Review: Human
Magazine: Metal Storm / Estonia
Written by: Yanko
Published: 2004

There it is the turning point in Death’s career. The most controversial album of all - is it death metal, or is it thrash metal? Many people claim it is true death metal, but the only way they would convince me is play me the album, recorded on a low-fi MC, which has been re-recorded numerous times.

However, I call it thrash, because Chuck has never quite been a death metal vocalist. After all nobody calls Sepultura's "Chaos A.D." death metal, despite Max Cavalera's very convincing throat. One thing is sure, though, this is a back to the roots album with many of death metal's ingredients present on two or three songs, but not more. It is heavy, slow at moments and very metal. This is true metal in fact. The deep, thick sound is there and if it weren't for the fast and extremely technical performance of this inexhaustible source of guitar inspiration, flowing like a stream into his music and into the hearts, minds and souls of many musicians and fans for the coming times.

The album is one of the best, being an important one for Death on their way to eternal musicianship. It is a brutal, harsh and devastating album with a lot of inspiration and music put in it, absolutely heavy and crushing. It will remain the history of metal as a by-the-book playing of raw, brutal and heavy music.

Rating: 10


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