Review: Spiritual Healing
Magazine: Metal Mania / USA
Written by: Jeff Kitts
Published: May 1990

With the firing of Rick Rozz and the addition of new guitarist James Murphy, Death have issued another killer album featuring their unmatched death metal expertise. While improvements and changes have been made, they're no so drastic as to alter the essence of the band. The most noted improvement is in the singing of Chuck Schuldiner, who is no longer belting out indecipherable lines but is now pronouncing works clearly, and without losing any of his trademark brutality - in fact he sounds more deranged than ever.

The material is more complex, interesting and a bit different at times than on their last album, Leprosy, and the musicianship is more refined, but it is still as vicious and powerful as ever. Spiritual Healing again proves that Death is the best death metal band ever - hands down.

Jeff Kitts

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