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----- Original Message -----
From: Perry Grayson
To: yvonne kluitman
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 1:59 AM
Subject: [Fwd: Not-So Evil Chuck]

Here's an email I got from Ernesto Martinez Villasenor. He used to play drums for my friend Armando's band (Hyperchild), but he moved to Mexico and took a job with the drum accessory company Paiste.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ernesto Martínez Villaseñor
To: Perry Grayson
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 12:37 AM
Subject: Not-So Evil Chuck

Hey Perry! How are you? It's been a while since I emailed you last... Things have been pretty busy down here in Mexico, but everything is cool...
Listen, I bought a really cool BC Rich bass (just for fun, I suck at playing bass...) and became really good friends with one of the guys there, Rock Clouser (cool name!!). Then I got the crazy idea of buying a guitar (I also suck, but who cares?) so I figured, why not get one like the one my idol Chuck Schuldiner played!? So, I got in touch with my friend again, and they're going to make me a copy of the guitar Chuck used. Why am I telling you this? Cause I couldn't stop rambling about how much of an idol Chuck was for me. So, being the great musician my friend is, he did some research about Chuck. He was very interested and curious to find out what Chuck's music would sound like (he's not too much of a heavy music listener). So, I burned him a CD with a few of Chuck's songs and sent it to him... Here's his response:

The CD is very cool! I had nothing like it. He was a GREAT player. I have listened to it only 1 and ½ times but I already have some favorites that just hit me like a bricks! Empty Words - I think is my overall favorite. With Bite The Pain a close second. However, I agree that Human was a great album because Flattening of Emotions, Suicide Machine, Together As One and Lack of Comprehension are next on my favorite list. Honorable Mention goes to: What If and The Fragile Art of Existence. These two songs remind me of what Metallica would sound like IF they practiced and got tighter, took music seriously and had something to say.

I admire Chuck's shear talent and I understand why he was the obvious Crowned King of the genre. "What if" goes through my mind as I listen to these songs. If he could do all that in roughly a 10 year span, where would he have gone in the future? Where would he have taken guitar playing? As a guitarist myself, I hear the innovation and creative approach in his playing. I also like the fact that he plays "on the edge". I kinda like to do this myself. I like stretching to the limits of my performance capability. He is obviously a very accomplished player yet I can tell he is not holding back - he just doesn't just play in his "comfort zone" - he plays FULL TILT - soooo cool and fun for me to listen to.

I have to say that this made me extremely happy. It just goes to show what an amazing and incredible musician Chuck was. Basically I'm emailing you this cause I read what was posted by Chuck's postman and figured you ought to read what my friend wrote. It's great how there's true musicians out there that still have an open mind to listen to something totally different from what they usually listen to. Even Rock's wife said that Chuck's lyrics were so cool!!! Anyway, I really hope that this makes you smile when you read it, as it did me cause I know you're also a huge fan of Chucks. Maybe this can be posted on emptywords.org for people to see cause it's really cool.

Ernesto Martínez Villaseñor
Paiste America, Inc.
Coordinator Latin-American Markets
Product Specialist / www.paiste.com / emartinez@paiste.com

----- Original Message -----
From: Rock Clouser
To: yvonne@emptywords.org
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 5:34 PM
Subject: web permission

Hello my name is Rock Clouser. A friend of mine Ernesto Martínez Villaseñor recently turned me on to Chuck's work. I am so glad he did! I understand he sent you my comments and now you request my permission to use them. By all means! I have been a guitarist for many years and it is rare when a guitarist impresses me. Chuck was a great talent! In these days with no talent and no "true" or deserving guitar heroes it is so sad and unfortunate that someone like Chuck had to leave us. I suppose God's band will Rock a little harder now! I give full permission to use my comments sent you by me or Ernesto on your web site as you see fit. Thanks for asking.

Rock Clouser,
Sales Coordinator - Special Products Division
Direct-to-desk Email: Rclouser@sayhhi.com