Friday, December 16, 1994
Fairbanks Inn
To Benefit The National
M.S. Society and B.E.T.A.





To benefit the National
Multiple Sclerosis Society
and B.E.T.A.

The Fairbanks Inn
December 16, 1994
8.00 PM

Pain Principle

The Fairbanks Inn
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Johnny's Rockin' Bistro
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Thanks to our Volunteers:
Jane Schuldiner
Janice Koelble
Tara Lecicero
Nikke Savage
Stacie Krupa
Tyler Krupa



Welcome to the "DEATH For Life" benefit for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and B.E.T.A. You are one of the many people here tonight to show support through our metal scene, for two excellent organizations. It's not very often that people come together "in the name of Metal" for a good cause such as this one.

Death, along with fellow Floridian metal bands, Sakajaweeda, Pain Principle, Naphobia and Intoxicated, will entertain you from start to finish. Tonight, you will preview Death's upcoming sixth release, "Symbolic" and watch four noteworthy bands. "Symbolic" will officially be released in late February, so those of you who came here this evening, will hear it before anyone in the world. How does that sound?

A free buffet will also tempt you this tonight with the tastiest wings in town from Murrays Wings and Ribs- the place where Death goes to grub! Also enjoy delicious subs from Subway and authentic homemade New York pizza from Johnny's Rockin' Bistro.

Make sure you buy at least one raffle ticket for your chance to win one of the many exciting prizes that will be raffled off throughout the evening... an autographed B.C. Rich, a Washburn guitar and effects pedal... Death merchandise... a C.D. package... a free dinner for two... an autographed promotional stand up of Ozzy... and much more.. just wait! Raffle tickets are only one dollar. That's right, only a buck! And remember the more you buy, the better the chance you have to win those killer guitars!!!!!





by Janice Koelble

Haven't you always wanted that perfect someone? Someone to want you no matter what? They wouldn't care about your height, weight, hair color, eye color, age, sex or religion? Well, that someone is out there. Their name is Multiple Sclerosis and it doesn't discriminate against anyone. In fact, it favors young people in their 20's and 30's, young adults just starting their lives - just like you. And do you know what else? THERE IS NO CURE! That is why we are here tonight.

M.S. is a chronic disease of the central nervous system. It means simple, everyday tasks like tying your shoes, pouring coffee, walking the dog, driving, writing or playing musical instruments can no longer be taken for granted. "How does one get M.S.? It is not contagious, but the exact cause is unknown. Our bodies contain a fatty substance called myelin which surrounds and protects electrical wires. When any part of the sheating, or insulation, is destroyed, nerve impulses to and from the brain are interrupted and distorted. The result is Multiple Sclerosis. "Multiple" because many scattered areas of the brain and spinal chord are affected and "sclerosis" because of the 'scar' tissue that forms over the damaged myelin.

The symptoms of MS vary from case to case and from time to time in the same patient, which makes diagnosing and treating MS difficult. The symptoms range from tingling sensations to double vision and slurred speech to muscle spasms and complete paralysis. The course MS follows in its victims is also unpredictable. Some patients have an initial attack with no recurrence afterward, some patients have reoccuring attacks followed by periods of remission lasting months or even years, while some patients are struck down rapidly and without notice and never have periods of remission.

While there is no cure for MS, there is hope. The cause and cure are the subject of intensive research on an international scale and every little bit helps. The cure can be realized, but we need your help - now and in future. For more information and/or literature on MS, write The National Multiple Sclerosis Society at 733 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017-3278 or call 1-800-LEARNMS. Thanks for your support.


by Jane Schuldiner

B.E.T.A. stands for Birth, Education, Training, and Acceptance.

B.E.T.A. is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1976 to provide education, housing, and crisis counseling, as well as emergendy food and clothing to over 9,000 women and children in the community each year.

Keeping in mind that Florida has the nation's second highest dropout rate, there is a school located within B.E.T.A. for grades six through twelve provided by the Orange County School System. BETA provides child care during the day through a nursery also located within BETA with a staff of highly trained personnel, as well as many volunteers to rock and love the babies while the mothers learn.

With Florida having the third highest death rate attributed to child abuse and neglect with 117,549 reports of child abuse each year, there are required daily parenting classes for the students.

They have proven their success throught the years as many of the women finish high school and seek further education and at the same time learn and initiate good parenting skills.

Although BETA has an extremely difficult task ahead of them, with the continued support of the community and volunteers, they will have continued success.




Orlando Florida; a sea of amusements parks, shopping centers, fast food and death metal. Thank you, drive through... The only thing hard here is getting up each day to do the same thing all over again. Nobody breaks out of Central Florida! You read it in local press and see it in the charts. Frustration, that is the core of Pain Principle and the need to prove them wrong. After all, it takes a lot of heart to go toe to toe with every brutal band in Florida and never give an inch. Maybe reality is as harsh as a skull and crossbones fantasy, however; it's not death metal and it's not hard core. It's just plain aggression.

Pain Principle is:
Kevin "Bull" Bullock - vocals
John Sutton - guitar
Mike Mazzonetto - drums
Ken Andrews - guitars
Brian Benson - bassist

In early 1993, tired of musical tug of wars in their previous bands, Kevin "Bull" Bullock and John Sutton joined forces with drummer Mike Mazzonetto. The trio then placed and ad in a local magazine for a bassist. They described themselves as "a very aggressive groove oriented, hardcore-metal band." The ad didn't pay-off, but soon they were contacted by bassist to be Michael Holder. He had become dissatisfied with his previous project, also. The new band named themselves- Pain Principle.

Pain Principle's first show was opening for West Palm's Raped Ape to a surprising good response. A local magazine called the band's music "a cross between White Zombie and Slayer." Pain Principle's next two shows were opening for hardcore crossover godfathers, D.R.I. and Atlantic Recording artists, Overkill. The fall saw the band releasing it's first four song demo, "Live With It" and scoring an opening slot for Energy Recording artists, Pro-Pain and Piece Dogs. It also saw them looking for a thicker more aggressive sound by adding second guitarist, Ken Andrews. With the addition of Ken, the bands sound is more brutal than ever expected. His style and playing fit the card perfectly.

1995 is approaching and Pain Principle is armed with a new bassist, Brian Benson and a new demo entitled, "Unhappy Hour". The band has been seasoned with a few more major shows including an opening slot for Obituary and Napalm Death... It's year number two for Pain Principle, time to get a little angrier and push a little harder.




Intoxicated from Orlando, Florida is a hard core band with a groove-type sound. They released their demo, "08", in April 1994. They are currently being promoted nationally by an entertainment agency in Dallas, Texas.

"08" is currently getting airplay in test markets that include New York, Seattle, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Los Angeles. The album is also being tested and tracked by Geffen, Roadrunner and East/West Records all in the "Big Apple".

With any luck, this band has a record deal in the making. Intoxicated will return to the studio in January for their next release.


Rob Crouse - vocals
Tyrone "Bone" Flock - lead guitar, backing vocals
Erik Payne - rythm guitar
Tim "Taco" Egipciaco - bass, Backing vocals
Garret "Stencil" Albrekson - drums


241 AFTONSE. #208
(407) 682-9257



Sakajaweeda wish you the best in 1995. Tapes, t-shirts, etc. : Rob Waters, 6882 Medellion CT. Jacksonville, FL 32210

Sakajaweeda is represented to the industry by: Keith Collins mgt., P.O. Box 242, Largo Florida 34649, (813) 535-3248
Press/publicity: Hi*way Star, (904) 389-8639 FAX: (904) 388-3526


In the year of 1995, Naphobia engages its plan for world wide domination. With the release of the long awaited, "Of Hell" production, Naphobia continues its assault on the international underground. Thus far, previous demos, "Cultivated Inards" and "Mortality Confines" have gained the band much recognition, here and overseas. Both tapes received radio airplay on many metal programs.

Cultivated Innards was produced by original Megadeth drummer, Gar Samuelson. Reviews and feature articles have appeared in fanzines all over the world. The response has been overwhelming.

Plans for the release "Of Hell" include pressing it as a CD and putting together a full line of new promotional items. All designs are now being coordinated and as soon as finaces permit, new shirts and merchandise will be available.

We have also put together our own newsletter named The Underworld. This evil propaganda can be obtained by simply writing us and sending one dollar for postage. Our publication includes information on the Florida scene, write ups on a few bands and addresses for 'zines and bands. Order it or rot!

'Zines traders and all wishing to depart on a journey "Of Hell" are warned to send a blank tape and postage for your passport to evil or better yet, send cash for the real thing. Much better than a dub! All orders will receive more Underworld material!!

Tapes $5, 11x17 posters $1, shirts and decals sold out!!! More avialable soon.
Postage $1 US, #2,50 overseas
Stamps and I.R.C's ok Write now!!!!!


P.O. BOX 677001
ORLANDO, FL 32867-7001






This past year has been full of many changes for Death. Beginning with the departure of their bassist, Steve DiGiorgio, who had a child in April, the band was faced with the decision to begin looking for someone who could replace him.

At the same time, Sony/Relativity Records (DEATH's previous record label for five albums) decided to negotiate Death's remaining contract with Roadrunner Records. Negotiations were long and tedious, leaving a scheduling problem with Andy LaRocque. Death's previous guitarist, who had prior obligations at the time to record with Kind Diamond. So, now Death was also faced with not only finding a new bassist, but a new guitarist as well.

While arrangements were being made for the new album, another big change faced them ahead. Their producer of four albums, Scott Burns would not be able to be a part of the new project. Instead, Chuck Schuldiner would co-produce with Jim Morris, master producer and owner of Morrisound Recording Studios. The project was simply entitled Symbolic.

Still, a large and heavy task faced the band. A new bassist and a new guitarist needed to be found - and soon. With all the many obstacles that faced the band in the past, this would not get them down. Everything always worked out. Fate was on their side and they just had to let things happen.

The recording date was fast approaching when Chuck became compelled to get a hold of a guitarist he knew from his high school days, and who he had ironically been thinking about getting for their previous release, "Individual Thought Patterns", but could not locate him. But this time Chuck did. Thanks to John and Brian of Pain Principle, they hooked Chuck up with guitar shredder, Bobby Koelble, who once played for the well known local band, Azreal. Bobby more than proved his tight chops and creative flair. And the decision was made. Bobby was in.

Next mission - a new bassist. They can be hard to find, especially for a band with the musical capabilities as Death. They needed someone with just the right technical approach and musical mayhem. But John and Brian couldn't hook Death up again, or could they? Chuck gave 'em one more call. And the "metal connection" proved itself once again. John and Brian had someone in mind. Someone who carried essentials of a driven individual. He was bassist, Kelly Conlon. There was no doubt, he was the man for the job.

Everything was now in place. A producer had been chosen, the line up was in place and a recording project on their new label, Roadrunner Records, was dead ahead. There was no time to loose, it was time to crush.


The obstacles that faced them before became doors of opportunity.Late August finally brought the new Death together to record Symbolic , their most "action-packed" project to date. There is no denying the remarkable musical composition and production on this one. Each member shines on Symbolic which is sure to push the barriers of metal to the limits!


Long grueling hours were spent in Morrisound recording Symbolic, but when all was said and done, Death took some time to answer questions about their new project. No other interview has been done with the new band members... but you get it here... this exclusive interview right from the Metal Crusade!

So Gene, how was it working with Jim Morris this time around?
Gene: Jim is a very good producer. That's always nice to have. Obviously, he gets good tones. He is a laid back, erudite person, and he knows how to handle me in the studio, which is hard to do. I'm not the biggest studio fan, so I feel constantly on edge in there. Jim's air takes a lot of that edge away. I've only worked with one other producer who had that effect on me.

And what about you guys? How was it to work with Chuck and Jim? (to Kelly and Bobby)
Bobby: It was killer. Two laid back guys. I felt right at home instantly.
Kelly: Excellent! Both Chuck and Jim were really patient and most of all it wasn't stressful! I had a killer time.

Chuck, how was it working with Bobby and Kelly?
Chuck: It's been absolutely awesome! Bobby and Kelly totally raged in the studio and we just got a real good vibe as soon as we rehearsed with them. They're really down to earth, and kooky, too. I'm looking forward to touring with them. They are both excellent musicians and I think people are really going to dig them.

What was the most challenging part of putting together Symbolic?
Chuck: Getting off Relativity and getting on Roadrunner Records.

What was challenging for you, Gene?
Gene: Trying to get all the double bass in the pocket. The whole record is challenging. Every song has it's own groove. I have a tendency to push the beat and over play, and upon listening to it now, I can see a few instances where I did just that, but I like have imperfect albums drumming-wise. It gives me something to strive for eternally.

So, what do you think is your most accomplished drum work on Symbolic?
Gene: Every song had something different, I believe.


For sheer shock value, the title track is pretty out there... hauling doubles and my hands are everywhere. "Empty Words" is a pretty wild drum song. "Without Judgement" has a couple of pretty nifty hand parts.I use two rides all over the place, and I don't think that has been done to this extent before. I guess, on Symbolic , my hands are jazz, but my feet are metal.

And what about your lead work with Bobby, what is your favorite back to back lead with him?
Chuck: Perennial Quest, without doubt. The leads both just totally flow - as metal should!

How about you, Bobby, what is your most accomplished lead on the album?
Bobby: They all suck (ha, ha). I guess I'm happiest with my lead on "Zero Tolerance".

And Kelly?
Kelly: Damn, I think the most challenging was the whole album. Basically, because Chuck called me up and said "You got it if you want it" and whithin a week and a half I was in the studio full force!

So, you must have been very anxious, huh?
Kelly: Yes, definately, who wouldn't be? Death has been a band that I listened to and enjoyed for a while now. It's like, you have to love what you're doing. Death was a band I really liked and then I got the chance and took full advantage of it! I love Death and now I'm the bass player!

Bobby, what did you think when Chuck called you out of the blue?
Bobby: I was totally into it. At first I thought, "How the hell did he find me?" Then I found out it was a mutual friend we have at a local music store. He hooked us up.

And what was the most challenging part for you on Symbolic?
Bobby: Coming up with something I liked well enough to commit to tape. While I was rehearsing, I kept hearing something different every time. It was hard to say, "Okay...this."

What did you all use, as far as equipment, in the studio?
Chuck: I started with my B.C. Rich Stealth and finished the album with my B.C. Rich Ignitor, a new guitar they just came out with, Marshall Valve State amplifier and Marshall cabinets, GHS Strings.

Gene: Pearl Master's Custom kit, Zildjian Cymbals, the Propeller and a 1953 M-14 Cannon Shell that Evil Steve's Dad brought back from 'Nam.
Bobby: My Washburn Magma guitar, a 50 watt Marshall JCM 800 head, and Ibanez distortion box, Dean Markley strings and a Mr. Coffee coffee pot.
Kelly: I used a Mesa Boogie 400+ Stereo head which was god. An Ampeg 8-10's cabinet, my Krammer Forum II bass loaded with active EMG pick-ups. BBE Sonic Maximizer compression, EQ. And of course DR handmade strings.


to talks

EmptyWords-Published on February 19 2003