Metal To The Masses Tour - 1995
Chuck Schuldiner~Gene Hoglan~Bobby Koelble~Brian Benson

These are some dates from the Metal To The Masses Tour, we still miss a lot, if you have some: send them to


Date Venue City Country  
June 21 Le Pavillon Sportif Rimouski QB Canada ticket | pic 1 | 2 [a]
June 22 Spectrum Montreal QB Canada  
June 23 Red Square Saugus MA USA  
June 24 Roxy Music Hall Huntington NY USA ticket [g]
July 2 Nick's Alexandria VA USA  
July 4 ? Madison WI USA  
July 12 Berkeley Square Berkeley CA USA  
July 13 Berkeley Square Berkeley CA USA  
July 14 ? Corona CA USA  
July 19 Blue Iguana Amarillo TX USA  
July 22 The Abyss Houston TX USA  
August 19 Rohre Stuttgart Germany  
September 8 Club Citta Tokyo Japan  
September 9 Club Citta Tokyo Japan  
September 13 ? London UK  
September 14 The Dance Factory Preston UK ticket [e] [!]
September 16 Zonnestraal Diksmuide Belgium picture [i]
September 18 Ruhr-Rock-Hallen Dortmund Germany  
September 19 LKA Longhorn Stuttgart Germany ticket [b]
September 21 Easy Schorre Halle Germany  
September 22 Gladhouse Cottbus Germany  
September 23 Lucerna Hall Prague Chech Republic  
September 24 Huxley's Neue Welt Berlin Germany  
September 25 Stadthalle Lichtenfels Germany  
September 28 Huset Aarhus Denmark ticket [d]
September 29 Pumpehuset Copenhagen Denmark  
September 30 Tivoli Bremen Germany  
October 2 Hyde Park Osnabrück Germany  
October 3 Schweinehall Hanau Germany  
October 4 Charterhalle München Germany  
October 5 ? Zürich Switzerland  
October 6 Rainbow Club Milano Italy  
October 7 Rockhaus Vienna Austria ticket [h]
October 9 La Laiterie Strasbourg France ticket [k] souvenir [c]
October 10 The Elysee Paris France  
October 11 ? Bordeaux France  
October 13 Sala Canciller Madrid Spain ticket [f]
October 14 Parque Expo V.N. Gaia Portugal ticket | pic 1 | 2 | souv [j]
October 15 Incrivel Almadense Almada Portugal  
October 17 Zeleste Barcelona Spain ticket [l]
October 19 Simplon Groningen Holland  
October 20 Rio Bradford UK ticket [e] [!]
October 21 ? Worcester UK  



Just going through the website and thought I'd add my own stories to share with you, my spell check is down and it's 2.30 AM so this could be messy... please excuse me... Maybe its too late right now to be writing this but theres something wrong with me if I can't give a few moments to share with you a few of my own personal meetings with the man who gave me so much inspirational music throughout my life. A true genius and a wonderful person. I only met him twice yet it feels like I lost a brother.

I have been a fan of death since the Individual Thought Patterns album but the only time I ever got to see death in concert was on the Symbolic tour. Luckily they came back and toured again just a month later so I got to see them in action twice. How grateful I am now for those moments. I'll never forget meeting chuck coming off of the tour bus in Preston, UK, 14/9/95. I had been waiting all day to get my albums signed etc. Allthough I must admit I didn't know what too expect. Chuck looked genuinely pleased to see me (!) and the other 2 diehards who where waiting. We spoke and hung with Chuck and the other guys (Gene, Bobby and Brian) for about a half hour and talked about everything, like friends almost. Chuck and Gene took the camera off us at one point and just took a few pics pulling faces at our camera.

The gig itself was pretty embarrassing. There was a poor turn out, the advertising had been dreadful but Death were amazing, just as you would expect. They didn't care about the turn out and put on a masterful performance. We met again afterwards and talked for a while before they left and I stayed in the train station in the cold all night!!! It was well worth it.


Chuck, Bobby & Gene at the Dance Factory, Preston/UK September 14, 1995: Mike Dee


One month later though in Bradford, UK. We travelled down to meet the guys again. Somehow they remembered us from the Preston show and it was like a reunion. More pictures taken, more talk about tours and metal and general shit. They let us go inside for the soundcheck and that night the place was packed out and the energy was electrifying. I remember watching Chucks fingers on the guitar in awe and at one point Chuck actually saw me in the corner of his eye and said hi whilst mid-set. A moment I'll always remember. I think that was the last night of the European tour. They loved the show. Aftwards we went to get some food together, eating half of Chucks chips and asking him to sign them too since we'd had everything else signed (damn groupies!) I think for a moment he thought we where serious! Chuck went on to the bus and gave us some Control Denied stickers, demos etc., he ALWAYS had time for us, then away they went again. Never for a moment did I think that we would never meet again.

Maybe the strangest thing that happened during these meetings was me getting my photo taken with Chuck. The first time I stood with him for a pic the camera ran out of film. I was gutted. But the second time I had 2 pictures taken for good measure yet when we got the photos back there was no Chuck pic??? The negatives show all the other pictures perfectly but the 2 with Chuck where just blank??? I guess I was destined never to get my picture with my hero. It might seem stupid going on about signings and pictures but He was such a huge influence to me as a youngster (and still) that it was worth every single minute of hanging around and getting no sleep untill the 6am train the day after, missing school etc.

Calling somebody a hero or an idol seems a bit too ODD. But that's all I can say he was to me growing up but when I met him he became like a friend almost. As stupid as it may sound. I'm sure the people who ever had contact with the man know what I mean. As I sit here now writing this, behind me hangs an old Death poster of Chuck and his stealth. It is signed "to Mike ... Chuck Schuldiner". I will treasure it always but even if my house went up in flames tommorow I will always have the memories of meeting Chuck. Who, when I met him face to face was everthing I hoped he would be, above all the musical genius he possessed... a fantastic human being... and he certainly was that. Thank you Mr. Schuldiner for everything. There will never be another like you.

Mike Dee, UK

[a] Gino Boucher [b] Elöd Oberst [c] Jean-Georges Levasseur [d] Thomas "Awayfromgod"
[e] Mike Dee [f] Burzum [g] Mike Desmond [h] Sebastjan Skupek
[i] Olivier Pruvost [j] Nuno Rodriguez [k] Fabian "Letheansound" [l] David Ezquerro


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