• Tuesday December 13 2011
    10th Anniversary Of Chuck's Passing, Day Of Remembrance

    Thoughts on Chuck's Legacy on the 10th Anniversary of His Passing
    by Matt Medeiros

    It's hard to believe that it's been ten years since Chuck's untimely passing.

    When I sat down to write this, I was going to comment on Chuck's impact on the global metal scene. About how the bands in the OSDM resurgence are never more than two degrees of separation from the Death and Mantas demos and "Scream Bloody Gore"; how the waves of technical death metal bands are paying tribute to "Individual Thought Patterns" and "Human".

    I quickly realized that I am ill-equiped to comment on the current state of global metal. There are other people, journalists and the like, who have access to better research and fact-checking, and access to commentary from notable personalities, who will write their tributes, if they haven't already.

    I'm just a fan of the music, and that's what I'll talk about.

    The first time I heard Death, oddly enough, was on MTV. I saw the video for "The Philosopher" on Headbanger's Ball in 1993. Sonically I was confused, terrified and enthralled. I had never heard vocals like that. The unorthodox rhythm patters of the music, the washy, hypnotic lead tone, the slithering fretless bass. It was so alien. It made a hell of an impression.

    Back in those days, music wasn't an instant gratification commodity that you could just grab off the web. It would be a couple years before I got my hands on Chuck's entire discography. I got them all out of order, with "Human" being the last in the set. The Death discography is already confusing enough in order, but out of order it seemed even more unlikely that all these amazing albums were crafted by the same person. Every single album made an impression, and every one was different.

    "Symbolic" is a very straightforward metal record. Aggressive, but not in a brutal way, a work of graceful craftsmanship. There are flourishes, but nothing distracting. A few couple show-offey parts, but no moreso than a Megadeth record. Vocals are super-empassioned, and lyrically it remains one of the most honest albums I've ever heard. It remains one of my all-time favorite records.

    "The Sound of Perseverance" starts as almost the antithesis of its predecessor, overpowering the listener with technical chops. Even so, tracks like "Bite the Pain" had the simple chug that damages neck muscles. When I hear modern tech-death bands, this is almost always the missing piece.

    "Scream Bloody Gore" needs no explanation, but indulge me. It is an all-out assault of crushing brutality. Ultra-heavy riffs, frenetic drumming and face-shredding leads. Some of the most inhuman screams ever conjured by a mortal. Total gore and violence. A classic from beginning to end. Gentlemen, the bar has been set. Good luck.

    "Individual Thought Patterns" and "Human" were labyrinthian works of artistry, equal parts technical wizardry and aggressive, spasmodic thrashing.

    In every instance, Chuck was a metal version of Johnny Appleseed. He would find fertile ground, plant seeds, and move on. "Individual Thought Patterns" and "Human", like "Scream Bloody Gore" and "Leprosy" before them, spawned waves of imitators.

    Even as other bands pushed the genres in new and often exciting directions, Chuck's work holds its own musically. It's relevant. It remains aspirational, inspirational and timeless.

    I will not focus on 'what might have been', had Chuck survived his battle with cancer. I don't entertain it as a thought. In his 16 years creating music, from the raw intensity of "Reign of Terror" demo, to his final work with Control Denied, Chuck created timeless metal records that appeal to the widest possible swath of the metal underground. Fans, myself included, may pick and choose (some "only like them up until "Leprosy"" or "didn't start liking them until "Human"") but no one can deny that Chuck forged his own path with passion and fervor. He was one of the most hard-working, skilled and soulful artists in the history of metal.

    Today someone somewhere in the world is hearing "Pull the Plug" for the first time, and it is going to stick with them. Someone else is discovering Gene Hoglan's drumming on "Symbolic".

    On the 10th anniversary of his passing, choose your favorite track, whether "Mutilation" or "Voice of the Soul", give a moment of silence for a fallen metal brother, press play and let the metal flow!

    Matt Medeiros
    EW's editor
    December 2011

    Memories of Chuck
    by Eric Greif

    Of course when folks think of Chuck Schuldiner they immediately see images in their head of him standing on a stage with a BC Rich Stealth. Or perhaps talking with his Florida accent in an interview on youtube. Even more people will just think of the music that Chuck created.

    When I think of Chuck, especially at the two times of the year when we all stop to cherish a thought of him - his birthday May 13 and the day of his death December 13 - my brain is brought to more personal memories: running around a restaurant with our shorts pulled down to our ankles screaming like little kids; having contests on who could eat the more spicy chicken wings, sometimes to the point of vomiting; driving around in my car talking on the CB Radio to truckers whilst pretending to be young girls; yelling at each other on the phone in fits of negative brotherly emotion; or flying around the world with him on promotional trips, amazed at the complexities of foreign toilets. To me it isn't just Chuck the genius creator of death metal - it is Chuck my business associate, contemporary and friend. We shared meals and we shared shampoo. We laughed very hard and we screamed very loudly.

    I was lucky enough to have some years on this planet as a close person in Chuck's world - a part of his inner circle and family. Being his manager was a challenging but fulfilling role, and I was made for it. We both greatly believed in fate and taking paths presented to us in life. In that respect, although he was taken from us at such a young age, nobody could accuse him of not living for every second. Chuck was a lover of life and a practitioner of carpe diem. He could be silly and he could be strong. He got angry like a madman or was generous like a saint. He could be unglued and stressed-out about something in his personal life, and then go off and write a song like "Overactive Imagination". He could be a jerk, a gentleman and a genius simultaneously.

    There is no doubt that his passing was a brutal one. When I just went through my own Dad's brutal death it reminded me, of course, of Chuck's ten years ago - fighting something as sinister as pontine glioma, which probably sat inside his head like a very slow time bomb waiting to claim him. It wasn't necessary that he suffer the way he did - nobody deserves this, least of all someone as nice as Chuck and with so many gifts he has given the world. For it is those gifts that I have the great fortune of continuing, with his family, to give the world: from DEATH's Scream Bloody Gore to The Sound of Perseverance, and on to The Fragile Art of Existence by his beloved Control Denied. These form a legacy that will last for generations.

    I admit that, for me, the main day of celebrating Chuck's life is his birthday. This December 13, being the tenth year since his death, will be ultra somber. Ten whole fucking years since the tragedy. I'll of course read some of the wonderful tributes that are sure to be written, maybe have a tear or two, and then get on with the business of preserving his legacy. That involves concentrating on Chuck the Living, not Chuck the Dead. That isn't to take away from any of the numerous offerings of sympathy that are sure to be directed towards his family and me - it is only to state that, in my world, Chuck is around all the time, in spirit, as if still about to walk in the room and tell me a joke or yell in my ear. In a wider sense, he is very much alive as long as folks listen to his killer tunes, remember his smile and tell others about the genre he was responsible for creating from his Mom's garage.

    As we like to say, keep that metal flowing...

    President of Perseverance Holdings Ltd. and former manager of DEATH
    December 2011

    Ps: I’ve attached three new shirts we’re doing with Relapsethe first is in commemoration of the Vivus! double live album (which includes remastered audio for Live in LA & Live in Eindhoven) – the back says, in Latin, ‘a friend of mine lives forever – his music will never die’; the second is a new Chuck shirt, the profits of which are all going to our chosen charity, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund (www.sweetrelief.org); and the third has the mock marble DEATH logo we originally created for Vivus! and it says ‘Let the Metal Flow’ on the back.

    Happy Holidays
  • Monday December 12 2011
    Norwegian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Norwegian tribute to Chuck will take place in Trondheim, on December 16th. Six local bands will be playing their versions of DEATH classics. More info here. Thanks Jan Roger.
  • Tuesday December 6 2011
    Brazilian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Brazilian tribute, called "The Sound Of Perseverance - A Scream Against Cancer - A Decade Without Chuck", will take place on December 11th. More info here. Thanks Bruno.
  • Friday November 25 2011
    Hungarian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Chuck Tribute Show is to be held at Blue Hell, in Budapest, on December 16th. More info here. Thanks Peter.
  • Wednesday November 23 2011
    DEATH: ‘Vivus!’ Live Collection To See Release In February

    The next chapter in Relapse's DEATH reissue campaign is Vivus!, a deluxe 2CD collection compiling two separate DEATH concerts. Each recorded in 1998, Disc One features the band at the height of their prowess tearing the roof off of the infamous Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles while Disc Two is a brilliant recording of the band on the festival stage at Dynamo Open Air. The complete tracklisting for both discs can be found below.

    Vivus! is set for a February 28th North American release date, March 2nd in the Benelux / Germany, and March 5th in the UK and rest of Europe. Vivus! follows the recent Relapse Records re-issues of Individual Though Patterns, The Sound of Perseverance and Human. Like those reissues, this collection will contain extensive liner notes from DEATH insiders and never-before-seen photos of the band. Pre-order options, a new line of exclusive DEATH merch and additional release information can be found at this location.

    Vivus! Tracklisting:

    Disc 1 - Live In L.A. – 1998

    1. The Philosopher
    2. Spirit Crusher
    3. Trapped In A Corner
    4. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
    5. Crystal Mountain
    6. Flesh And The Power It Holds
    7. Zero Tolerance
    8. Zombie Ritual
    9. Suicide Machine
    10. Together As One
    11. Empty Words
    12. Symbolic
    13. Pull The Plug

    Disc 2 - Live In Eindhoven – 1998

    1. The Philosopher
    2. Trapped in a Corner
    3. Crystal Mountain
    4. Suicide Machine
    5. Together As One
    6. Zero Tolerance
    7. Lack Of Comprehension
    8. Flesh and the Power It Holds
    9. Flattening of Emotions
    10. Spirit Crusher
    11. Pull the Plug

    DEATH Track Features On Sick Drummer's Brutal Beatings Volume VI; Free Download Available

    Sick Drummer has released their Brutal Beatings Volume VI compilation, and states: "We could not be any more excited about it! Who would have guessed that we would be putting out a compilation in 2011 featuring 'Overactive Imagination' from the legendary band DEATH! We would like to thank all the bands for appearing and all associated labels for their efforts."

    The compilation is available for free download on the Sick Drummer website here.
  • Tuesday November 8 2011
    Israeli Tribute To Chuck Announced

    Another tribute to Chuck will take place in Israel, on December 15th. More info on EW's benefit page. Thanks Rotem.
  • Monday November 7 2011
    Macedonian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Macedonian tribute to Chuck will take place in Skopje on December 17th. More info here.
  • Tuesday October 25 2011
    Bulgarian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Bulgarian tribute to Chuck will take place in Sofia on December 17th. More info here.
  • Sunday September 18 2011
    DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns Re-Issue To See Release In October; Remixed Individual Thought Patterns Track Posted Online; Former DEATH, CONTROL DENIED Members To Perform At The Sound Of Existence Tribute To CHUCK SCHULDINER; Spanish Tributes To Chuck Announced

    A remixed, re-mastered version of DEATH’s 'The Philosopher', taken from the forthcoming re-issue of Individual Thought Patterns, has been posted online now via the official Death Facebook page.

    As previously reported, Death’s legendary 1993 album, Individual Thought Patterns will see it’s official re-issue on October 25th in North America, October 28th in the Benelux / Germany, and October 31st in the UK and rest of Europe. The follow-up album to Human, Individual Thought Patterns has been remixed by Alan Douches and re-packaged to include a second and third bonus disc worth of previously unreleased demos and a full live set recorded in Germany during a 1993 European tour. Also included on the third bonus disc exclusive to this re-issue are rare riff tracks from the Chuck Schuldiner archives.

    The tracklisting is as follows:

    Disc 1: (classic re-mastered ITP album)

    01. Overactive Imagination
    02. In Human Form
    03. Jealousy
    04. Trapped In A Corner
    05. Nothing Is Everything
    06. Mentally Blind
    07. Individual Thought Patterns
    08. Destiny
    09. Out Of Touch
    10. The Philosopher

    Disc 2: (Live In Germany - April 13, 1993)

    01. Leprosy
    02. Suicide Machine
    03. Living Monstrosity
    04. Overactive Imagination
    05. Flattening Of Emotions
    06. Within The Mind
    07. In Human Form
    08. Lack Of Comprehension
    09. Trapped In A Corner
    10. Zombie Ritual
    11. The Exorcist
    ("Individual Thought Patterns" studio outtake)

    Disc 3: (Four-Track Demos - Chuck & Gene - December 1992)

    01. Overactive Imagination
    02. In Human Form
    03. The Philosopher
    04. Trapped In A Corner
    05. Individual Thought Patterns
    06. Jealousy
    07. Nothing Is Everything
    08. Destiny
    09. Mentally Blind
    10. Out Of Touch
    11. In Human Form (Chuck's Riff Tape - 1992)
    12. The Philosopher (Chuck's Riff Tape - 1992)
    13. Trapped in a Corner
    ( Chuck's Riff Tape - 1992)

    Pre-order options and additional release information can be found here.

    The Sound Of Existence, a tribute to late DEATH/CONTROL DENIED mastermind Chuck Schuldiner, will be held on Sunday, December 18th, from 3 - 8 PM at Latino Rock Café in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Scheduled to perform at the event are Tim Aymar (PHARAOH, Control Denied, PSYCHO SCREAM, TRIPLE-X, VICIOUS CYCLE) and Shannon Hamm (METALSTORM, Death, Control Denied, BEYOND UNKNOWN), along with members of local progressive metal band BLACK GALLERY.

    Also scheduled to perform are ADVENT OF BEDLAM and PSEUDOSTRATIFIED EPITHELIUM. Further details at this location.

    And finally: Two Basque tributes to Chuck will take place in Zarautz and Bilbao on December 9th + 10th. Venues t.b.a. More info here. Thanks Dani.
  • Sunday July 31 2011
    Mexican Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Mexican tribute to Chuck will take place in Chihuahua, August 19th. More info here. Thanks Leonel.
  • Thursday July 28 2011
    Message From Chuck's Mom

    Hello everyone,

    A message to let you all know that I have your emails, which I am saving, but I am making a huge move to another state to be near my sisters and brothers and won't be available. We are all older now and it's so much nicer to grow old together!

    When I get a house and get settled, only a few weeks I hope, then I will continue taking orders and updating you on what is left. Meanwhile, please do not send anything to E Amelia Street, or to the PO box, I will not be here to accept and it will cause confusion. Only the orders already received will be filled.

    I will be in touch on the EmptyWords site soon.

    Warm regards,
    Jane Schuldiner
  • Sunday July 10 2011
    Chuck's Mom Offers Very Last Personal Death Merchandise For The Time Being

    Hello fans,

    There has been a lot of request for shirts, especially more Philosopher. And I found a few more of those. I am moving out of state the end of July so want to have them sold well before then. I will order more and continue when I get settled there.

    1) Philosopher shirts, 3 medium and 1 large.
    2) One medium and one large black shirt with picture of Chuck playing guitar on front.
    3) Two large Leprosy shirts, black with Death logo on back and album picture on front.
    4) I have 2 of the original Control Denied shirts Chuck had designed and had made himself, both medium, black with Control Denied logo only on the front. He was going to offer this design himself, but as we know that was not to be. I found these in his closet in 2002, I am saving one for myself and offering the other two.
    5) One gray Let The Metal Flow on back in red, Death logo in front in red, size large.
    6) I have one hoodie - Death logo and Perseverance album cover on the back in red, and a small Death logo on the left front, size large.
    7) One hoodie with the Death logo on the front in black and silver.
    8) One medium black shirt with Death Logo on the front and the the words The Sound Of Perseverance across the back.

    I also found some vinyl records, email me if interested.

    All shirts are 15$ and the hoodies are 25$ all in US funds. Western Union or a US money order are good ways to pay. Contact me for postage costs at njbschuldiner@yahoo.com. Please send orders me at my home address, not the PO box number.

    Thank you,

    Jane Schuldiner
    646 E Amelia Street
    Orlando, Florida
  • Tuesday June 21 2011
    CONTROL DENIED: Breaking The Broken Video Revealed

    The video for CONTROL DENIED's “Breaking the Broken” was directed by Doug Cook and produced by DEATH manager Eric Greif for Perseverance Holdings Ltd., the company that oversees the works of Chuck Schuldiner. “Breaking the Broken” comes from CONTROL DENIED’s debut album The Fragile Art of Existence which recently received the deluxe re-issue treatment, courtesy of Relapse Records, including a limited edition 3-disc set that includes 2 discs of previously unreleased bonus material. The agreed concept behind the video is easily summed up: it is about overcoming adversity and persevering, with some symbolism that will not be lost on diehard fans. It is an emotional journey, and it will be continued...


  • Sunday June 12 2011
    DEATH - Unreleased Human Rehearsal Track Streaming Online At BraveWords.com

    BraveWords.com is exclusively streaming a classic DEATH track from the upcoming 20th anniversary reissue of Human; rehearsal footage of 'Together As One' from 1990!

    Hear the track at this location.
  • Sunday June 5 2011
    Extreme Metal Television Covers Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash; Interviews With Former DEATH Manager Eric Greif, CYNIC, INTO ETERNITY

    From BraveWords: A Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash was held on Friday, May 13th at The Distillery in Calgary, Alberta to celebrate what would have been DEATH/CONTROL DENIED legend's 44th birthday. Extreme Metal Television covered the event and spoke with Eric Greif, Esq. (President of Perseverance Holdings Ltd. which runs everything related to Chuck Schuldiner's intellectual property) and some of the bands that took part in the event including CYNIC, INTO ETERNITY, DIVINITY, REVEREND KILL, DEATH TOLL RISING, HAMMERDRONE and MEGAWATT MAYHEM.

    Check out the report here.
  • Sunday May 29 2011
    Philippine Tributes To Chuck Announced

    Two tributes to Chuck will take place in the Philippines on July 16 & July 30. There will be 2x13 bands participating, playing one Death or Control Denied song each. A third show with all 26 bands together is planned for December 17th. More info here, thanks James.
  • Tuesday May 24 2011
    DEATH: Re-Mastered Human Track Posted Online

    A re-mastered version of DEATH’s “Lack Of Comprehension”, taken from the forthcoming re-issue of Human, has been posted online now via the official DEATH Facebook page.
  • Monday May 23 2011
    Human Deluxe 3CD Tracklisting Revealed

    The complete track listing of songs included in the three-disc set can be found below. This special re-issue package is available June 21st via Relapse.com exclusively with pre-orders being accepted now.

    Disc 1: (classic re-mastered Human album)

    1. Flattening Of Emotions
    2. Suicide Machine
    3. Together As One
    4. Secret Face
    5. Lack Of Comprehension
    6. See Through Dreams
    7. Cosmic Sea
    8. Vacant Planets
    9. God Of Thunder (Bonus Track)

    Disc 2:

    10. Flattening Of Emotions (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    11. Suicide Machine (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    12. Together As One (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    13. Secret Face (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    14. Secret Face - Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    15. Lack Of Comprehension (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    16. "Felt Good" - Studio Snippet
    17. See Through Dreams (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    18. See Through Dreams - Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    19. Vacant Planets (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    20. Cosmic Sea (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    21. Cosmic Sea Part 2 (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    22. God Of Thunder (Basic Instrumental Studio Tracks)
    23. Flattening Of Emotions (Human Demos)
    24. Lack Of Comprehension (Human Demos)
    25. Suicide Machine (Human Demos)
    26. Together As One (Human Demos)
    27. See Through Dreams (Human Demos)
    28. Secret Face (Instrumental-Human Demos)
    29. Vacant Planets (Instrumental-Human Demos)

    Disc 3:

    30. See Through Dreams w/ Paul and Sean ( Rehearsal January, 1991)
    31. See Through Dreams (Take 2) w/ Paul and Sean (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    32. Secret Face - w/o Paul - 1/2 song (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    33. Secret Face (Take 2) - w/o Paul (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    34. Secret Face - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    35. Flattening Of Emotions - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    36. Lack Of Comprehension - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    37. Lack Of Comprehension (Take 2) - Riffs (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    38. Cosmic Sea - Riffs w/ Drum Machine (Rehearsal January, 1991)
    39. See Through Dreams (Rehearsal August, 1990)
    40. Suicide Machine (Rehearsal August, 1990)
    41. Together As One (Rehearsal August, 1990)
    42. Suicide Machine (Drum & Bass Tracks)
    43. Together As One (Drum & Bass Tracks)
    44. Secret Face (Drum & Bass Tracks)
    45. Lack Of Comprehension (Drum & Bass Tracks)
    46. Vacant Planets (Drum & Bass Tracks)
    47. Flattening Of Emotions (Drum & Bass Tracks) (only available through download)
    48. See Through Dreams (Drum & Bass Tracks) (only available through download)
    49. Cosmic Sea (Drum & Bass Tracks) (only available through download)

    "DEATH, the heavy metal institution founded, realized, and helmed by legendary guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, released its legendary fourth studio album Human (’91) to massive worldwide critical acclaim. The album’s complex and progressive music and introspective lyrics marked a massive stylistic change away from the more primitive early material for the group, and Human went on to become one of the most influential metal records in the history of the genre.

    Now remixed under the watchful eye of longtime DEATH producer Jim Morris, Human 2011 represents the fully-realized version of this epic album. Now remixed, remastered, repackaged and featuring over an hour of newly unearthed and previously unreleased early demo tracks, Human 2011 is the definitive edition of this true metal classic."
  • Wednesday May 11 2011
    Interviews With Richard Christy & Perry Grayson To Celebrate Chuck's 44th Birthday The Day After Tomorrow

    For May 13th, 2011, Chuck's 44th birthday, we have an interview with Richard from Sick Drummer Magazine, and a radio interview with guitarist, journalist, and EW's contributor Perry Grayson. You can download the interview from Freethought Radio here.

    As previously reported, the "Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash" will take place in Canada next friday. Let's celebrate the 44th birthday of Chuck with a night of DEATH & metal music, with all profits going to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Eric Greif: "Open your wallets now, folks, because I'm-a askin'. PLEASE buy a $7 ticket, whether you're going or not - SWEET RELIEF MUSICIANS FUND is an important US charity that aids musicians ill with no health insurance coverage".

    And last but not least: the official DEATH fan club, The Metal Crusade, is finally getting off the ground. The launch will be one of these days. Enjoy and stay tuned! More soon!
  • Friday May 6 2011
    DEATH’s Legendary Human Album To Be Re-Issued

    DEATH’s legendary fourth album Human will mark its 20th anniversary with an official re-issue on June 21st in North America (June 27th internationally) via Relapse Records.

    Human has been entirely re-mixed by longtime DEATH producer Jim Morris and re-mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, CONVERGE, THE MISFITS). This special 20th anniversary edition of the album will come complete with expanded packaging featuring liner notes from Morris as well as former DEATH / current CYNIC guitarist Paul Masvidal and over an hour of newly unearthed, previously unreleased early demo tracks.

    Human will be available on 2- and 3- disc sets as well as digitally. CD pre-orders are being accepted now at this location, digitally via iTunes, and additional release information will be posted shortly.

    Additionally, original footage of DEATH during the May 1991 mixing sessions of Human has been posted online now at this location. This footage was filmed 20 years ago to the day at Morrisound studios in Tampa, FL.
  • Monday April 25 2011
    Long Video Interview With Eric Greif Available

    Chuck's former manager and current legal representative did a 15 part interview (4 hours) for the YouTube channel DEATH in HD. Eric Greif: "It was Beth who first alerted me to this very nice English guy, James Copper - then Relapse noticed him - and finally I made contact. I think there is quite a bit of useful DEATH information in this series". Thanks James. Enjoy!
  • Thursday April 14 2011
    Limited DEATH Merchandise From The Vault

    Chuck's mom has some shirts to sell. You can find them here.
  • Sunday March 27 2011
    Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash In Canada

    Come to the CHUCK SCHULDINER BIRTHDAY BASH May 13th at The Distillery in Calgary and celebrate Chucky's 44th! All profits to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund [EG]. More info on the event can be found here [EW].
  • Tuesday March 15 2011
    Brazilian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    A Brazilian tribute to Chuck will take place on Saturday, April 9th. Check out EW's benefit page for more info. Thanks Messias.
  • Thursday March 10 2011
    DEATH: An Oral History Sourced From Decibel Magazine Posted Online

    As promised part 2 is online, enjoy!

  • Wednesday March 9 2011
    DEATH: An Oral History Sourced From Decibel Magazine Posted Online

    "So sit back, close your eyes if you want, and just enjoy the video..." Thanks James. Part 2 will be online soon.

  • Tuesday February 15 2011
    The Sound Of Perseverance Demo Track Streaming Online At BraveWords

    The Sound Of Perseverance bonus track 'A Moment of Clarity' (1997 Demos), featuring bass legend Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT), is currently streaming online at BraveWords.com. [launch the KnuckleTracks Online Audio Player]
  • Friday February 11 2011
    The Sound Of Perseverance 3-Disc Re-Issue Streaming Online For A Limited Time

    The re-mastered re-issue of DEATH’s seventh and final album The Sound of Perseverance is streaming online now at the official DEATH Facebook page. The audio for the deluxe 3-disc set will be streaming in its entirety at that location until the re-issue’s North American street date of February 15th.
  • Thursday February 3 2011
    DEATH: Human 20th Anniversary Remix Complete

    Producer/engineer Jim Morris from Morrisound Recording Studios in Tampa, Florida has just finished remixing the legendary 1991 album from DEATH called Human.

    "An awesome experience for me," Morris comments. "We were contacted by Chuck Schuldiner's intellectual property lawyer Eric Greif, the former manager of DEATH. Human will be reissued in 2011 internationally in a partnership between Relapse Records and Perseverance Holdings Ltd. The reissue will mark the 20th anniversary of the original release of Human on Relativity/Sony and will include loads of extras, including DEATH's cover of 'God of Thunder' by KISS." [more]

    Eric Greif says: "The former DEATH guys Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert and Steve DiGiorgio are all 'ecstatic' about the prospect of a heavier mix, where all the instruments can be heard and modern technology utilized. Jim said he took into account everything he & Chuck agreed upon during the making of Symbolic and Perseverance as his guide for what he believed Chuck would want from such a remix. I myself am thrilled."

    Human was Death's best selling album in the US moving over 100,000 units and hitting the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #34, unprecedented for its time.
  • Tuesday February 1 2011
    DEATH: Decibel Magazine Cover Story Available Now

    The US based Decibel Magazine has devoted 12-pages and one striking cover to an all-encompassing oral history on DEATH and its founder Chuck Schuldiner in the magazine’s latest issue. This exclusive feature includes in-depth interviews with members of the Schuldiner family, support musicians from all of the DEATH recordings, and industry insiders who saw the band develop into its now legendary status. This highly-collectable issue of Decibel (March 2011, #077) is on newsstands now or can be purchased at this location.
  • Wednesday January 20 2011
    Costa Rican Tribute To Control Denied Announced

    A tribute to Control Denied will take place in San Pedro, Costa Rica, on March 5. Grecco will be playing 'The Fragile Art' live, together with special guest Tim Aymar. [more]
  • Wednesday January 19 2011
    More Details Revealed For The Sound Of Perseverance Deluxe 3-Disc Reissue; Re-Mastered Demo Track Posted Online; Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Guitar Giveaway

    A re-mastered demo version of “Story To Tell“ taken from the TSOP re-issue has been posted online at this location. “Story To Tell“ appears on the second disc of the re-issue that features all previously unreleased demo material. The complete track listing for the re-issue is as follows:

    Disc 1: (classic re-mastered TSOP album)

    1. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
    2. Bite The Pain
    3. Spirit Crusher
    4. Story To Tell
    5. Flesh And The Power It Holds
    6. Voice Of The Soul
    7. To Forgive Is To Suffer
    8. A Moment Of Clarity
    9. Painkiller

    Disc 2:

    1. Spirit Crusher - 1998 Demos (No Bass)
    2. Flesh And The Power It Holds - 1998 Demos (No Bass)
    3. Voice Of The Soul - 1998 Demos (No Bass)
    4. Bite The Pain - 1998 Demos
    5. A Moment Of Clarity - 1998 Demos
    6. Story To Tell - 1998 Demos
    7. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow - 1998 Demos
    8. Bite The Pain - 1997 Demos
    9. Story To Tell - 1997 Demos
    10. A Moment Of Clarity - 1997 Demos

    Disc 3:

    1. Bite The Pain - 1996 Demos
    2. Story To Tell - 1996 Demos
    3. A Moment Of Clarity - 1996 Demos
    4. Bite The Pain w/ Paul Payne on Vocals - 1996 Demos
    5. A Moment Of Clarity w/ Paul Payne On Vocals - 1996 Demos
    6. A Moment Of Clarity w/ Chuck on Vocals - 1996 Demos
    7. Story To Tell w/ Chuck on Vocals - 1996 Demos
    8. Bite The Pain w/ Shannon Hamm on Vocals - 1996 Demos
    9. A Moment Of Clarity - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
    10. Bite The Pain - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
    11. Story To Tell - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
    12. Voice Of The Soul - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)
    13. A Moment Of Clarity - 1996 Demos (Instrumental)

    Additionally (as previously reported on EW), Guitar World Magazine is currently hosting a contest in conjunction with the re-issue of The Sound Perseverance offering a BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth guitar. One of the most recognized of Chuck’s guitars, this sleek neck through body, pitch-black Stealth also features jumbo frets, beveled top style, and Dimarzio X2N pickups. The contest is open to U.S. residents and ends on February 15th. Complete contest rules and information can be found here.
  • Thursday January 6 2011
    Enter the Guitar World Contest to win a B.C. Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth

    The Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth was designed to proudly represent Chuck's legacy and idelible mark on the death metal genre. Chuck played several B.C. Rich models throughout his short but meaningful career, but the most recognized had to be his black single pickup, neck through Stealth. Now's your chance to win one, enter the contest here, all entries must be submitted by February 15. (Unfortunately this contest is for United States residents only/EG).
  • Tuesday January 4 2011
    DEATH: 'The Sound of Perseverance' Additional Re-Issue Details Posted

    DEATH's seventh and final album The Sound Of Perseverance will see its official re-issue on February 15th in North America (February 21 internationally) via Relapse Records and is available for pre-order now at this location. The first in a series of official Death re-issues slated for 2011, The Sound Of Perseverance has been remastered from the original studio tapes and expanded to include a second disc of previously unreleased demo material. The re-issue will also include enhanced artwork (viewable below) and liner notes from the original cover artist Travis Smith as well as liner notes from Death guitarist Shannon Hamm and never-before-seen photographs from The Sound Of Perseverance era.

    A special deluxe version of the 'The Sound of Perseverance' re-issue is also available pre-order at this location. The deluxe version includes a third bonus disc of unreleased material and will only be available via Relapse Mailorder and digitally via iTunes. To coincide with the re-issue, Relapse Mailorder will also be offering a The Sound Of Perseverance t-shirt and zip-up hooded sweatshirt featuring the enhanced album artwork. Images of the new Death merchandise can be seen here.

    The first taste of the re-mastered The Sound Of Perseverance can be heard now on the free Relapse Records digital label sampler. The sampler features the re-mastered version of 'Scavenger Of Human Sorrow' and can be downloaded at this location.

    Relapse Records
  • Sunday January 2 2011
    Revamped Cover Art For The Sound Of Perseverance Revealed; Chuck Schuldiner Biography In The Works

    A very HAPPY 2011 to all DEATH & CONTROL DENIED fans around the world! This is going to be an exciting and dramatic year for all of us preserving Chuck's legacy - not just of course the fact that in December it will be a full decade since Chuck died, but due to all of the cool things happening that keep his music & memory very much alive. The Schuldiners & I, in partnership with Relapse Records - and with the full cooperation & support of all the former band members & associates - have been painstakingly dealing with every small detail to ensure that the DEATH & CONTROL DENIED names live on for the diehards as well as with a new generation just discovering the groundbreaking music.

    You already know some of what is happening: Producer Jim Morris is already working with the CONTROL DENIED guys on the much anticipated completion of When Man & Machine Collide (yes, this is now the fixed, proper title), which will eventually be out on Relapse. Keep checking EmptyWords for progress reports; Relapse production manager Drew Juergens & I continue to map out the reissues, gathering together rarities & extras to make each release historical - one of the DEATH reissues will even be a complete album remix by Jim Morris (more news on that in EmptyWords as it becomes available)!

    The official DEATH fan club The Metal Crusade will soon be re-launched. There will be a Chuck Schuldiner biography by trailblazing metallic globetrotter Ian Christe. And the first DEATH reissue is The Sound of Perseverance in mindboggling 2CD standard (available internationally) & 3CD deluxe (available through Relapse mail order only) versions, scheduled for release in February - but the big news is that the cover has been revamped by original artist Travis Smith... and I am here giving the official debut of the new cover at EmptyWords for all to see!

    All of this would surely meet Chuck's approval. However, the most important thing is to make the fans happy - and that is our motivation, as it was Chuck's. Keep the metal flowing & I hope to meet a lot of you in this New Year,

    Eric Greif

  • Saturday, New Year's Day 2011
    Old Interview With Chuck's Manager Available

    Welcome to the new year, EmptyWords' 13th!

    "With his long blond hair and All-American looks, it might be tempting to typecast Eric Greif as a laid-back surfer or a recently matriculated collegian."

    If you want to read the interview with Chuck's former manager and current legal representative, you can check it out here. As said: it's an oldie from the Milwaukee Sentinel, November 1991. To read the very end of that interview, titled: "Greif Thrives On Death Metal", go to page 35 on that page instead of when it says page 22 (the actual page of the original newspaper). Thanks Perry. Enjoy! More soon!

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