Review: Live in L.A.
Webzine: Metal Eagle
Written by: Antonis Traoudas

Published: September 2001

After seven studio albums and one "Best Of" release, Chuck Schuldiner's DEATH, finally release their first live album! Hm, what can anyone say about this release... First of all, I have to mention that it is the first time I realise how difficult is to perform DEATH songs live! DEATH is considered as the most technical death metal band of this planet... Pioneers in their scene, without musical limitations, they continue to surprise us with their albums. The "Live In L.A." album contains songs from almost every DEATH's studio album!

I don't think that anyone will be disappointed while checking out the playlist of the album. Every classic song is there. "The Philosopher", "Trapped In A Corner", "Crystal Mountain", "Zero Tolerance", "Zombie Ritual", "Suicide Machine", "Together As One", "Empty Words", "Symbolic", "Pull The Plug"... Of course they didn't forget to include some songs from the amazing "Sound Of Perseverance" album, such as "Flesh And The Power It Holds", "Scavenger Of Human Sorrow" and "Spirit Crusher".

We are talking about an 100% original DEATH live album. Chuck's performance is the absolute highlight of this album, which is a "must" for every DEATH fan. "Live in L.A." will also be available on DVD, LP and VHS. Well, don't expect a rate on this one :)



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