Review: Live in L.A.
Magazine: Metal Hammer / Italy
Written by: Fabio Rodighiero
Published: August 2001

Someone has already eyed the vote below this review and has surely groaned and thrown anathemas to the poor scribbler. But the truth is only one: beyond the affective value and beyond the fact that in Death discography was missing a live recording, this album is nothing but a bootleg taken for an official recording. Besides that it is a bootleg of mediocre quality. After months of waiting, of notices, of delays, of course you expected something more. It's sad listening to historical compositions like 'Symbolic', 'The Philosopher' or 'Suicide Machine' ruined by a ridicolous recording, made even unrecognizable sometimes. Guitars are overcome by drums, the bass, except rare moments, tends to disappear, and the final result is a senseless chaos. This apart, the set list can kill you by heartache: 'Spirit Crusher' live is thrilling, not to mention 'Empty Words' or the old 'Zombie Ritual'. The band seems to be in form (although don't miss imperfections and technical mistakes by the two guitars), especially Richard Christy that, if it's possible, live seems more monstrous and technically flawless than on cd. Is it enough to make this record interesting? Choose as you want, we merely hope Chuck gets well as soon as possible and records a live album that does the band justice.

Fabio Rodighiero


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Translated by VC/MM for EmptyWords-Published on January 14 2003