Living Monstrosity
Altering the Future**
Defensive Personalities**
Within the Mind*
Spiritual Healing

Low Life*/**

Genetic Reconstruction*/**

Killing Spree*

Chuck with:
Terry Butler-Bass
Bill Andrews-Drums
James Murphy-Guitar

1990 / Combat 88561-2011-2
Produced by Scott Burns and Death
Music by Chuck Schuldiner and James Murphy*/Terry Butller**
Lycrics by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover art by Edward J. Repka

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The material is more complex, interesting and a bit different at times than on their last album, Leprosy, and the musicianship is more refined, but it is still as vicious and powerful as ever. Spiritual Healing again proves that Death is the best death metal band ever - hands down.

Jeff Kitts - Metal Mania full review


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