The Sound Of Perseverance 1998 America
Chuck Schuldiner~Richard Christy~Shannon Hamm~Scott Clendenin

Date Venue City  
July 24 Metal Fest Milwaukee, WI  
November 7 Estadio Chile Santiago Chile flyer [a]
November 13 Jaxx Night Club Springfield VA  
November 14 Coney Island High New York City NY ticket [b] review
November 15 Trocadero Philadelphia PA  
November 16 Club Laga Pittsburg PA  
November 17 Obsessions Night Club Randolph NJ  
November 19 Chelsies Columbus OH [!]
November 20 Emerson Theater Indianapolis IN [!]
November 21 I-Rock Night Club/Harpo's Detroit MI [!]
November 22 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland Flats OH [!]
November 23 The Rave Bar Milwaukee WI  
November 24 Double Door Chicago IL  
November 25 Knickerbockers Lincoln NE  
November 27 The Fox Theatre Boulder CO  
November 29 Area 51 Salt Lake City UT  
December 1 Off Ramp Music Cafe Seatle WA [!]
December 2 Satyricon Portland OR  
December 4 Maritime Hall San Francisco CA  
December 5 Whisky A Go-Go Los Angeles CA  
December 6 Ventura Theatre Ventura CA [!]
December 7 Manson Jar Phoenix AZ  
December 8 The Launchpad Albuquerque NM  
December 9 Tower Theatre Oklahoma City OK  
December 10 Galaxy Club ? Dallas or Houston TX ?  
December 11 Club Nocturn San Antonio TX  
December 12 Zeppelin's House Of Music New Orleans/Matairie LA  
December 13 The Masquerade Atlanta GA [!]
May 15 1999 Hala Baildon Katowice Poland flyer [!]
June 5 1999 Arena Estiva Milan Italy ticket [!]



I remember this day being very cold, as the line for the theater nearly stretched around the block. We waited outside for at least thirty minutes that evening, but of course it was well worth it. I had been listening to Death since I was a teenager, and finally, at the ripe old age of 22, I would get to see Chuck and his band up close and in person. To my surprise and delight, local death metal veterans Legion (Muncie, IN) opened the show. My old band had played with them on several occasions, and I was already a fan of their work. Not surprisingly, they put on a thick and tight performance comprised of new and older material alike. As always drummer Dave Dalton was like a whirlwind behind the kit, and overall their set was killer.

Next was Hammerfall, a band I was not familiar with prior to this show. At the time I wasn't much of a power metal fan (I've since grown to love the genre), so I wasn't expecting much. These guys shattered any preconceived notion I may have had about this style of music, and put on a fantastic show. These guys were 100% metal, without a doubt!

After much anticipation on my part, Death finally took the stage. It was quite a surreal moment for me, seeing him three feet away from me. I stood directly in front of Chuck the entire time, and for an hour or so that night, I was in Heaven. Here's a guy that I had admired for so long, on every level, and now there he was standing so close I could touch him.

They opened up with "The Philosopher", one of my favorite Death tunes of all time. The set that followed contained songs from each of his seven albums. Some highlights for me included "Scavenger of Human Sorrow", "Symbolic", "Lack Of Comprehension", and the killer drum solo by Richard Christy. I was enthralled the entire time by the sheer aggression of Chuck's playing, especially during his solos.

If there's one thing you can't get from a Death recording, it's the sphere of metal intensity that surrounded him as he played. I've never seen anyone else capture that, before or since. Chuck was truly one of a kind in the realm of metal guitar. No one else will ever come close to what he was and still is, and he will truly be missed by all. R.I.P. Chuck...

God bless, Jason Hyde - 09/13/2002



Ventura CA December 6, 1998, pics: Perry Grayson


I was there, front row... man it was hot. I was 18 then. I was right under chuck, I bought a hooded sweat shirt as soon as I walked in. it was a big day for me. rather surreal, truly. me and several others drove across the state of Michigan in two cars to see the show. I vomitted on the stage it was so hot... I don't know if that's metal or just plain silly, but it got chucks attention... I remember he stood right above me, while I hung my head down because I felt terrible. The people around me patted my back to gain my attention to show me that chuck was standing in front of me looking down on me asking if I was ok, while he was shredding away, and I just smiled and said yes. That memory, as detailed and odd as it is, proves to me that Chuck Schuldiner cared about his fans all the time. Though I grew out of death metal in the following years, I still picked up Control Denied, and always hoped for the best for Chuck. He will be missed. I thank him and all who supported him for the doors he opened to me in the world of music. Thank you Chuck, I owe you that much. Thanks for the show Nov. 21, 1998, the show that was supposed to be at Harpos, but was moved to I-Roc Night Club, and thank you for everything from Scream... to Control Denied. Rest In Peace. Nick


I remember that day clearly as if it were yesterday. I was browsing the internet, and found the tour dates for The Sound of Perseverance tour. I immediately called my best friend Brandon, and told him that Death would be in Columbus OH 3 hours away, on Nov. 19. We both made sure that we could take off of work, and I went straight to Ticketmaster and bought our tickets.

Nov. 19th arrives. I had been waiting for this day for years. We make the 3 hour drive in about 2 1/2 hours. We were going to meet a friend that went to Ohio State, and as we were driving we saw the tour bus sitting on the side of the street. That only made us more excited. We went and picked up our friend, and made our way back to the club. As we were approaching there was a small crowd. As we got closer, there was a note hanging on the door of Chelsies (that is the club they were playing). The note read. "The Death and Hammerfall Show has been Cancelled." Our first reaction was a laugh; we thought that someone was playing a joke. As the minutes wore on, we came to realize that it was no joke. Apparently the sound system was horrid, and would have made both bands sound horrid. We witnessed an argument between club management, and tour management. However, we stayed put, just in case something changed. About and hour later, we are standing there in the freezing cold, and Scott, and Shannon come off of the bus and start talking to everyone. I swear that we stood there for 3 hours in the freezing cold, and these guys were gracious enough to hang out with us. We talked about everything from music, to beer, to where we lived. Chuck had been on the bus sleeping. Finally he came off, and talked to everyone. We were so happy that we just got to hang out with the band that we really didn't care about not seeing them play. On the 3 hour drive home, we decided that 3 days later, we would make the 5 hour drive to Cleveland to watch them play.

Nov. 22 arrives. We both call in sick at work, and set out on our journey. We drove the 5 hours, and made it. We stand in line out in the cold once again. However, this time there is no note on a door. Finally they let us in. I grab a beer, and we grab our spot right at the stage. Hammerfall takes the stage. I am sorry, I have tried, but I just can't get into that band. Hammerfall closes up with there cover of Breaking the Law. During the break between sets, I went to get more beer. I saw Shannon, and Scott both over by the merchandise stand, and to my surprise they remembered me. The asked me how far I had to drive that time, and when I told them 5 hours they couldn't believe it. They were blown away that someone would drive that much in 3 days to see them. I went back, and about 15 minutes later the lights went out, and on came the theme to Halloween. The show began, and I felt like a little kid. By far the best show I have ever seen. Jason


Just felt compelled to write. I was a dj for a metal radio show in Oak Harbor, WA. So I was always doing interviews with bands that I loved. I got the hook up to go see Death and Hammerfall. It was awesome. I was really digging Hammerfall because I thought they were getting back to the roots of metal. But obviously the crowd was there to see Death, and I myself was a fan from the Scream Bloody Gore days. Anyway, Death killed... just absolutely shredded the stage. Chuck was the ultimate presence on stage, even though he just stood there and jammed.

So anyway, the show's over, and I'm sure he's exhausted. So I stood outside the bus, hoping to get an interview or whatever. Chuck was absolutely exhausted, but he VERY graciously grabbed my mini recorder, hopped on the bus, and did a few "liners" (where the artist says Hey, this is Chuck Schuldiner from the band Death, and you're listening to Assault & Battery). My point is, he didn't even have to do that, but he took the time. And I will always appreciate that.

Chuck was the utmost professional, and a KILLER musician, and his passing really ended an era in extreme metal. I was very sorry to see him go, but hopefully he has found a better place than this planet could have offered him. John Youngsman 05/20/2004



Death's final concert... ticket: Kerry Vick


[a] Jorge Olate [b] Mike Desmond
[!] May 15 1999 = Metalmania Festival in Poland that didn't happen for Death... flyer: Michael Kowalski
[!] June 5 1999 = Gods Of Metal Festival in Italy, also without Death... ticket: unknown


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