Magazine: Hammer Magazine / Germany
Article: Tod eines Pioniers

Written by: Claudia Pajzderski
Published: February 2002


Many will consider it ironic, that of all people this man had to die so early. With his band Death, he not only became an example for countless musicians, but he was seen as the family heir of an entire genre as well.

We look back at the year 1987: SCREAM BLOODY GORE sees the light of day, and turns the scene upside down. To this very day, not one album can touch this bold execution of heaviness yet at the same time technical finesse. Just a year later, Death already proved with their second album LEPROSY -equally as impressive and solid- that this was not an ephemeron. On SPIRITUAL HEALING (1990) Schuldiner used his talent to combine mighty riffs with awesome, yet razor sharp melodies to perfection.

He consequently continued this line on HUMAN (1991), INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS (1993), SYMBOLIC (1995) and on his last, THE SOUND OF PERSEVERANCE (1998). With the foundation of a new band, named Control Denied, he fulfilled his wish in 1999 towards a more progressive sound. He named the debut THE FRAGILE ART OF EXISTENCE and incorporated with it a first class singer, Tim Aymar.

During the recordings the first symptoms of his disease manifested themselves. Schuldiner, the consummate musician, made his way to the doctor only when the album was recorded, unaware of what was already raging inside his body.


On his 31th birthday the doctors gave him the most horrible diagnosis: a brain tumor. Now his battle began with an enemy that could not have been more malicious. Months of fear and hope went by. Every good message was closely followed by a bad one and vice versa. At this time Chuck's fighting spirit came fully to light, he did not want to resign to fate, he wanted to fight. Fight for his family and his friends, who were at his side constantly during his illness. But also fight to be able to go on stage again and to celebrate the victory together with his fans. He was not given the opportunity anymore.

On top of all the suffering resulting from this illness, came the financial problems, which thanks to the contributions of the fans and colleagues, and numerous benefits, could at least be pushed back a little bit…

Due to his stubborn nature, Schuldiner was not always loved. Think about the evil words that came his way when he didn't come to Europe in the early 90's to promote SPIRITUAL HEALING live, and Chuck's drum roadie took over the microphone. Personally I got to know him as a warmhearted and sympathetic person, to whom his music and his fans meant a lot.

Even when he was partly paralyzed by the tumor and hardly able to independently play the simplest chords, and was miles away from playing the guitar, he could not stop believing that he would get completely healthy again, and record new songs as soon as possible. For this cause during the last months, Chuck submitted to several therapies, with which he gave himself and his family new hope over and over again.

It was in vain, because he lost this last battle for his all too short life, at the age of 34. With Chuck, not only a gifted musician left us, but also a great human being who created a monument with his music, for which he will live on in our memories forever. Chuck always ended his messages with "Let The Metal Flow". And so it has…



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Translated by KK/YK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on March 19 2003