 56-minute affair, which I think will leave few fans of metal, disappointed.

Buy this album if you: play drums, guitar or bass, are a fan of Death's previous material, appreciate intelligent music or just want something innovative and different.


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