Review: Human
Magazine: Metal Shock / Italy
Written by: Paolo Maiorino
Published: December 1991

This is the long-awaited new work from Death, who last year released the 'Spiritual Healing' LP, that wasn't bad yet was not really brilliant either. Actually speaking of Death could be wrong, given that only Chuck Schuldiner is left of the original line-up, now featuring Sadus bass player Steve DiGiorgio and two Cynic members, who are the very young and skilled drummer Sean Reinert and second guitarist Paul Masvidal. I heard Pestilence's Patrick Uterwijk speaking very highly about 'Human', because he just was at Morrisound in Tampa with his band and Scott Burns during Death's recording sessions.

In fact, 'Human' starts with 'Flattening Of Emotions' and 'Suicide Machine' and then gets higher with the last part of the second song and with 'Together As One', a mid-tempo with a guitar bridge, and above all 'Secret Face', the most violent and beautiful piece of the album, featuring tempo-changes led by Sean Reinert. 'See Through Dreams' is a metallic wall with intricate rhythms Chuck creates with his new guitarist Masvidal, more gifted and original than stiff James Murphy; in the final part there's room for an instrumental too, 'Cosmic Sea', before ending with 'Vacant Planets'.

We open a note saying that, Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert aside, also Cynic bassist Tony Choy has recently worked with Pestilence on 'Testimony Of The Ancients' LP and rumors say it's gonna be like this, with an ultimate split up by Cynic. In a nutshell we give 'Human' four nice knives that could have been even more if Chuck wouldn't let himself go too much, especially vocal wise. After all it was revenge, as the inner sleeve notes state. Scott Burns is superb at the production.

Score: 4 knives of 5


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Translated by VC/MM for EmptyWords-Published on September 24 2003