Review: Live in L.A. (Death & Raw)
Magazine: Metal Storm / Estonia
Written by: Yanko
Published: 2004

The title in the brackets pretty much says it all. It is typical death and is really raw. This was an album, however, released in an effort to raise funds for Chuck and his family's being able to pay their medical bills.

In fact, there is not too much to say about music, apart from mentioning that this concert wasn't originally meant to be released as a live album, so not much mastering has been made. The sound is killer, however. The performance is killer. It is all just due to the musicians in the band. It just shows how good they are.

They play about two songs from every album and make it something of a best of album. In fact it is interesting to hear how Chuck performs "Zombie Ritual" this drastic change in his voice from the first album to the last one. In my opinion it sounds even better, as real thrash metal.

It is a Death album, showing that it doesn't matter where they play in a studio or in some dirty garage, they will always give out the best of themselves and will always sound good.

If you want to help Chuck's family in paying for the, sadly, many medical care for Death's vocalist, you may order the CD, as half of your money will go to the Schuldiner auction.

Rating: 9


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