• Day of Remembrance
    Message from Chuck's mom:

    To friends and fans of Chuck,

    First I want to thank you for all the emails telling me of the ways you are remembering Chuck today by lighting candles or saluting him with a drink. Whichever you choose, he would be so pleased by the gesture. I told a friend yesterday of how proud I am that he is remembered by so many, and it is always such a comfort to me on all the Decembers that have passed and those that will come.

    Today I am ordering the Leprosy shirts that so many of you have asked for. Kees and Yvonne helped me with that decision and one more shirt also we chose. It will take a week or so for the order to be completed and when it arrives I'll let Kees and Yvonne know right away. As for the album, we hope to have the good news within a couple of months that it will be resolved and ready to be completed. Things are looking very good for that to be so.

    Take care,
    Jane Schuldiner

    Everytime December 13th approaches, things get a bit hectic among Chuck’s legion of fans. For example, email traffic increases, new tribute concerts are announced (some of them have already taken place), and the guestbook gets a lot more visitors. In any case, the fans want to do something special and probably expect us to do something as well. Continuing a good old tradition we indeed have something special again.

    Therefore we have today, December 13th 2005, on the 4th anniversary of Chuck’s passing, a video interview with Chuck & Gene on our downloads page (thanks Luca). Although it is quite a big file, we think it’s definitely worth the download time. Maybe this is a good time to finally get yourself that hi-speed connection you were thinking about for so long… who knows. Anyway, the video, from MTV’s Headbangers Ball, was taped at Amsterdam’s Paradiso and dates back to early ’95.

    Second we have something very, very special too: the lost and last issue of The Metal Crusade (vol. 2 nr. 6). Digging out Chuck’s office together with Jane, we found this one, which we didn't even know existed. Very special. And like the other Crusades, it's again very funny with the difference that most of it was written by Chuck himself, and that this issue was never released… until now.

    And finally we also added the last reviews of Chuck’s eight studio albums from the archive, all from (how fitting) The Final Verdict. Hence they are not placed in alphabetical order but at the end of each row, please check out the VIEWS. So scrutinizing these classic albums once more to get them on EW is senseless from now on, as for us the reviews from the vault are all done… ;)

    Well, enjoy all updates, happy holidays and see you next year (EW’s eighth!). Thank you Matt & Dolly (how’s your cow? "Hema is doing well" -Matt) for your continuous help and support, and for… you know… And thank you James for being there at Jane’s. Really special. Thanks again guys! To us it was a very memorable Thanksgiving week. Okay, that’s all for now and yes: there is more soon! Defenitely!
  • Sunday December 11 2005
    Especially for the Romanian fans, check out the Benefit page for Tuesday night.
  • Friday December 9 2005
    Especially for the Bulgarian fans, check out the Benefit page for tomorrow night.
  • Thursday December 8 2005
    Definite "Death - Live in Cottbus" tracklist: "The Philosopher", "Spirit Crusher", "Trapped in a Corner", "Scavenger of Human Sorrow", "Together as One" (partial), "Flesh and the Power it Holds", drumsolo, "Flattening of Emotions", "Symbolic" & "Pull the Plug" (partial). Thanks Yvo and Jaap.
  • Wednesday December 7 2005
    Especially for the Canadian and Italian fans, check out the Benefit page.
  • Saturday December 3 2005
    Especially for the Italian fans, check out the Benefit page.
  • Tuesday November 29 2005
    Especially for the fans from Israel, check out the Benefit page.
  • Friday November 11 2005
    Before we take off to Florida we have some updates “for the road”: three album reviews (Live in L.A., TFAoE, and TSoP) plus a concert review, all from Chronicles Of Chaos. And as promised last time, we added the two interviews with Gene: “The World Makes Way”, also from Chronicles Of Chaos (June ’03 issue, thanks Aaron), and “Haulin’ With Strapping Young Lad” from Modern Drummer (last July). It may not surprise you that the name Death is regularly quoted and, as often with drummers, it’s about technique a lot. Enjoy!

    Concerning the Death Tribute Bands: In contrast to our earlier intentions to give the Death Tribute Bands contact page another chance, we have decided rather than make such a page, to simply classify the various Death Tribute Bands under our regular LINKS/Related II section. All in all we think that this is the easiest way to support those who are keeping the metal faith alive. Thanks Oscar and everybody else that responded.

    Regarding the SiteRing Members: Another matter of discussion is maintaining the SiteRing. With few exceptions, sites are hardly being updated, links don't work, a few pages are hard to relate, some don’t even exist anymore, and some webmasters have disapeared. In short: it’s quite a mess. That's reason enough to take another critical look at the continued existence of this ring. Maybe we'll move the remaining websites into EW’s LINKS section. To be continued.

    Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks again. More soon!
  • Thursday October 13 2005
    Okay, it’s about time to do some articles again. As you all know, we always give special attention to Gene on EmptyWords. Therefore, besides Chuck’s intie is an intie with Gene as well. More than ten years ago, at the time of Symbolic’s release, Chuck & Gene did these two interviews (one each at different times for different zines) from the Roadrunner offices. That’s all for now. Enjoy! Two more interviews (from mid 2003 and mid 2005, in which he refers to Death) with that strapping young lad soon!
  • Monday October 10 2005
    On November 11, Nuclear Blast records will release the DVD "Death: Live in Cottbus" [cover]. It will include all the press pictures from the TSOP era as well. Also, a new DELUXE edition of "The Sound of Perseverance" [cover] will contain "Live in Cottbus" as a bonus DVD. The "Live in Cottbus" tracklist will be the same as "Live in L.A.".

    Both releases will be available through the Nuclear Blast online shop.
  • Monday October 3 2005
    It’s been a long time between updates. We would like you to know that we posted EW's editorial comment for 2005.
  • Friday May 13 2005
    Message from Chuck's mom:

    Dear fans and friends,

    I want to thank you for all the mail I have received this week letting me know you have not forgotten that today is Chuck's birthday. I know there are many of you who are having friends over to talk, some light candles in his memory, which I do also, and there are those of you who will lift a drink in salute to him.

    I sure do wish I could join you. But I am, as always, grateful to have you today in thought, even though you're scattered all over the globe. As one of you said in 2001, I am never alone, I have children everywhere! That's such a good thought to have. Take care.

    Warm Regards,
    Jane Schuldiner

    "Being in Death and Cynic exposed me to practically everyone" - Paul Masvidal. Today, on Chuck’s 38th birthday, we have an appropriate interview that Paul recently did with the Romanian Mirgilus Siculorum zine (thanks Mirgilus). Enjoy!
  • Wednesday April 27 2005
    Some time ago you responded to our request regarding getting the various Death Tribute Bands (not to be confused with James’ Death Tribute Project) to come forward for a special contact page on EmptyWords. Thank you.

    As we stated then, we wanted to get some numbers to see if there was enough interest to make the page. At this time it seems there is not. There’s not enough reason to start such a page now, but that doesn’t mean that it will never happen, we just need to give it some more time. The bottom line is that we want it to be more than some glorified links page.

    So we decided to give this project the benefit of the doubt for the time being, and give more bands a chance to respond, and perhaps come up with some additional ideas to help keep The Metal Faith Alive. Thanks again!
  • Sunday April 10 2005
    After publishing a total of 8 reviews last March (from Kondemned, RoughEdge, Digital Metal & MetalBite) and yet another 8 reviews from the Estonia based Metal Storm zine today (Live in L.A., TSoP, Symbolic, ITP, Human, SpH, Leprosy & SBG, thanks Jeff) we have reached the end, for the time being, of reviews from EW's vault. Enjoy!
  • Tuesday January 11 2005
    Just a short note from Chuck's mom to let you know that she has not had any access to the internet in two weeks and will not for the next few weeks.
  • Saturday, New Year's Day 2005
    Welcome to the new year. For the current NEWS page we replaced Chuck’s picture. Now it’s Chuck in Toronto jamming with Slaugther. The photo (from a private collection) was taken by Nelly the “Acid Queen” and is dated January 1986, thanks Mike.

    A new year, a new start. While awaiting James Murphy’s Death Tribute Project “Within The Mind” we added an interview that James did with the Italian Metal Hammer last summer (thanks Vincenzo). More soon! Stay tuned!

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