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Metalic greetings to all around the world! So, you got a chance to hear DEATH's new release 'Symbolic'? What did you think? There have also been some cool interviews with DEATH in magazines like GUITAR WORLD, METAL HAMMER, RIP, ROCK BRIGADE, MODERN DRUMMER, KERRANG... and did you see "The Philosopher" guitar and bass transcription in the March issue of GUITAR SCHOOL? Just what a lot of you guys and - even some ladies- were asking for! Send in some album reviews of your own, we'd love to read them! Who knows, maybe yours will be printed in the next newsletter.

Newsletter #5 is coming out a lot later than you might have expected. With the band on the road, it was difficult at times to get in touch with them for interviews and approvals. We wanted to include full coverage on the "FULL OF HATE EASTER FESTIVALS" in Europe, as well as including the U.S. tour coverage. Thanks for waiting. And while we're on the subject of newsletters, we would like to let you know about our new policy regarding memberships. Everyone will always receive 4 (four) newsletters per membership. It may be a little longer than a year as we put out newsletters when we can pack it with info. So, we will let you know -by sending you a blue slip- when your membership is complete. It will never be less than one year.

In this issue, we not only have first hand coverage of the Full of Hate Festivals and the U.S. leg of the world tour, but also the winners of the DINNER WITH DEATH Contest and an autographed picture of Bobby Koelble, DEATH's new shredder guitarist, a SYMBOLIC tour sticker, and updated merchandise catalogue with special offers and coupons. For new members, you will get a membership card signed by one of the guys in DEATH. And if you've been around for a while, you will get a BLUE renewal slip to renew your membership with the Metal Crusade. Send it in soon to renew your membership on time.

Death returned from "The FULL of Hate" Easter Festivals that traveled through Europe in April. The band reported they had a great time with the bands that accompanied them and seeing the fans, especially many Metal Crusade members who brought their membership cards to the gig for autographs...


Chuck recently produced and engineered a demo for a local band in Florida called "Wicked Ways". "They have a heavy approach with strong melodies and killer vocals- showing traditional metal is alive and well!" Chuck said...

......The world tour of SYMBOLIC, officially named "METAL TO THE MASSES", began June 16 in the U.S. with support act, NEVERMORE (Century Media). .....DEATH Merchandise on tour included symbolic shirts and longsleeves, Death Logo shirts, shorts, hats and poster flags of the album cover. If you couldn't get one on tour, see the advertisement inside for mail order details of a special rush offer of the concert shirts. ....DEATH also headed over to Japan for the first time in Spetember. The band was very excited as they had never ventured into this territory before.... Death's European leg of the tour began in mid-September and also ventured into new territory... Czech Republic... Portugal... Brian Benson was the replacement bass player for Kelly Conlon who was dismissed due to personal differences with the band. Brian is from the Orlando band, Pain Principle. He also attended the tours for Japan and Europe... The winner of "THE DINNER WITH DEATH" contest sponsored through the Metal Crusade was chosen but unfortunately, the particular show he could attend was canceled at the last minute. His name was John Nardi of Illinois. So John will get decked out in Death merchandise compliments of the Metal Crusade. Just in case this happened, the band picked a second name... so who was this lucky runner up? find out inside. He'll tell you all about his evening with DEATH... Well, it's finally happened. You asked, begged, pleaded and demanded... finally a video. Not a home video just yet, but an instructional guitar video with Chuck. Look for it soon through "Star Licks". They are an international company so everyone in the world should have access to the videos... (note from EW: this video never got released!)



The month of April brougth DEATH back to Europe to embark in the ever so famous, Full of Hate Easter Festivals. It had been two years since DEATH had participated and they were back with a vengeance... and their new album. Gene kept a private journal to share with fans in the Metal Crusade...


April 11 Orlando, Fla. USA... DEPARTURE
Crazy day but we got to the Orlando Airport smoothly. We were to hook up with the other two-thirds of our crew. "The Kommandants of Flamboyancy" otherwise know as "Uncle Danny" (guitars and jokes) and "Evil Steve" (drums and overal 'godliness') in Washington D.C. We already had Kommandant #3, our sound man, Paul. When we touched down in D.C. we found our crew and proceeded to party! Hazy flight to Amsterdam from there though. We wanted to pass out on the plane, because we knew we were arriving at 8AM Amsterdam time and our schedules were gonna be completely wrecked!

April 12 Amsterdam... ARRIVAL
Hell, this is really the same day, since no sleep was had. Who were we trying to kid anyway? After landing we hung around a while, waiting for Babette, our ruling record label chick, to show up. While we were waiting, we tripped over to this little magazine stand and somebody picked up the new AARDSCHOK Mag. and hey, we're on the cover! Rulin! Upon further perusal, I noticed that SYMBOLIC had been awarded "Album of the Month" as well. Awesome! Bobby and Kelly must've been freakin'! They've probably never seen themselves on a cover before. Man! I bet this tour is gonna be killer! We stopped at the hotel, dropped off our bags and hit the streets... running ! The Netherlands have a rich history and a vibrant culture. In the course of our travels through museums and coffee shops, we bumped into Steve from Deicide and Danny and Kevin from Brutal Truth. They were completing a festival tour of their own. Crazy. It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!

April 13 Amsterdam... "PARADISO"
The first show. It's always the 'hairiest' one in Europe, and today was no different. We met all the other bands who joined us for the festival -Unleashed, Grave, Hate Squad. Everybody's ruling! Our good friends, Gorefest are also with us. This is going to be completely wild! MTV showed up to tape the show for 'Headbangers Ball Europe'. The show went all right. Everything was raging! I'm playing in Doc Martens now, and boy, let me tell ya, they ain't no tennis shoes! Big blocks of cement are more like it! I don't know if I can do this. I'll keep ya posted!

April 14 Belgium Vosselaar... "GEMEENTEHAL"
Well, I guess we're in Belgium now. It's before sound check and I've just met our catering crew for the rest of the tour. Linda, Ann and Helen. These ladies will hold our guts in their hands for the next two weeks. Please don't kill us!... see ya later.

(post show) Good gig! Had fun. Loads more comfortable! I downsized my kit today. Thank God Pearl Drums kicked down a couple of extra toms, so I could play around with the configurations. Belgium is killer. Good crowd and everyone seemed to have fun. Before the show, someone handed me a note. It's Chris from Machine Head, wishing us luck. Rulin'! Chris is killer. Gotta write him one back. That's one cool thing about touring. Hookin' up with buddies. Dressing room walls are great places to communicate with pals who are also on tour... "Hey CARCASS! See you soon!", "Yo CANNIBAL dudes! DEATH says, what's up?" you know that sort of thing... to be continued...






... at the Canadian border with Chuck...

"It has been a long time since we have played the U.S.A. so this was a very anticipated tour! With the excitement surrounding the release of SYMBOLIC, we were ready to bring forth our mission of "METAL TO THE MASSES'!!! Our first show we played was on the 18th of June in Alexandria, Virginia. What a way to kick it off. These people raged!!! We moved on through New Jersey where the power went off for a while right before we went on stage. Luckily, though, it came back on enabling us and the crowd to carry on with metal mayhem!... It's been a long time since we played Canada, WOW! What a killer welcome we received! I am still in a state of shock! I have never seen so many people united and thrashing at the same time! Rimouski and Quebec ruled! Now back to the states...




We got to speak with Chuck, Bobby and Brian right after the U.S. tour and this is what they had to say about the first half of

Chuck: I think all the places we played were pretty awesome considering how grunge mush has taken over the U.S. The fans are keeping metal; going even though metal labels 'down' the metal movement...and more into the 'trendy' stuff that is only here for the time being!"
Bobby: It was killer. Like most things in life, it ended much too soon. Made some new friends, saw some interesting places I hadn't seen before and just had an overall good time.
Brian: They beat me and burned me with cigarettes! (just kidding). It was totally awesome. It was a great opportunity for me to see parts of the U.S. that I had never seen before. The band we toured with, Nevermore, were an added bonus. All the guys were super and we had a lot of fun just hanging out. I got to play in California at the Roxy where I saw some old friends that could not believe I was playing bass in DEATH.

Nevermore was one of my main choices I had in mind. I felt they would be very refreshing seeing that they have a killer melodie and heavy approach, both musically and vocally. I think Warrels vocals were shredding live! I thought touring with these guys added variety to all the shows.

Chuck: Nevermore was a really cool band to tour with. Their music not only ruled but also as people they were great to hang out with. They really crushed every night and I feel they deserve a lot more recognition by the press. Jeff Loomis is the guitarist who played all the guitars on the album and is a total shredder. Check these guys out if you get the chance.

Chuck: California in general was a killer place with a great response. The clubs were packed! It was really cool seeing some people we had not seen for a while also. While in the Bay area we ran into the dudes from Forbidden and Machine Head and had a great time walking around in San Francisco eating bagels and pizza!
Bobby: Hard to choose... Rimouski and Montreal, Arlington, Minneapolis, Detroit, all of California, Albuquerque and Baton Rouge stick out in my mind as being real sick.
Brian: All of California. The crowds were sick and people were really into the music. That's what it's all about.


Brian: Those guys suck, forget them! (just kidding-again)... We have a CD coming out when I get home called "Till Someone Loses An Eye". It's our third independent release and it's gonna crush. I'd like to thank my band for not freaking out that I went on tour with DEATH. Touring with DEATH was a great chance to spread our demos all over the world. Our contact addres is:
Pain Principle, 1212 Asbury Ave. Orlando, Florida, 32803

Chuck: Actually a couple of non-music related things... going into Seattle we had a three day drive with no showers! Luckily, on the third day we came upon a river in the middle of nowhere and jumped in and went swimming for a couple of hours. It was a shower compliment of Mother Nature!... Also, our bus driver, Rod, found a little puppy for his kid and we got to have it for the rest of the tour!

Bobby: I got one... our support act Nevermore, who are awesome guys, got into a lot of 'shenanigans' with us. The best was when Warrel (vocalist) fell asleep leaning against the trailer. Their roadie, Joel, moved the van and trailer and Warrels hair got caught in the axle which pulled him under the trailer which ran over his legs. It was their first night on tour with us and he had to go onstage with a can for the whole next week of shows!

Chuck: For me it is leaving my family and my two dogs and two cats. Family is so important and on tour it can get pretty lonely at times. For some people it does not phase them but for me, it's leaving the people I love that is tough. It really makes me feel grateful for the things and people back home.

Chuck: nothing overly exiting. I wake up around 11:00, go into the venue in search of a place to brush my teeth, search for a place to eat breakfast or lunch. After that, it's time for sound check. We do a few tunes and then all try to find showers and get a bite of dinner. Then, the waiting begins. That part is a drag. Then it's show time -which is killer... then off to a new city.

Chuck: Thinking.

Bobby: "Damn, its'over already."

Chuck: I really can't do much writing on tour. I really need to be alone to be at one with the music. I prefer to be at home in my studio where the atmosphere is perfect. And same goes for the lyrics. Distractions on tour are just too much.




Matt Rosin was chosen the lucky winner of the "DINNER WITH DEATH" Contest for the U.S. leg of the tour. He and his friend, Ben, joined DEATH in Houston, Texas where they are with the band, hung out at the gig and got t-shirts that evening. Here's the scoop in Matt's own words.. He writes...

"My Near DEATH Experience"
It all started out when my friend Ben and I showed up at the club, "The Abyss" at about 7:00 pm. The staff at the club didn't know much other then I was supposed to get in free and be allowed to take pictures. They suggested I go to the tour bus. After waiting around for a little while, we finally found someone to let us in.

After everyone was ready, we walked across the street to this Mexican restaurant and we all ate a hearty dinner. Bobby had some interesting ideas about things to do to scare people in the bathroom... I think we scared some customers in the restaurant... Oh well... After dinner, we went back to the tour bus, along the way being apporached by numerous autograph seekers... for Chuck, not me. We hung out with the band and crew on the bus for at least two had a half hours, getting some autographs and pictures, along with some cool, informative and interesting conversation.


These guys have a crazy sense of humor, Oh yeah, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Chuck's new restaurant chain, "The Schul-Diner", opening soon... Later we cruised on over to the club, where Ben and I picked up our shirts and caught the end of the second band, "Cannabis Culture" (after security thoroughly searched me as they thought I hid something in my pocket...) Death finally got on stage, the first couple songs of which I watched from the crowd. Then I got to go to the side of the stage and watch the rest of the show from the stage steps, getting to take some closeup in your face live photos.

The set was killer. Opening with Spiritual Healing and ultimately ending the show with a crushing finale performance of Pull The Plug. Also showing up in the set were The Philosopher, Open Casket and Suicide Machine. I think I got a mild concussion dyring my stage dive because Ben noticed after the show my pupils were not the same size... but I'm okay now -no more headache. After the show, we hung out by the tour bus for a while, where one of the guys on the crew got us each a logo t-shirt. I ended up leaving with some autographs, a camera full of pictures, two t-shirts, a copy of the set list, and various other items. All in all it was a kick-ass concert experience I won't soon forget. Until later... Let the metal flow.. Matt Rosin.





Chuck gives insight to some of the lyrics in DEATH's recent LP..... "Symbolic as a whole is a journey through reality and how we evolve through life and it's challenges. The title track covers the changes in early life that are symbols of growth, which along with it brings knowledge and the loss of innocence." Chuck continues. "Other songs such as Zero Tolerance, Empty Words, and 1,000 eyes deal with having no tolerance when it comes to obstacles that people put before us, such as abuse of power, promises not being upheld, and the advanced age of video where 'eyes' are watching over our every move. Symbolic covers a vast amount of emotions that present questions we all share and maybe even some answers we all seek."

Before the band hit the road for the U.S. tour, we asked Chuck to comment on the comparison between lyrics on Individual Thought Patterns to Symbolic. "The lyrics on Symbolic are less angry than the previous stuff but have equally as much conviction. It is still serious and still heavy... For me life is symbolic of a never ending quest that I feel everyone can relate to."




I'd tell ya. The BIOHAZZARD dues sure get creative with their backstage artwork. i've seen complete murals on some of these dressing room walls where we've both played!

April 15 Trier "EUROPAHALLE"
Today, people back home in the U.S. are going crazy paying taxes, and here we are messin' around in Europe! Today also begins about 8 or 9 shows in Germany. It should prove interesting. See ya after the show...

I met a whole load of cool people today! All sorts of killer fans but especially Nica an Jason a couple of American kids whose folks are in the service. They bought me a bottle of Apfel Korn (Apple Corn), an absolutely rulling booze from Germany, so yeah, got a bit tispy. They had a few friends with them and we all just hung out all day and had fun.

April 16 Munich TERMINAL 1
This venue was crazy! It was a terminal of an old airport! We played this place two years ago, but I just learned today that this was the airport from the movie "Goodfellows" -which was a true story! Godly! "Goodfellows" is one of my favorite flicks! The show went killer! Man, Bobby (who is the first guy to get sick out here) and Kelly are shreddin'. The both are completely ruling and I'm glad they're with us! Each show is getting tighter, as we knew it would, and we're quickly becoming a well-oiled machine. "Yield while we Wield", dammit!... Poor Bobby is sick as a dog though. This was not a slamming crowd. It was a headbanging one! There was this huge cable running front the stage to the mixing board out front, thereby preventing a pit, so everybody banged! We went to a Rave after the show...Trippy.

April 17 Stuttgart LONGHORN
Ah, the Longhorn. A gigantic German country western bar. Go figure. I switched back to tennis shoes on stage. Those boots might be made for walkin', but not for drummin'! Hell, I'll get back into 'em, I just gotta get back into touring first. I made my first major screw-up on stage tonight. I read the set list wrong and started playing "In Human Form" instead of "Zero Tolerance" Thank god it started off with drums, so I kinda faked like I knew what I was doing. We were laughing about it after the show and Chuck said, "Wow, I was thinking to myself, "Bonus! Gene's wielding a drum solo!" Yeah right. Gene was wielding a big pile of stupidity!

April 19 Nurnberg ALABAMA
Well, how do I put this? History has shown me that Nurnberg, Germany is the one place on this planet that just happens to be a bad luck place for me. To make a long story short, some dude in his brand new VENOM shirt decides he doesn't like us, so he moves right in front of Chuck and proceeds to flip him off. Hell, that happens, but this is Nurnberg, so it looked like it was time to do some "regulating" from the stage. We don't care if you hate us, but if you decide to throw something at us -like this guy was about to do, I will personally kill you.


I alerted Evil Steve that shit could get ugly at anytime and before you could say "Welcome to Hell", this guy has so many pairs of eyes watching him,he should have charged admission. Uncle Danny and everyone who happened to be standing around backstage were ready to kill if needed. This guy was walking through hell with gasoline underwear! But no blood was shed, no dough was lost and everybody else was really cool, I'd say today was a victory!

April 20 Hamburg DOCKS
I tripped around the Reeperbahn and then I arranged to have my laundry done. Yippy. I would like to say that our catering gals rule! Linda, Ann and helen are all Gods! They have definitely looked after us and I feel they should be commended! As well as Subsy, the PA company's stage manager. He's ruling too. I will miss them all after this.

April 21 Berlin HUXLEY'S NEUE WELT
Ice cream day! There's this killer ice cream shop at this venue. We're kinda playing the central shopping district of this area, and the venue is connected to this mall sort of thing, pretty kooky. Berlin is a wild place, the most decadent party city in Germany. The whole DEATH clan walked around for quite a while looking for some grub -at a place that would hopefully take American Express, 'cause today lunch was on Chuck! But to no avail. Hell, srew the 'Party City' thing right then. I wished Berlin was the most American Express friendly city in Germany. Ain't gonna happen. The set now is totally stormin'! We're really loose on stage now, and that makes us thighter (what a dichotomy!) The shows are shreddin' and, as always, I wish this tour wasn't coming to an end the day after tomorrow. Ah, but at least we're ending in Poland!

April 22 Chemnitz KRAFTWERK
East Germany. A beautiful warm day. One step closer to Poland. We said goodbye to the catering ladies today. It was a tearful parting... There goes our guts. Also to Gorefest, 'cause Jan-Chris' wife is having a baby... good luck dudes!

We have arrived! Ah, Poland! Plaing Poland always rules. The venue is great and the people are GOD! Everybody is totally into it here. They'll tear you apart if you get too close, but that's just 'cause they're an exited and starve for metal! I'll tell ya one thing, Poland is love. We've been told that as many as 10,000 people may show up, but I'd be happy with half of that! See ya after the show.

God, today ruled! It was this glant all day Metalfest, featuring bands from all over the world. It had already started by the time we got there, so when Kelly and I went out to get the first look at the crowd, there were already about 4,000 people there. Crazy! There were cops and Polish National Guard everywhere. There was this section with a barricade, so we could go out and sign stuff without getting killed -but it got real crazy, real fast. I was escorted by Uncly Danny and two national Guard dudes with guns! But after about ten minutes of autographin', it just got too out of control and the National Guard dudes made me go backstage because people were starting to get hurt. I spied a couple of girls who were just crying their eyes out and clutching and screaming and I thought, "Wow, it's like 'Beatlemania' and then before I knew it Uncle Danny was pulling them over the barricade.. because they were getting crushed!.. What a jerk I am! Super Uncle Danny to the rescue!

The show was cookin'... literally. Two years ago this was the first, and only place where I played in pantz and a long-sleeved shirt 'cause it was so cold. But today was nothing like that.. .it was boiling! We all definitely gave everything we had tonight. It was great! The crowd was still raging, even after about 13 bands had already played! It was so awesome! "Pull The Plug" was of course the encore, and I'll tell ya, I have never beaten my drums harder than that song tonight. If Zildjan saw what I put their cymbals through, they would absolutely freak!... Not one of 'em died! Amazing! Evil Steve was cheerin' at the whole carnage! major end of the world ending to the set! Judas Priest would've been jealous! Chuck jumped into the crowd -with his axe- (he's been doin' that a lot lately!) and the place went nuts! Poland rules! We can't wait to come back soon! We gave Poland a big wet kiss and wielded ourselves back to our bus and headed for home. Crazy tour... crazy, wonderful, memorable tour.. and after a 26 hour bus ride, and a 13 hour flight... we finally made it home.





Review a Death show in your area or write a review of "Symbolic". Keep it short, consice and objective. We will be printing some of them in an upcoming newsletter. Send them to The Metal Crusade, attention: review. remember to include your name and address and info legibly. They are due in by the end of the tour in you country.


If you own any video coverage of the band or anything to do with Death, send it in with a label on the video tape with your name and address. One guy sent in a video of a Halloween pumkin he carved one year... an actual Death logo right into the pumpkin! It was killer... what a die-hard fan! So if you have any creative ideas, we'd love to see 'em! You might see yours as a part of the Death home video!


After printing the list of people who we cannot find that belong to our fan club, we found two people on our list. One of the girsl was found because a fan from Iceland noticed the wrong country printed as her hometown. her last name was Icelandie, not Irish as printed! Thanks! So in that case, we're printing them again and the updated ones too. Read 'em. If you know anything about them, let us know. They have stuff waiting for them!

Kevin Miller, Florida
Tom Stritzinger, New York
Hugo M. Oleveda Glez, Mexico
Joe Vanchieri, Florida
Scott Sacks, Calif.
Yumiko Kounishi, Japan
Michael Johnson, Florida
Robert Duffy, Mass.
Simon Venig, Germany
Felip Diaz Rodriquez, P.R.
Chris Hughs, Kentucky
Ryan Weinstein, Florida
Pater Herrmann, Wisconsin
Steve Koroly, NC
Tijana Stan Kone, Spain
Adam Groves, LA
Stephane Lammtagne, Canada
Dominik Golebiowski, Poland
Chris Slater, Canada
Ilan Hacla, Israel
Gena Reznichenko
Monardi Herve
Kevin miller, Florida
Rosa Dean, Florida
David Nied, Florida


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