Infernal Death T
Zombie Ritual
Denial of Life T
Regurgitated Guts
Baptized in Blood
Torn to Pieces
Evil Dead T
Scream Bloody Gore T
Beyond the Unholy Grave (bonus track)
Land of No Return (bonus track)

Open Casket (live) - Century Media European re-issue
Choke on it (live) - Century Media European re-issue

Chuck with:
Chris Reifert-Drums

1987 / Combat 88561-8146-2
Produced by Randy Burns
Music and lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover art by Edward J. Repka

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Although opinions of what was the first death metal album differ, (Possessed's 'Seven Churches' or 'Scream Bloody Gore'), we can easily say that Death with its band name, heavy sound and splatter lyrics with 'Scream Bloody Gore' made the blue print for an entire new sub-genre within metal.

Stephan Gébédi - Martelgang full review


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