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Greetings once again.....
First of all, thanks for being so patient waiting for issue #3 to come out! So many things are going on for DEATH that we wanted to make sure you got the full official details. We've got the most recent info of the band and everything they've been up to for the last few months. Also inside, is the interview with Andy LaRocque we promised, some behind the scene antics, information about the new album, winners of our contests and a new contest that will blow you away!

Many of you have your own band and you'll dig it what DEATH put together for you! And if you have any writing talent, there's an opportunity for you that you might like to check out. If this is your first newsletter, welcome! You'll be receiving a newsletter like this one about three times a year along with an autographed photo of each band member. By the end of the year you will have an individually signed photo of the whole band. That's right. Each one is not only hand signed (no photocopied autographs), but you won't see the pictures anywhere else! You will also get a membership card signed by Chuck for keeping. Members will also receive merchandise of official DEATH merchandise.

If you have been member for a while, you will receive, with this newsletter, a BLUE form for your yearly membership renewal fee of five dollars. You will receive the new Metal Crusade membership card as soon as we receive your completed blue slip and your five dollars in U.S. funds only, please.

The fee is based on the fee you originally paid when you joined. After the release of the next album, it will go up to $10. Unfortunately, it costs quite a bit to put all this cool stuff together. That's why original members pay their original fee. We don't want to make a profit, we just want to give you quality- in service and product. That's our promise. So, if you'd still like to stay on that quest for metal, then we'd like you to stay and hang with us. We have an exciting newsletter planned for next time. The entire newsletter will cover the recording of the new album.

You'll see pictures of DEATH in the studio, read about all the behind the scene antics in Morrisound and you'll know about it first hand - straight from DEATH! Newsletter #4, will be out by December. See ya then! For now, enjoy Metal Crusade #3!


Some of you were probably very surprised to see DEATH's video , "The Philosopher", on BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD recently. And although Beavis and Butthead rag on DEATH, the airplay was great! Letters of rebuttle and comments began pouring into the fan club only a few days after the episode premiered. DEATH's view on the situation? They didn't care. They thought the publicity was great. The video is shown more on B&B than on Headbanger's Ball, so it was great for fans to be able to see the video!... If you picked up the May edition of GUITAR WORLD, you might have noticed Chuck Schuldiner's name on their list of the TOP 100 MOST IMPORTANT GUITAR PLAYERS... He was recently re-endorsed by B.C. Rich, the Metal Axe Masters, who are creating the new guitar Chuck will be taking out on the road... Gene Hoglan was recently endorsed by PEARL in which he will soon be sproting the new Pearl Master's Custom... Read page 8 for all the detalis about their new endorsements... The month of March brought DEATH to Secret Studios (DEATH's private studio) to record the pre-production for the upcoming LP entitled SYMBOLIC. The band says this release is sure to surpass INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT PATTERNS while keeping a steady taste of their past accomplishments.... Although Steve DiGiorgio joined them for the pre-production, he unfortunately will not return for the recording of the next LP.

It was recently rumored by Metal Maniacs he had left the band due to the aggressive nature of DEATH. But, since having a baby, Steve chose to concentrate on his family life and could not commit to DEATH's recording and touring schedule. But, you won't be disappointed by his replacement. Althought the name of the new bassist cannot be officially released at the moment, a full report on DEATH in the studio will be covered in the next newsletter...


It seems changes just won't stop following DEATH! But as usual, the band is using these changes to their advantage and to bring you an even better album than before! Not only will you experience a new bass player, this time around, DEATH will be using a new producer. Scott Burns, who produced the last four DEATH albums had previous commitments and could not meet DEATH's recording schedule. But the band didn't have to look far to know exactly who they wanted to replace him... Read inside for details.... Another change that will take place for the DEATH entourage will be their new guitarist, Bobby Koelble, who will lay down some leads on the new material as Andy LaRocque had done for Individual Thought Patterns. Andy is very busy with King Diamond and his own band, Illwill. Bobby will appear on Symbolic as well as on the road with DEATH next year. He is a local shredder out of the Orlando area.


Gene Hoglan's first band was also called Dark Angel, but he made them change their name becasue he tought names with 'angel' in them were corney!






That's right... A dinner with the band before a show. Yeah, yeah... you can bring a buddy. We'll treat him, too. You'll meet the band, get autographs, have pictures taken of you and your friend for the next newsletter, and finally sit down and have a killer dinner with the band. You'll also be put on DEATH's guest list for that night's show. And on top of it off you and your buddy will go home with a shirt of your choice. This contest is e-a-s-y. The only major rule is that DEATH has to be coming to a town where you have access to. This is open to fan club members only (your buddy doesn't have to be a member). All you have to do is send your name, address, phone number, the best time to call you, and the city that you'd be attending if DEATH comes to your town or a town you could possibly attend... Read inside for details of their upcoming tours. Good Luck! The drawing will take place soon! And we're gonna do one for each upcoming tour! U.S. and abroad! So get your entries in soon!




As promised, we hooked up with Andy LaRocque and asked him all those questions you guys write in asking about. In fact our first question comes from a fan in Estonia...

...A right guitar sound is a devilish thing and well, you have caught the Devil in the bottle. If you don't mind the mystery to be touched with plain words, would you illuminate at least the technical side of it? What kind of guitar do you use? Kind of strings? Any specific equipment to mention? -Mart Pihlak in Tartu, Estonia to Andy LaRocque.
ANDY: Equipment that I use:
-B.C. Rich guitars.
-Ernie Ball strings, varying from guitar to guitar, but mainly 009's and 0.10 sets.
-4 x 12 cabinets with celestion vintage speakers metal tronics pre and power amps, Alesis quadra verb.
-After being in the studio with DEATH trying out a Marshal valve state for leads. I really like it for lead and rythm guiars in the studio.

(2) When did you first start playing guitar and what inspired you to choose that instrument?
ANDY: Inspired by, believe it or not, STATUS QUO. I first picked up a guitar at age twelve.

(3) What did you do before King Diamond? (such as any early bands that you were in, etc.)
ANDY: Except for some local bands, the only band to mention that still exists is "SWEDISH EROTICA" I also did some projects with the first vocalist of the Norwegian band TNT. This was in the mid eighties.

(4) How did you hook up with King Diamond?
ANDY: Mikkey Dee had just joined King Diamond (May '85).In June they went into the studio to record Fatal Portrait when they, after a week, found out that the guitarist they had at that time wasn't that good. Mikkey and I played together before, so he called me one night; the day after, I was down in Copenhagen to record.

(5) Who are your inspirations or influences concerning your music?
ANDY: New bands like PRONG, FIGHT, PANTERA, but deep in my heart there will always be bands like BLACK SABBATH and URIAH HEEP, etc.




(6) What other non-musical influences inspire you writing?
ANDY: Horror movies, atmospheres, and moods.

(7) Tell us about your solo project. Who is jamming with you? Will you be touring?
ANDY: My so-called "solo-project" turned out to be more of a band effort since the other guys liked it so much that they wanted to be seriously involved. The bands name is, ILLWILL and consists of me, Andy LaRocque on guitars; Jonas Dahlstrom, vocals; Sharlee D'Angelo playing bass and Snowy Shaw on drums... First an album then a tour, hopefully!

(8) How did you hook up with Chuck and how was it working with him in the studio?
ANDY: He called me and asked me straight if I'd be interested in doing some leads on their album and I said yes because I thought DEATH was a real good band, and it was a great challenge to play that style. It was great working with DEATH in the studio and I'd say everything turned out great!

(9) What do you do in your spare time?
ANDY: I don't have any spare time!... Okay, okay, SLEEPING!

(10) What bands are you listening to right now?
ANDY: B-thong (Swedish), new Pantera album.



(11) What do you do when you are not in the studio or touring?
ANDY: Back in the studio!!

(12) What place have you never been to that you would like to travel to?
ANDY: McDonalds in Japan or maybe a nice beach in Hawaii or the Indian Ocean.

(13) What was your favorite solo on Individual Thought Patterns and why?
ANDY: I think it would be my lead on "Overactive Imagination". It just feels right.

(14) What is a day in the life of Andy LaRocque like?
ANDY: It's totally filled with METAL.

(15) Where do you see the Metal scene going in the 90's?
ANDY: I really wish I knew. It's hard to imagine it would be even more aggressive and heavy than today's music. Again, I wish I knew. Unfortunately I think it's going to be harder for bands to get decent recording budgets and advances. So more and more bands are going to buy their own redording equipment and stuff, which makes it easier for the record companies to be able to pick things out and spend less money I'm afraid.






One of Chuck's favorite pasttimes is cooking. People who know Chuck, or spend time at his house, know that he is a 'Master Chef'. His favorite kind of cooking is on the barbeque. But hot and spicey food is also a favorite of Chuck's. One of his specialties is his Secret Chili Recipe. And here it is...

2 cans of pink beans
1 can of black beans
3 tablespoons Chilli Powder
2 tablespoons Louisianne Cajun Spices
1 tablespoon of Mrs. Dash's Table Blend spices
2 capfuls of Worcestershire Sauce
2 capfuls of Jamaican Jerk Marinade
few drops of Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Pepper Sauce
4 fresh tomatoes-diced
1/2 can of Tomato Soup
3 pieces of sliced celery
1 purple onion
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 cup water
dash of Italian Seasonings
Optional 1lb. cooked grpund hamburger meat

Directions: Dump everything in and cook for two hours on low-med heat. Freeze unused portions for future quickies.


Many of you wrote in to request back issues of THE METAL CRUSADE. Hey, no problem! You can order back issues of newsletters, either if you signed up later, or just want to give an extra one to a friend. There are two issues available.

Send $1.00 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to us and we'll get ya one! Be sure to specify which one you'd like. And please send a decent size envelope, especially if you are requesting more than one.


Vol. 1 No. 1




Vol. 1 No. 2



Full details are on page two. And what a great contest! And it's so easy! Just send us your name, address, and phone number and let us know you want to win a dinner with DEATH on the road in your hometown! Yes, that's right, you and your buddy get to sit down with the band, grub some food, be treated to the show for the evening (you'll be on a guest list) and you walk with a shirt! What a deal! You must live in or can get to a town where DEATH will be playing That's the only stipulation. Eventhough the tour is not scheduled, sen in your entires today!


Here's an easy one for ya! Submit three names of your friends who want to become members of the METAL CRUSADE and their $5.00 membership fee, which you collect from them and send the total amount of $15.00 payable to: DEATH, Inc. and you will receive a grab bag of DEATH goodies that are sure to be pleasing! For one thing you'll get a t-shirt, an autographed guitar pick, a photo and some other stuff we'll throw in! Just send your entries to us!




DEATH merchandise is officially out and circulating! You probably got our catalog a few months ago with the new 'Let the Metal Flow" shirts. They have a large gold and silver logo on the front and the motto, in silver, on the back of a black shirt. They crush!

Our artist, Strain, created the new 'PHILOSOPHER' shirt available now for a limited time. It has a killer glow in the dark effect that you'll really dig! And make sure you get the new DEATH baseball hat. A red, silver and black logo is embroidered onto a black baseball hat. The 'SUPPORT MUSIC, NOT RUMORS' t-shirts are now available with silver writing, as well. Also available, is black tank tops for guys and the new black lycra tanks especially designed to fit our fellow Metal Sisters. Both have a huge DEATH logo in silver on the front. Also available is the new sweatpants, longs sleeve t-shirts, so definitaly check out the new catalog! Also for the first time we have official Metal Crusade shirts for members only! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


In newsletter #1, we printed a list of trivia questions for a contest to see who could answer the most questions the quickest. And not only were the following questions answered directly by DEATH, the band were sure to add in any extra information pertaining to these particular questions, so have fun and read on!!!!!

'Death By Metal" was the first, but "Reign of Terror", "Infernal Death" and "Mutilation" (with Chris Reifert on drums) were the others. They are extremely hard to find, not even Chuck has a copy, so if you have one, you're very lucky!


Rick Rozz playing guitar, Kam Lee on drums and vocals and Chuck playing guitar. They didn't have a bass player because they said they couldn't find a bass player in '83 that was into that kind of brutal music. They just tuned down low to compensate for the lack of the bass. Chuck said there wasn't even anyone in Florida at that time into Metallica, let alone music that was even heavier and more brutal.

"Lack of Comprehension" from the fourth album, Human. It symbolizes how parents place blame on music when their kids get into trouble when, perhaps, in reality it may be the parents own faults and they just can't accept the responsibility.

"God of Thunder". Death are avid Kiss fans. They did it for fun during the recording of "Human" and had never intended to release it.

Siamese twins. Chuck had a book with pictures of siamese twins. It inspired him to write about their lives and their pain.


Brian DeAndrade - had the most correct answers the quickest! He received a phone call from the METAL CRUSADE and was congratulated by Chuck! A drumstick used in the new rehearsals for SYMBOLIC was autographed by Gene Hoglan and sent to him.



WINNER: Yani Quinton
Michael Van Laere

Belgium, Europe
Jim Johnson
Staples, Mn U.S.A.
Mike McGowan
Jacksonville, NC U.S.A.
Agnes Dorozsmai
Hungary, Europe
Anna N. Abadgieva
Craig Warren
Mobile, Alabama U.S.A.


Thank you all for being so patient with this give away. It took us a while to get out the packages but I'm sure it was worth it! This was a give-away open to fan club members who could get three of their buddies to join the METAL CRUSADE. Each of the names listed below got something extra special for being one of the first ten people to submit their names.


(1) Sal Stratis-Staten Island, NY
(2) James B. Beavan III-Hughsville, Md
(3) Brian De Andrade-Lincoln, RI
(4) Craig Warren-Mobile, Al
(5) Sean Simmons-Winter Park, FL
(6) Lee Collins-Washington D.C.
(7) Kerri Solomon-Anaheim, Ca
(8) Suh-yung Kim-Tokyo, Japan
(9) Adrian Barclay-Bradford, England
(10) Carlos Gonzalez-Mexico




If you possess DEATH videos... We want them!!! We are putting together an offical DEATH video that will have behind the scene and live coverage. If you possess anything that we could use, write to us, let us know what you have. If your clipping is used, you will receive credit... Thanks!



Although there are no dates firmly set for any touring at this point, a rough schedule is as follows: a U.S. and European tour will take place approximately a month or so after the release of the album in late January. The band will also be going to Japan for the first time this year. Death also plans on doing a lot more touring in the upcoming year than in the past. So, if you didn't catch them last year, they may be pulling into your town in the near future! *Fan club members will be notified of tour dates when they are officially set. We will know a little more by the next newsletter....




If there is one thing that gives Chuck Schuldiner his trademark besides his vocal style , it's his axe-slinging side kick, his "Stealth". For him, there is no replacing the faithful ol' B.C. Rich guitar that we've seen him play over the years. It has helped to give him his distinct sound, adding to his smooth, fastidiuous, and unbridled leadwork, obviously giving him the drive to keep writing the intense riffs he's known for. But, when you see DEATH on tour this time around, Chuck will have a new accomplice. Recently re-endorsed by B.C. Rich, Chuck is anxiously awaiting his new prize possession to take on the road with him for the SYMBOLIC tours this winter. And we got to talk to him about it.

So, what has kept you such a faithful B.C. Rich player over the years?
"The distinct sound I get and comfort from my B.C. Rich has been a big part in my dedication. When something works for me, I don't like to change it.


It's a very comfortable guitar for this kind of music!

When did you begin playing B.C. Rich and why did you chose it to begin with?
"I have been playing B.C. Rich for over seven years now. I was always impressed with the radical shapes of their guitars and naturally their sound made me want to be a part of the B.C. Rich axe attack."

So, tell us about your new guitar...
"It's going to be a custom Mockingbird neckthru. Instead of another black guitar this time, I chose a killer transparent emerald green color. I'm really looking forward to playing it."

What other B.C. Rich guitars will we be seeing you play?
"Well, I know B.C. Rich is in the process of designing an all-new shaped guitar that I would like to check out."

What will happen to your 'Stealth'? Will it retire?
"No way!!! My Stealth will still be in action! It might take a minor rest for a few days when i get my Mockingbird, but as far as touring, both the Stealth and the Mockingbird will be my main guitars."


After playing Pearl Drums for the past number of years, Gene Hoglan has finally got the endorsement he's been hoping for. On the road, you'll see him with his new kit, the Masters' Custom. Gene will tell you all about it..

So what is it about Pearl Drums that you dig so much?...
"Uh, their "freeness". Nah, just kiddin'. Well, a few years ago, I was a Tama player, and when I apporached Tama about an endorsement, the sound of Tama's door slamming in my face told me to "Try Pearl". So I did. And I'll never look back. Pearl makes great kits, huge bommin' shells, cracklin' snares, the whole lot. I started with an MLX, which is a slammin' kit Maple Shells with a charcoal grey finish. Awesome tubs. Those who've seen some o' the old Dark Angel tours may remember it. Last year, I moved up to the Custom Z series for the "Individual" studio sessions and tours. Now, for the "Symbolic" sessions and tour, I'll be moving up again, to the Masters' Custom, which are Maple shells, as well.


I prefer maple shells to birch, that's why I chose Masters' Custom as apposed to Masters' Studio. My next kit is gonne be God, period. G-O-D. And another thing I like about Pearl, is that everybody there is really friendly there towards me and DEATH. My Pearl guy, Derek Wiseman, has been really helpful, so I hope we work together for a long time to come."

How hard is it to become endorsed?...
"Y'know, I find that getting things like cymbal and stick endorsements are easier to get than one might think. I know lotsa folks who don't have albums out or anything, who have endorsements. Sometimes it's only a "B" deal (i.e. equipment at cost), but hey, it's a start. I really think that a lot of the time, it's who you know, which is sometimes unfortunate. But the fact remains, endorsements are not the most impossible things to get."




Many people who belong to the fan club also dedicate their time to their own band. We thought it would be a good idea for a couple of the guys from DEATH to give their advise on the nature of the music business and to tell a little bit about their experience when it comes to the industry. Chuck and Gene helped us out on this one...

Chuck: Time! Try to have everything together beforehand. Mixing is a crucial part, and you don;t want to absorb that time into playing the songs over and over again. Tuning is also very important. Invest $50 bucks into a decent tuner.
Gene: One thing that young, two guitar bands learn over time is to let the better rhythm guitarist record all the basic tracks. That is a big reason why all the "big" bands sound so tight, 'cause it's one dude playing all the basics.

Chuck: A lot of times label people listen and judge from 1 or 2 songs. You don't want to record a bunch of songs (which is a lot more costly) when only 2 may be listened to. Packaging is also quite important.
Gene: Keep it simple. Label dudes want a tape or CD and a picture of the band. A brief, non-cliched bio will do.


If you have press clippings, just let them know you have a complete press kit available on request. If the label digs ya, they'll probably want one then.

Chuck: Find out how other bands are being treated on that particular label. Ask around, investigate. And get an attorney as soon as the contracts start appearing.
Gene: Well, don't go to a label just because your favorite band is on it. Chances are your favorite band does not like their label.
Another thing I've noticed is that, just because you and all your friends are familiar with these super underground labels, that doesn't mean the general public is.
Super underground labels can kick ass, but they can also suck the hardest too.
They have the porpensity to unexpectedly fall apart and their distribution (a major part) is pretty small. But if keeping underground is in your plan, go for it. Just remember, all labels are there to make money off of you.

Chuck: Once again, investigate. Ask around and get an attorney involved. Be very careful. The business is full of conartists waiting to make a buck.
Gene: Just like labels, managers are also there to make dough. So with that in mind, be careful who you trust. Trustworthy managers do exist, there're just far and few between. A manager works for you- so make them. Friends most times don't make the best managers. They're good to start with, but after a while you need a real manager. They are as important to your career as you want them to be. A few bands out there are manager-less and they survive just fine. And be sure to counter your wonderful trustworthy manager with a wonderful trustworthy accountant.

Chuck: A producer is very important if you are just starting out. The Studio is very involved and costs money so having the right producer can help things go a lot smoother. Check out what they have done in the past. Make sure it is someone who knows where you're coming from.
Gene: Good producers are crucial. I personally believe that a good producer should share your vision for your songs. Whatever you feel your music should sound like, your producer should back your play and be able to expand the horizons of your tunes. Engineers can equally be important. He has got to be able to cop the tones that you and your producer want. One thing that shouldn't be taken into consideration is how much your friends or other bands think this or that producer is "cool". Just because everybody else thinks a producer is good doesn't mean they don't suck.



Chuck: Get an attorney!!!!! Be cautious!
Gene: March it directly down to your wonderful, trustworthy attorney and have him tear it to shreds!!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, sign the contract as it is when the label sends it to you. Record labels are out to rape you, and if you sign the contract without having your attorney rake them over the coals to get something better for your band, the label will know you are young and stupit and they will exploit you. Think I'm kidding? Just try it. You'll be slaughtered. First thing most labels do will try to pin you down for 5-7 records. Tell them two, and if they don't like it, say "Thanks you, f#*ck off." And walk. Get them to add a written clause stipulating how much tour support they are willing to commit to. Get everything they promise you in writing.

Chuck: Music! Don't worry necessarily about trying to look outrageous. Get comfortable with playing live because everything about it is different from rehearsing. And again, tuning is important.
Gene: Be mayhem! Energy, to me is the most important thing live. You are not in the rehearsal studio, you're in front of folks who are going to make or break your career. The more you blow people away, the bigger following you will get. Grab people's attention. Tear their faces off.




DEATH's upcoming release, "SYMBOLIC" will not be disappointing if you found yourself emersed in "Individual Thought Patterns". It is a perfect title to represent the songs that will fullfill DEATH's sixth album. With songs like: Empty Words, 1000 Eyes, Zero Tolerance and Perennial Quest, DEATH will again take you on a journey through melodic mayhem. "This is the most prepared I have ever been for any album." Chuck said, confident of the new material.

DEATH's writing will go into a variety of things, ironically enough, symbolic in nature. Things we will all be able to relate to in many ways. The music is a progression, but natural continuation, from the previous album while still along the same groove and style that DEATH has captured over the years. And as usual, the lyrics are thought provoking in their nature, proving once again, the band has a lot to say. It's been a while since DEATH released their latest album, Individual Thought Patters. More time than the band wanted, but, the nature of the music business was in play.

Relativity Records, after many recent changes in their offices, didn't have the capabilities anymore to handle the needs of DEATH in respect to marketing and promotion. Relativity decided to negotiate with other labels as to the final execution of DEATH's contract signed back in 1988...

After months of compromise, they finally came to their decision. Relativity would assign DEATH's contract to Road Runner Records to release the sixth LP, "SYMBOLIC". A positive event for the band as they never had received proper promotion or support from their former label in the U.S. DEATH feels very confident in Road Runner and look forward to working with them.

Gene Hoglan, who appeared as DEATH's drummer on "Individual" and throughout the tours, will continue recording and touring with DEATH. We got a chance to talk to Gene about what he's been up to and the new material...

And what will we see on "SYMBOLIC" as far as your technique, compared with "INDIVIDUAL"?...
"'SYMBOLIC' will be my sickest playing to date. Hands down! And speaking of hands, I've concentrated a lot more on my hand work so I'd like to have my hands noticed this time around. One thing you won't be able to ignore is those haulin' doubles!"

Another positive and refreshing change in the DEATH entourage will be new producer, engineer and Morrisound co-owner, Jim Morris. Chuck worked with Jim on some preproduction recordings for Human and was very impressed with the variety of bands he's worked with. DEATH will, as usual, record at Morrisound, as they have done since their second album, Leprosy. On Symbolic, look for a fresh sparkling sound to add to the evergrowing musical direction the band has taken.

So, Chuck, what inspired the album title? Is it a concept album?...
"The album title is inspired by, once again, thinking about how powerful life is. How there are so many things that are going on that are a signs of things to come. A lot of these things we overlook and some we acknowledge. I guess it could be considered a concept album because each song is about life, which in itself is symbolic."

What will we see on SYMBOLIC, as far as your guitar playing, that we didn't see on INDIVIDUAL?...
"Having an 8 track recording set up at home has really enabled me to experiment with more layering and more emphasis on both guitars working off of eachother. There are also more elements that I don't want to give away. I want people to be surprised."

What can we expect, in general, from the new material?...
"An action packed metallic experience! There are many twists and turns to the new material; hopefully taking the listener on many different journeys. As usual, things have progressed in a positive direction that we are very excited about. We refuse to be limited by the latest trends in music. We are definitaly letting loose on this record and can promise that there will be no disappointments!

Your new songs, Perennial Quest is one of the most creative and intense songs form the new material. What were your thoughts when you wrote the lyrics?...


"Well it's definitaly the longest song on the album which came about naturally seeing that the song is about the never ending journey and quest that we all share in life. I felt the song has many mood swings which definitaly coincide with life itself. Hopefully once people read the lyrics and hear the music it will be a logical combination of story and music."

How do you feel about Road Runner taking things over from Relativity?...
"I'm very excited about the new label change. RR has worked with DEATH in Europe and has done very well for the band overseas. This makes us feel very comfortable knowing that we will get the same treatment in the U.S. as well. They are pretty much a metal label therefore have the capabilities to push the band to the fullest extent. So far, they have been very positive about the new relationship we have."


When will we see DEATH tour for the new material?...
"The record hopefully will be released in January of '95. So by March we should be doing a full tour including the U.S., Europe and Japan. And also, we trying to make plans to do Canada since we missed it on the Individual Thought Patterns tour. And we promise that the set list will be packed with a lot of variety from the entire DEATH collection."


So, what is it about "Symbolic" that's different than "Individual"?...
"Well, less letters letters in the title for one. Man, all I can say is that we are slammin' it down on the new one! First of all, there's gonna be NO DOUBLE BASS! Believe that? No, I didn't think so... There are haulin' doubles everywhere in the new stuff. But "Symbolic" is different than "Individual" in many ways. There are still loads of classic "DEATHisms", to be sure. All the aggression, heaviness and catchiness is still there. Chuck and I have been playing together for somethin' like two years now, so there is a definite cohesion present now that unfortunately time restrictions prevented on 'INDIVIDUAL'. With 'SYMBOLIC', we've been in full nine songs rehearsals for five months now. We've had a lot of time to rehearse for this, so expect a well-prepared for record...






Scream Bloody Gore - 1987
Leprosy - 1988
Spiritual Healing - 1990
Human - 1991
Individual Thought Patterns - 1993


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EmptyWords-Published on February 15 2003