Leprosy T
Born Dead T
Forgotten Past T
Left to Die T
Pull the Plug
Open Casket

Primitive Ways* T
Choke on it

Chuck with:
Bill Andrews-Drums
Terry Butler-Bass
Rick Rozz-Guitar

1988 / Combat 88561-8248-2
Produced by Dan Johnson
Music by Chuck Schuldiner and Rick Rozz*
Lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover art by Edward J. Repka

T=Tab Available


Eight 1A class shells of thrash that, thanks to the ultra heavy, but crystal clear production of Dan Johnson, will add additional pressure to the competition, and establish the band once and for all. With "Leprosy" Death delivered a thrash mile-stone and everybody who was somewhat disappointed about the last Slayer album, will have a hell of a lot to enjoy with this album.

Thomas Kupfer - Rock Hard full review


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