Magazine: Guillotine / USA
Report: Death / Nasty Savage
Venue: Ruby's Pub / Tampa

Written by: ?
Published: #4 1984


After only two trips back to the hotel room, the official Death management finally remembered all the stuff for the stageshow and Death could begin their set. The intro music began, after only 3/4 of the intro words were spoken, the soundman realised that the mike wasn't turned on. He turned it up just in time for the final command "SKANK YOUR FUCKIN BOOTS OFF"!! Death blazed into "Infernal Death" which prompted immediate blitzkrieg thrashing from about twenty hardcore skankers. The exit door was also getting a serious workout. Total all out speed was the only rule. The band whizzed through "Summoned to Die", "Evil Dead", "Beyond the Unholy Grave" & "Reign of Terror". The intensity was beginning to show on the fatigued thrashers. "Power of Darkness" and everyone started chicken-skanking!! Those crazy rock 'n rollers. "Slaugther House", "Legion of Doom" and "Curse of the Priest". The intensity was too much. "Witch of Hell" came on. Someone dove over the top and POP!!! They blew up in mid-air!! It was so heavy!! "Death by Metal" slipped by at top speed. Then Death finished off the set with a change of pace, a fast song! Death is about the only band that can take 3 days worth of music and cram it into 40 minutes. They drew their largest crowd ever (about 40 people) this night. They are the ultimate live band.

The first thing you notice about hell is all the poodies that are there. The first thing you notice about a Nasty Savage show is that it's 11:30 and Ronnie still isn't there. Who cares they were supposed to start at 9pm? Actually, this was the first time in about eight shows that they've somewhere close to nearly on time. Savage blew into "Gladiator" and the masses rushed the stage. I've still never seen this band play. "Way of the Warlock", "Metal Knights", "Unchained Angel", "Psychopath", "The Morgue" and "XXX" all drove the crowd into a frenzy. One thing I did notice was an increasing amount of pushers in the crowd. They used to stay in back, push any resting thrashers into each other, then hide. Now it seems to be catching in the front rows also. The only reasonable way to deal with these pushers is to climb up on top of the amps and dive onto their heads. Anyway, Savage played their new songs "Asmodeus", "Instigator" & "No Sympathy", all of witch are total fuckin death!! Definitely the best Savage songs to date. The show was about 75 minutes long and fuck you, you don't need to know any more.


I was into the whole thrash thing when it was still real underground. I had the death demo tape and Chuck and I became buddies. This was around ‘84 or so… I know I was anyway, my family was on vacation in Fla and I asked Chuck if we could hang out. He said yes and I met him and Mark from Guillotine at a mall in Orlando. We went back to Chuck's house and he had this old acoustic he let me play, and he showed me his Excel t-shirt that dan had just sent him and I was jealous cause I wanted one too. Excel were a killer west coast thrash band back then, they have a few albums and they were great. Anyway, then I met Chuck's family and then we went and got some beer and it was fun! I still remember it like it was yesterday. Anyway… I almost missed the train back up to Pennsylvania and they had to hold it for me because we were late getting back to the train station. It was a howl and my family still remembers it too. Well… that's just a great memory I had of Chuck and I was wondering what ever happened to Mark and John from Guillotine zine, it ruled.

Tom Walsh, January 2nd 2005


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