Review: Live in L.A.
Magazine: Scream Magazine / Norway
Written by: Asgeir Michelson
Translated by: Jens Remi Karlsen

Published: August 2001

God damn it! For a month I've been thinking about if I'm gonna give this one 5 or 6. And I've decided to give it the jackpot, even though it's got its weaknesses. Hit me!

With seven albums on their conscience, it's hard to gather all the 'hits' in 74 minutes, but the result is amazing. It's supposed to be the real thing, without any type of corrections or cheating (aren't all live albums supposed to be like that?). If you listen to the (not always harmonic) guitars, you might go along with it. When it comes to the performance, the only thing that's missing is Steve DiGiorgio on the fretless.

Personally I would prefer a couple more songs from 'Human', but as long as they've mainly picked songs from 'Human' and the later albums, I'm satisfied. The sound is so live that it actually feels like you are present during the concert. Cool! The most stupid thing I know of is a live album that sounds just like a studio recording.

I truly hope that this isn't gonna be the last Death release!

Score: 6/6
Reporter: Asgeir Michelson


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Translated by JRK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on August 3 2003