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GREETINGS..... fellow metallers... As promised, this issue of The Metal Crusade is completely dedicated to the recording of DEATH's upcoming release, "Symbolic". You will see exclusive pictures of DEATH in the studio and read an interview with the entire band - the first of it's kind!

Newletter #4 also contains a bio of each member so you can get to know them a bit better.

Be looking for Newsletter #5 in the Spring. It will have tour dates and the winners of the "Dinner with Death" contest. It's not too late to enter, but hurry! Send your name, address, and telephone number to us for your chance to win a dinner with DEATH in your hometown! You can even bring a friend and you both get in the show free that night!

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The end of August brought DEATH together to record their hottest release to date due out on the streets in March. It is simply entitled Symbolic...

With the many changes the band went through the first part of this year: a new record lable, a new producer and a new line-up, it was time to bring these new and innovative elements together to create what will be DEATH'S strongest release to date.

Roadrunner Records and Relativity Records negotiated this past summer for assignment of the remaining contract DEATH had with Relativity. After finally coming to an agreement, Roadrunner will officially release Symbolic world wide.

Once again, in Morrisound Studios, however, this time with master producer, Jim Morris, DEATH took on their most action-packed project to date. Chuck told us a bit about DEATH'S new producer.

"I was really excited to work with Jim. He has worked with a lot of different types of bands which I knew was going to benefit us since we are trying to expand. Jim is totally killer and I'm very happy we hooked up and I'm real excited about working with him in the future as well."

Gene Hoglan joined Chuck once again, along with new guitarist, Bobby Koelble, and new bassist, Kelly Conlon... a line up that will prove to be the best the band has had so far. A line up that will continue on tour and in the future, also. "This is going to be a crushing line-up! We are all looking forward to metalizing and playing the new stuff live." Chuck added.


So, who are these new guys? Being 'shredders' in local bands of Chuck's hometown, Orlando, they came highly recommended. There was no question they had the crucial essentials to complete the 'Symbolic Force'. Bobby and Kelly each have a unique style and a solid musical direction. Fans will not be disappointed!

Symbolic is a natural progression from Individual Thought Patterns. It encompasses the elements of heavy, melodic, mayhem that DEATH carries in tradition, whileadding a groove consistent with their innovative execution prevalent in their last few releases.

It is very 'moody' in certain places -as Chuck refers to it, "taking the listener on a journey." And oh, what a killer journey it is, from the opening track, 'Symbolic' to the phenomenal finale, 'Perennial Quest'.

It's heavy. It's catchy. It's full of amazing double bass, ripping guitar solos, tasty bass licks and powerful vocals. In other words, brace yourself!

The themes surrounding Symbolic ironically are symbolic within themselves. DEATH touches on subjects, once again, that are easily related to be many.

From the theme of lost innocence, betrayal, and judgement to hypocrisy, intolerance, and the quest for the understanding of life. Symbolic will leave a strong impression, not only with lyrical content, but also with each members' performance and the powerfully intense music itself....





From time to time we receive returned mail and we carefully go back through our records to see if perhaps the address was written wrong or typed incorrectly into our computer. Sometimes we can find the person, however; sometimes, we don't. So, below is a list of people who actually belong to our fan club, or requested information and we can't seem to get a hold of them. Please read over the list, and if by chance you know them, please tell them to write us once more in very legible writing and we will get their stuff to them immediately. Thanks.

Kevin Miller, Florida
Tom Stritzinger, New York
Hugo M. Oleveda Glez, Mexico
Joe Vanchieri, Florida
Scott Sacks, Calif.
Yumiko Kounishi, Japan
Michael Johnson, Florida
Robert Duffy, Mass.
Simon Venig, Germany
Felip Diaz Rodriquez, P.R.
Chris Hughs, Kentucky
Ryan Weinstein, Florida
Peter Herrmann, Wisconsin
Steve Koroly, NC
Tijana Stan Konc, Spain
Adam Groves, IA
Stephane Lammtagne, Canada
Arnfridur Hreinsdottir, Ireland
Dominik Golebiowski, Poland
Chris Slater, Canada
Ilan Hacla, Israel
Gena Reznichenko
Monardi Herve
Rosa Dean, Florida
David Nied, Florida
Hellena Neary, Florida


We had a great response for the contest we offered in Newsletter #3 -Having a night out with DEATH when they come to your hometown! As soon as we know the exact tour dates, we will chose names sent in and get a hold of the winners. If you haven't submitted your name, do it soon!

If you win, you and a buddy will meet DEATH out for dinner the night of the show, get in the gig for free, and each walk home with a t-shirt. Sound cool? Send in your name, address, phone number and the town(s) where you have access to and where DEATH would possibly play. Good Luck!



December 16, at the F.B.I. DEATH hosted a benefit event for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and B.E.T.A. called, "Death For Life".

A recording of Symbolic was played for those who made a small contribution at the door. A free buffet of wings, wubs and pizza was offered during the preview and four local Florida bands performed.

Also, that evening a raffle took place with prizes such as autographed guitars from B.C. Rich and Washburn, C.D.'s from Roadrunner, DEATH merchandise and other cool band merchandise from Blue Grape, and an autograph promotional poster of Ozzy Osbourne from Tampa's Ace's Records.

DEATH is very interested in doing more benefits for charities in the future. Word is they will be doing one for the Humane Society. The whole band are animal lovers and would love to help out their furry friends.




Published earlier in the
Death For Life benefit special

Long grueling hours were spent in Morrisound recording Symbolic, but when all was said and done, Death took some time to answer questions about their new project.

No other interview has been done with the new band members... but you get it here... this exclusive interview right from the Metal Crusade!

So Gene, how was it working with Jim Morris this time around?
Gene: Jim is a very good producer. That's always nice to have. Obviously, he gets good tones. He is a laid back, erudite person, and he knows how to handle me in the studio, which is hard to do. I'm not the biggest studio fan, so I feel constantly on edge in there. Jim's air takes a lot of that edge away. I've only worked with one other producer who had that effect on me.

And what about you guys? How was it to work with Chuck and Jim? (to Kelly and Bobby)
Bobby: It was killer. Two laid back guys. I felt right at home instantly.
Kelly: Excellent! Both Chuck and Jim were really patient and most of all it wasn't stressful! I had a killer time.

Chuck, how was it working with Bobby and Kelly?


Chuck: It's been absolutely awesome! Bobby and Kelly totally raged in the studio and we just got a real good vibe as soon as we rehearsed with them. They're really down to earth, and kooky, too. I'm looking forward to touring with them. They are both excellent musicians and I think people are really going to dig them.

What was the most challenging part of putting together Symbolic?
Chuck: Getting off Relativity and getting on Roadrunner Records.

What was challenging for you, Gene?
Gene: Trying to get all the double bass in the pocket. The whole record is challenging. Every song has it's own groove. I have a tendency to push the beat and over play, and upon listening to it now, I can see a few instances where I did just that, but I like have imperfect albums drumming-wise. It gives me something to strive for eternally.

So, what do you think is your most accomplished drum work on Symbolic?
Gene: Every song had something different, I believe. For sheer shock value, the title track is pretty out there... hauling doubles and my hands are everywhere. "Empty Words" is a pretty wild drum song. "Without Judgement" has a couple of pretty nifty hand parts. I use two rides all over the place, and I don't think that has been done to this extent before. I guess, on Symbolic , my hands are jazz, but my feet are metal.

And what about your lead work with Bobby, what is your favorite back to back lead with him?
Chuck: Perennial Quest, without doubt. The leads both just totally flow - as metal should!


How about you, Bobby, what is your most accomplished lead on the album?
Bobby: They all suck (ha, ha). I guess I'm happiest with my lead on "Zero Tolerance".

And Kelly?
Kelly: Damn, I think the most challenging was the whole album. Basically, because Chuck called me up and said "You got it if you want it" and whithin a week and a half I was in the studio full force!

So, you must have been very anxious, huh?
Kelly: Yes, definately, who wouldn't be? Death has been a band that I listened to and enjoyed for a while now. It's like, you have to love what you're doing. Death was a band I really liked and then I got the chance and took full advantage of it! I love Death and now I'm the bass player!

Bobby, what did you think when Chuck called you out of the blue?
Bobby: I was totally into it. At first I thought, "How the hell did he find me?" Then I found out it was a mutual friend we have at a local music store. He hooked us up.

And what was the most challenging part for you on Symbolic?
Bobby: Coming up with something I liked well enough to commit to tape. While I was rehearsing, I kept hearing something different every time. It was hard to say, "Okay...this."

What did you all use, as far as equipment, in the studio?
Chuck: I started with my B.C. Rich Stealth and finished the album with my B.C. Rich Ignitor, a new guitar they just came out with, Marshall Valve State amplifier and Marshall cabinets, GHS Strings.
Gene: Pearl Master's Custom kit, Zildjian Cymbals, the Propeller and a 1953 M-14 Cannon Shell that Evil Steve's Dad brought back from 'Nam.
Bobby: My Washburn Magma guitar, a 50 watt Marshall JCM 800 head, and Ibanez distortion box, Dean Markley strings and a Mr. Coffee coffee pot.
Kelly: I used a Mesa Boogie 400+ Stereo head which was 'god'. An Ampeg 8-10's cabinet, my Krammer Forum II bass loaded with active EMG pick-ups. BBE Sonic Maximizer compression, EQ. And of course DR handmade strings.





Chuck: May 13, 1967 in Long Island, New York.
Gene: August 31, 1967, Dallas, Texas. Send presents.
Bobby: September 13, 1968 in Newark, New Jersey.
Kelly: March 20, 1969 in Long Island, New York.


Chuck: Growing up worshipping Kiss and going camping, playing in the dirt road after school until dark, going to sleep and waking up in a pile of dirt.
Gene: My entire childhood.
Bobby: I have a trippy memory of falling off a slide and cracking my head open, then falling down a flight of stairs waiting for my mom. For some reason I remember that and I think, "cool".
Kelly: Playing different kinds of instruments in elementary and high school. Definitely playing, practicing all day without going to work!!!


Chuck: Hot and spicy wings -the ones that make you sweat, anything on the barbecue grill, chips and salsa.
Gene: Pesto pizza, Pastrami Burritos & Mom's Thanksgiving stuffing.
Bobby: Pizza, Egg Plant parmigiana, Mexican omelettes, a nice bloody prime rib still going "moo" and french fries.
Kelly: N.Y. pizza, the best in the world, pasta and my best friend, Mike's cooking.


Chuck: The beach (Cocoa Beach), anywhere where there's a lot of trees and creatures running around, also at home playing music.
Gene: Any clubs that are jumping, but I love hanging out with friends.
Bobby: "The House of Bass", a house where a few friends of mine live where, between everyone, there's just about every instrument imaginable. many late nights jamming and partying have been spent there.
Other than that, natural surroundings are cool: the beach, the woods. There's some cool places in Downtown Orlando, as well.
Kelly: In my bedroom playing bass.



Chuck: Seriously at the age of 15. Nine months later got Mantas together. But I got my inspiration to play at age nine from hearing Ace Frehley (Kiss).
Gene: From what I've been told, age 0 (in my mother's stomach) but I got my first kit at 13.
Bobby: I started playing guitar at the age of fourteen.
Kelly: Eighteen.


Chuck: Ace Frehley, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Yngwie, Marty Friedman, Michael Denner, Vivian Campbell.
Gene: Drum influences are: Peter Criss, Neil Pert, Brian O'Brian, Rob "Wacko" Hunter (Raven), Rob Reiner (Anvil), Terry Bozzio, Rick Colaluca (Watch Tower), Deen Castranovo (Wild Dogs), Steve Gadd (Al DiMeola), then Deen Castranova again. My musical influences are people whose music I like and respect- Queen, Black Sabbath, Angel, Al DiMeola, Seal, Dead Can Dance, Mike Jackson, Watch Tower, Jesus Christ Superstar (original Broadway cast), "Fiddler On the Roof"(London cast), old school thrash metal (i.e. Exodus, Possessed, Sacrilege B.C.) the list goes on.
Bobby: Here are some from early age to later- Angus Young, Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Vivian Campbell, Yngwie, Al DiMeola, Paco DeLucia, Allan Holdsworth, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny, Sam Rivers, John Scofield. Believe me, there's many more.
Kelly: Stanley Clarke, Jaco, Randy Coven, Geddy Lee and anyone who's truly original.


Chuck: I am inspired by the challenges of life, by seeing results in what we are doing and breaking out all my old records and still getting that feeling of inspiration.
Gene: I'm inspired by those who lead, rather than follow. By those who stay true to their vision, and don't pay attention to what other do. Believe it or not, Chuck is a big inspiration in that way. Brian Boru, King of Ireland one thousand years ago has always been a hero and inspiration to me. Evil Steve is an inspiring dude, as well.
My biggest musical inspiration is John Coltrane, one of the best greatest sax players that ever lived. He was a chronic practicer with a tireless work ethic, yet one of the coolest, down to earth people ever.
That's what I read anyway. Also Miles Davis, who was just the coolest. Never afraid to try anything different. I'm also inspired by reading biographies of the people I admire.


Kelly: Guys like Michael Manring, Gary Willis, Stu Hamm, Beaver Felton and Jeff Berlin.


Chuck: Writing music and playing guitar, playing with my dogs and cats, cooking, working in the yard and watching everything grow, going to the beach and relaxing.
Gene: Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, and holding down couches that are trying to float away. I love clothes shopping, too, now that I'm skinny enough!
Bobby: My hobby is music, which just happens to be how I make a living. I love playing basketball, even though I suck.
Kelly: Martial Arts, running, drinking beer, and racquetball.


Chuck: My hippie-dog, Buster; my multi-blend dog, Heidi; my cat, Sassy; my new cat I saved from the pound, Harvest; my manx, M' Mew; a very nervous cat, Tigger...R.I.P. to Pierre, the originator of 'the bar'.
Gene: My cat "Poose" (pronounced POOus) is my life. I have another cat, Asia, nicknamed Booda and I have a Shar-Pei (y'know, those wrinkly dogs) named Beast, after the Possessed song, "Beasts of the Apocalypse".
Bobby: I have two cats, Miles and Wally and I take care of my landlord's dog, a white lab named, Whitey (original, huh?).
Kelly: none.


Chuck: To always go forward in music and never stay in one place without compromising sincerity. To see that dogs and cats someday rule the world.
Gene: To get down to my goal weight of about 230. I've lost 115 pounds so far and it has completely changed my life. Life is pretty godly now.
Bobby: My main goal in life is to become a great jazz musician. I'm still a metal freak, but learning jazz makes my metal playing better.
Kelly: To become proficient and truly versatile on the bass like some cats in jazz who solo over so many key changes and not miss a note!


Chuck: Wake up at 9.00, drink coffee - it must be black!, eat bagel and cream cheese, or maybe a bowl of Apple Jacks, hopefully catch an episode of "Happy Days", "Chips", or "Charlie's Angels", then I make phone calls and take care of some business stuff - get that out of the way, take care of some things in the yard (things in Florida grow at an outrageous rate), jam out for a while, eat lunch, try to catch the latest dirt on my soap, "The Young and the Restless", jam out some more, get ready to eat dinner around six or seven, watch some t.v., listen to some tunes, watch David Letterman, then maybe go for a little midnight jam session (that's when the phone doesn't ring and the dogs don't bark) then I eventually crash out.
Gene: Couches, cartridges and clubs. I get up in the morning between 7 AM and 9, go to the gym for two hours, come home, eat, then goof off the rest of the day, use the phone a lot, and rustle up something to do that night. Go out and rage all night, come home and do it again!
Bobby: I usually wake up around 12 noon, do stuff around the house (while slamming coffee) then go to my job as a guitar teacher, usually from 3-9 PM. Once get off, I come home and write or practice until around 3 or 4 AM. Then, I read for about an hour, then crash.
Kelly: My day consists of playing bass for many hours. Times are usually never set, just when I get to it. Also exercising, streching and things around the house-maintenance on cars, cleaning, laundry, maybe cooking, and SLEEP!




If you want some cool DEATH stuff like shirts, hats, autographed cd's, drumsticks, picks, or other novelties like that, then here's how... Get three (3) of your friends to sign up with the Metal Crusade, collect their $5.00 (U.S. Funds, please) and send their names and addresses on the special form that is enclosed and we'll send you a grab bad of DEATH merchandise! We'll send your three buddies their first newsletter package - the first of many! They will have full membership for one year. They also, will renew their membership for $5.00. Good Luck!!!

The album cover was once again, created by Rene Miville, who also created "Individual Thought Patterns" and "Human". Rene's style in Symbolic embraces motion, as well as, emotion. It is painted with his tormented style of fluid expression capturing themes surrounding lyrical content. But this, perhaps, might be the most accomplished of the trio collection. Symbolic carries bizarre depth and eye-catching images complimenting the music and all that surrounds it.

The concept was developed by Chuck, recreated into artwork by Rene, and then designed further into CD and tape design complete with logo and album title by Roadrunner Records. Symbolic is definitely one to have in your "Trippy Album Artwork" collection.

The pictures of the band contained inside the album were also taken by Rene... DEATH ventured out to an island off the coast where Rene lives, and spent a few hours taking pictures. The band had fun, however; might have scared off some friendly "beach-goers".


If you own any DEATH videos (prefarably VHS) or any coverage on the band, send us a copy! If we include it in the DEATH video, we will give you credit for your submission!!! Just send it in to the Metal Crusade.

A Tour Update will be sent to all fan club members as soon as the information isofficially released. DEATH will most likely begin headlining in the U.S., starting in Florida. They will thoroughly cover U.S. territory, continue into Canada, then eventually head on over to Europe where they will play their usual countries and possibly add a few new countries to the agenda, specifically requested by some of our fan club members oversees! We're keeping these new countries a surprise for now until everything can be completely confirmed!

DEATH will most likely head to Japan and Australia this time around where special guest, Jim Morris, might join metallic forces with them to run sound. What great shows those will be!

DEATH would also like to head to South America for the first time, also requested by many fans down there in Brazil!

As soon as the tour dates are concrete, you will be notified... so don't forget to send in your name for the "Dinner with Death" contest!



Send us your live show review of DEATH when they come through your town this year for The SYMBOLIC Tour. It must be one page, objective viewpoint on the highlights of the evening. Some will be printed in an upcoming newsletter. You may see yours in our collection! All submissions are due two weeks after the tours end. We're looking forward to seeing your submissions!
*All those who enter will be acknowleged.
*The writers whose entries get printed will get some free merchandise.

**Cut out the reaper on the enclosed Symbolic advertisement & attach it to the order form in the proper place and receive a free gift!


Roadrunner Records has just confirmed March 21 as the solid release date for Symbolic... Make sure your local record stores have it on order... Demand it!

Symbolic t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts will be available at that time, although you can order them now (see order form with catalog), they will be delivered the third week of March. We can't show you the artwork but trust us, it's killer. You're going to dig it, we promise. All other merchandise you order will be sent on schedule. Order your Symbolic shirts now so you can get it the same week as the album is released. You'll get it before anyone else!!!



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EmptyWords-Published on February 19 2003