Review: Symbolic
Magazine: Metal Storm / Estonia
Written by: Yanko
Published: 2004

So, after probably the worst album in Death's career, they have taken enough time off (two years) before releasing this one. And it is a very rapid change from the previous one, leaving many of the fans really puzzled.

Chuck has once more changed his vocals to more screaming and thus getting them to what they will sound like three years later at a steady and slow pace. His singing isn't very convincing and could be easily be labeled as rather ordinary thrash singing, because of his voice lacking the personal touch of the man performing them.

Not only vocals but music has had a change. This is probably the lightest of all Death albums with some acoustic guitar interludes, slower song tempo and loads of solos, of course, the trademark of Chuck Schuldiner. There could be heard the typical Death bass from time to time on some songs, as well.

In fact there is not much to say, this is another Death album, played in their style with the only change in sound being heaviness. It is not bad, on the contrary it is a great sequel to "Human", it is just that I don't feel like writing "Empty Words". Because this album is a good introduction to the follow-up, which is the pinaccle of Death's career. This one, however, fades before "The Sound Of The Perseverance" and I can't help not mentioning it, despite this not being the right place for it.

Rating: 9


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