Song (instrument/format)
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Infernal Death | ID-2 (Gp)
Denial of Life

Evil Dead (Pt)

Scream Bloody Gore (Pt)

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Born Dead
Forgotten Past
Left to Die
Pull the Plug (Pt)
Primitive Ways

Within the Mind (Pt)

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Flattening of Emotions (Pt)
Suicide Machine (Pt)
Together as One (Pt)

Secret Face | SF-2 (Pt)
Lack of Comprehension (Pt) | LoC-2 (Pt)
See Through Dreams
Vacant Planets | VP-2 (PT)
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Overactive Imagination | OI-2
In Human Form
Trapped in a Corner
Nothing is Everything
Individual Thought Patterns
Out of Touch
The Philosopher (Pt) | TP-2 (+bass/Gp)


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Symbolic (Gp)
Zero Tolerance (solo/Gp)

Empty Words (Pt) | EW-2 (Pt)
Sacred Serenity (Pt)
1,000 Eyes (Pt) | 1,000 E-2
Without Judgement (drums/Te) | WJ-2 (Gp) | WJ-3 (Gp)
Crystal Mountain (Gp) | CM-2
Perrenial Quest (Pt)


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Scavenger of Human Sorrow
Bite the Pain
Spirit Crusher | SC-2 (Gp) | SC-3 (Gp)
Story to Tell | StT-2
Flesh and the Power it Holds
Voice of the Soul | VotS-2 (Pt)
To Forgive is to Suffer
A Moment of Clarity | AMoC-2
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Breaking the Broken (Pt) | BtB-2
Expect the Unexpected
What if...?
When the Link Becomes Missing
Cut Down

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