Review: Individual Thought Patterns
Magazine: Metal Storm / Estonia
Written by: Yanko
Published: 2004

There it is the fifth album by Death in six years. The band hasn't had an album the year before releasing this one and they didn't waste their time much, touring the world, being kept busy as hell throughout the entire time. It is understandable then, that this would probably be Death's weakest album. Not that it is a bad album, it is just that Death are so good, that this release is not one, which would go into one's collection of Death albums on the top shelf, it will go on the lowest one.

What is the problem? The guys can't organize their music very well, due to lack of overall music inspiration. They can't quite make a good team. Taken one by one every instrument is played superbly, the blaring, fast and precise drumming, the bass is ok and the rhythm guitar provides the lead one with a good support. Chuck still has his solos performed and they are as magnificent as they have been from day one. One can hear some good riffs too. The song arrangement is the problem, it doesn't put the pieces together well and the result can be heard on "Individual".

This is a bad album only for the standards of Death, otherwise it is a smashing performance, definitely worth hearing. It is a must, of course for everyone, who is fascinated with the phenomenon of Death.

Rating: 7


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