Flattening of Emotions T
Suicide Machine T
Together as One T
Secret Face T
Lack of Comprehension T
See Through Dreams T
Cosmic Sea (additional bass track by Skott Carino)
Vacant Planets

Chuck with:
Steve DiGiorgio-Bass
Paul Masvidal-Guitar
Sean Reinert-Drums

1991 / Relativity 88561-2036-2
Produced by Scott Burns and Chuck Schuldiner
Music and lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover art by Rene Miville

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Death's fourth album in 1991 drove swarms of gapping-jawed patients to therapists. Mastermind Chuck Schuldiner and his excellent, technical Death colleagues cross-breeded brutal death metal with progressive elements, till they almost broke their fingers over it. Gone were the days in which death metal was primarily created fast and hot off the press.

Michael Rensen - Rock Hard full review


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