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  • Sunday December 13 2015
    14th Anniversary of Chuck's Passing, Day Of Remembrance

    Let us light a candle for Chuck and Scott today, on Worldwide Candle Lighting Day.

  • Wednesday May 13 2015
    Chuck's 48th Birthday

    Today we remember Chuck's birthday,
    Quoting Eric Greifs' words today: "Chuck's music lives on as his fanbase continues to expand - wow, he would be proud and honored."

  • Tuesday March 24 2015
    RIP Scott Clendenin ~January 17 1968 - March 24 2015~

    It is with great sadeness that we heard of Scott's passing today. He has always been very supportive towards us and
    We first met Scott on Chuck's memorial service, a kind and warm personality. The following year Scott invited us to see his band with Craig Sease in Titusville/Florida.
    The last time we met was when DTA played at the Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg on May 3 2013. We will remember Scot with a lot of fond memories and respect.

  • Saturday December 13 2014
    13th Anniversary of Chuck's Passing, Day Of Remembrance

    Today we celebrate Chuck's legacy with Voice Of The Soul by Karolay Flores

  • Friday December 13 2013
    12th Anniversary of Chuck's Passing, Day Of Remembrance

    From Eric Greif: This is the day that Chuck died in 2001. It isn't a day that any of us celebrate, reflect or even want to memorialize. I spoke to Chuck's Mom Jane today for almost an hour - we again agreed about how we feel about the day. The word to fans is to instead focus on LIFE: pick an appropriate charity like or the Brain Tumor Association, make a donation or offer to campaign for them - that is the best way to honor Chuck's memory. Live Chuck's music & words every day of the year, and save your memorials for MAY 13, Chuck's birthday.

    Happy Holidays
  • Monday May 13 2013
    Chuck's 46th Birthday

    Today we remember Chuck's 46th birthday.

    As you may have noticed, we're not updating the news page anymore. We are living in social media times, so is Death. There is an official facebook page at Death(official). News travels fast and news on facebook travels faster than news through the EW website. The facebook page is managed by Eric Greif and Christopher Steele so the news comes right from the source.

    We hope you will continue to visit EmptyWords for all the background stories that can be found here.