Friday December 13 2002


May 13, 1967 - December 13, 2001

My dearest Chuck, a beautiful light went out in our world the day you left us, and it has been an awful struggle to go on without you this past year. The pain and emptiness goes on unabated, as you knew it would, but we are trying to be strong, as I promised you. Your fans worldwide have been very supportive, writing to share their feelings and telling me of the positive impact your music had, and still continues to have in their lives. I take some comfort in their words: Chuck will never die, he will always live on through his music. That's a nice thought to keep close, isn't it? There are many memorials and tributes being held around the world for you today, and the fans are taking videos so they can share the memories with me. You would be so proud of them. I love you, son.

Loving and missing you forever, Forgetting you never Until....

Mom and Dad, and
beloved sister, Bethann, and
nephew, Christopher

Updated on December 15, 2002



Friday December 13 2002

We can't believe a year has passed already... it seems like only yesterday that Jane sent us her devastating message... Our thoughts are with those who were close to Chuck and we wish them lots of strength to get through this dreadful day... Today we also want to thank everyone who supported us and encouraged us to continue with EmptyWords, to keep Chuck's metal spirit alive. Your messages of encouragement and support mean a lot to us.

Before we conclude the editorial comments about the anniversary of Chuck's passing, some good news: knowing that Jane answers a lot of questions from fans personally, we came up with the idea of a Q&A page as sort of an ongoing interview for everybody to read. Jane would love to answer questions. So send your 'ultimate' question to Q& As soon as we have gathered enough Questions and Answers we're going to publish them on the new Perennial Questions page.

The sitekeepers

fan art by Paul Aaron Kenny

Having worked for EmptyWords for a while, I had seen some pretty rough assignments. Most articles, when translated, go through 2 or 3 languages before they get to my inbox. Some of them are very difficult... But there was no task more difficult than writing/editing Chuck's EmptyWords "eulogy." Mentally, it was extremely taxing, especially considering he was still with us... We were all saving it for that inevitable day, all of us hoping that it would collect dust long before it ever got used.

Everyone had hope of at least a partial recovery or remission. There were signs there to give us hope. Sadly the day came, and on 13 December, 2001, the metal community lost one of its most prominent and inspirational figures. The outpouring of support from all over the world was overwhelming. No one could deny the impact of Chuck's work on the current state of metal. That is one of the reasons that EmptyWords is still here. We work hard to honor an amazing talent, who was taken from us too soon.

I recently went to a show in New York City. One of the openers covered "Scavenger of Human Sorrow." Before they played it the singer dedicated it to the memory of Chuck Schuldiner. The crowd went berserk. Everyone in the building understood Chuck's genius and paid their respects to a legend. For those few minutes, Chuck once again lived on through that band, and through all of us. We miss you Chuck.

Matt Medeiros


  • Tuesday December 3 2002
    The drum-dinosaur, in his free time, drives many a trembling senior citizen insane, awaits the war between the USA and Canada, and hates music. Rock Hard's Volkmar Weber lashes this rhino-freak with questions from the LSD-home pharmacy: Gene Hoglan in CHATBOX BIZARRE. Enjoy!

    Added two Italian inties with Chuck (thanks Vincenzo). From Grind Zone 10-1998: "I'll never win a prize for my singing qualities", and from Metal Hammer 05-1999: "Music saved my life a lot of times".

    Message from our editor:

    Dear Italy,

    Please get a new language, or stop sending articles. They are too damn hard to edit!

    Matt Medeiros

  • Saturday November 23 2002
    From Metal Hammer Spain 07-1993: "One does not appreciate important things in life because we all think nothing will happen to us". An interview with Chuck (thanks Aitor). Also added another Live in L.A. review from The Metal Observer (thanks Valerie).

  • Tuesday November 19 2002
    Published the info about the Turkish Memorial, check the benefit page and the flyer.

  • Sunday November 17 2002
    Added an interview that we did with Richard Christy: "Death is the reason that people know my name".

  • Friday November 15 2002
    Dear fans,

    I know you're all concerned that the new Control Denied album won't happen but the legal problems had to be taken care of first, including the legalities connected with Chuck's will. Now things are clearing up and after the first of the year things should start coming together. That's the most important thing in our lives at this time, making sure that we honor Chuck's request that this album be released. I have a special email address created to answer your questions. Please write to

    Jane Schuldiner

  • Sunday November 3 2002
    Added an interview with Chuck from Metal Hammer UK (thanks Sören), and two album reviews (Human, Symbolic) from The Metal Observer.

  • Sunday October 27 2002
    Added three articles from the Italian Metal Hammer (thanks Vincenzo). An interview with Chuck (10-1998), and an interview (the first one on the site) with Shannon (12-1999). Besides a death metal special as appeared in Metal Hammer's Millennium edition #II (03-2000).

  • Sunday October 20 2002
    We have created a TABS page to archive the tablature we had on different album pages, including two new tabs (Lack of Comprehension and Voice of the Soul, thanks Robert). Know that Chuck never wrote tabs himself, he played by listening. These tabs are only a tool to help you figure out the songs. The authors of the individual tabs, not us, are responsible for the content and accuracy of the tabs. There are tabs which are not in text format. Those tabs require additional software that can be downloaded for free. If you are a guitarist (or bassist, or even a drummer) and would like to send us tabs, please email Have fun and good luck.

  • Thursday October 17 2002
    Dear fans,

    I want you to know that as of 10-16-02 I have decided to stop offering the video of Chuck's memorial, although I will certainly honor the orders I have received to this date. Thank you for your heartwarming responses to this video. Also, the only shirts I have left are a few black Let The Metal Flow shirts, size large, and Symbolic tour shirts, size large with a few xlarge sizes. There are more on order, but it will be a few weeks until they are ready and I will let you know when they are available again on the emptywords site.

    I am profoundly pleased and touched by the many memorials around the world planned for December 13th. I look forward to hearing about them from all of you, and the only thing Chuck's family ask is that there are no financial gains being made from such a memorial. It would a defamation to Chuck's memory and I know you do not want that. I try very much to answer all the mail and to make sure all the orders for merchandise are filled and airmailed as soon as possible. When there is a problem, which thankfully does not happen often, I look forward to you telling me so and then I can make sure the problem is resolved.

    I had someone email me that Chuck's mystique is being harmed, that I am too honest in my replies to you, and maybe I am, but when you write and share your grief and memories with me, I automatically respond to all of you with the same open feelings. It is impossible for me to do otherwise. Those emails have been of immeasureable comfort to me this past 10 months and I look forward to many more. Please let me know of any problems or concerns.

    Jane Schuldiner

  • Monday October 7 2002
    For those interested in some behind-the-scenes information about EmptyWords, we've updated the Backstage.

  • Tuesday October 1 2002
    Added an interview with Chuck from Sounds of Death (thanks Robbie). We also added more pics to the Full of Hate tourschedule (thanks Burkhard).

  • Thursday September 19 2002
    Added two oldies from Spain (thanks Aitor). A short interview with Chuck from Heavy Rock (01-1992) and a Human review from Metal Hammer (02-1992).

  • Monday September 9 2002
    Added an interview with Chuck from Chronicles of Chaos (10-1998) by Aaron McKay (thanks Fernando).

  • Saturday September 7 2002
    New dates added to the minitour of Sadus featuring Steve DiGiorgio:
    Friday September 13 - The Pound - San Francisco/USA / with Exodus
    Thursday September 19 - Effenaar - Eindhoven/Netherlands / support act for Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture & Dew-Scented
    Friday September 20 - La Laiterie - Strassbourg/France / support act for Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture & Dew-Scented
    Saturday September 21 - Biebob - Vosselaar/Belgium / support act for Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture & Dew-Scented
    Sunday September 22 - Baroeg - Rotterdam/Netherlands / Headlining, support act Dead Head
    Monday September 23 - OJC Pazzop - Bladel/Netherlands / Headlining, support act Dead Head

  • Saturday August 3 2002
    Added another memorial article from the Italian Metal Hammer (thanks Vincenzo), check the memorial page.

  • Monday July 22 2002
    Guestbook 1 has been posted, check the Archive. Since it contains a lot of condolences, we also posted it on the memorial page.

  • Wednesday July 17 2002
    Book 7 of the books of condolences has been posted. Check the memorial page.

  • Monday July 15 2002
    The 6th book of the books of condolences has been posted. Check the memorial page.

  • Sunday July 14 2002
    To those that take part in the EmptyWords team at United Devices: There have been, and still are, problems with getting Ligandfit (the new program, the successor of Think) and getting new work units. We've experienced those problems ourselves. It took us over a week of trying to get connected. We know it can be very discouraging and annoying, but please be patient and keep trying. Eventually the program will be up and running again. For those who haven't joined the team yet, check the United Devices page.

    Also added another review of the Scream Bloody Roar-Chuck Schuldiner benefit on January 27 in England (thanks John), check the GIGS.

  • Sunday June 30 2002
    Due to a virus Chuck's mom can't answer email from her hotmail account, you can reach her at this address:

  • Sunday June 23 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom:

    Dear friends and fans,
    During the spring of 2001 Chuck received a book written by a fan in Iran. This book is a collection of Chuck's songs in English and Farsi and is now in the library there in the poetry section. Chuck was so pleased about it all and considered it an honor. I have been asked by the author if I would offer this book to the fans and friends here. Many of you have asked me to let you know if anything else is available concerning Chuck for your collection, so I am delighted to be able to make this 134 page book available to you.
    I think you will really like this book for your collection and I look forward to receiving your order. (For details how to order the book check the SUPPORT page)

    Jane Schuldiner

  • Tuesday June 18 2002
    Added two versions of The Philosopher tabs (thanks Alireza and David), check ITP, and the drumtabs of Without Judgement (thanks Manuel), check Symbolic.

  • Sunday June 16 2002
    Added one more memorial article (from the German Legacy), check the memorial page, and a review from the 'In Death We Trust Festival' (from Rock Hard), check the GIGS*. Also added an interview with Chuck by Mark Gromen for the Nuclear Blast catalogue (thanks Perry), check the TALKS*. Besides we restyled the FORGOTTEN page, thanks Perry for the comments.

  • Tuesday June 11 2002
    In addition to the statement below that Chuck's mom made, Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) wants to let everybody know that he denies any involvement with any Death or Control Denied record coming out in the near future or ever and that all rumors are totally false with no validity to it what so ever, he just wanted to clear that up out of respect for Chuck and everyone that knew him.

  • Thursday June 6 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom about the rumor going 'round that Death will be continued by someone else:

    Concerning rumors, I have to say I do not see how any body can even THINK they could take over Chuck's band, Death. Chuck WAS that band and, being in touch with so many of them these past 3 years, I do not see the fans accepting any substitute at all. How could there be? The members of Chuck's band will finish the Control Denied album because that is what Chuck told his sister, Beth and me, he wanted, IF he did not recover. He finished almost all of that album and Richard, Tim, Shannon and Steve know what to do when they go into the studio to complete it.

    This album was very dear to Chuck because, while he never gave up hope that he would get well, he was above all a realist and we had many conversations while he was ill about his hopes and his wishes for the future, including that album. The album will be done according to those wishes. As the executor of Chuck's estate, Beth, nobody else, will decide who and when and where. That is the most important thing we can do in memory of Chuck, to make sure it goes according to HIS wishes, not somebody elses.

    All these rumors would not surprise Chuck, of course, much of his musical career was spent denying the most untrue vicious rumors that were printed by magazines without unsubstantiating them and widely circulated by many. Between that and the fights for his rights with the record industry, he was very busy when all he wanted to do was to play his music. He told me that if he could just play for the fans without all that, he would be happy. I believe he said that if troubles were money he would be a rich man. I thought that was a very sad thing for him to say. And so true.

    I'm surprised so many people do speak for Chuck when the only people who can legitimately speak for him is his sister and myself. So if you have a question for either of us about an unsubstantiated rumor, just write to me at and either she or I will answer them. And remember, hearing it from a friend, or reading it on the internet or in a magazinedoes NOT make it true. Remember Chuck's favorite saying, Support Music, Not Rumors.

    Take Care,
    Jane Schuldiner-Chuck's mom

  • Sunday May 26 2002
    Added two articles, one from Metal Mania (thanks Jeff), and one from Metal Maniacs (thanks Liz and Martín), check the TALKS*.

  • Monday May 13 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom:
    Today is Chuck's birthday and all of you can imagine what a very sad day it is for us without him. I was searching for the right words to express how I feel today and I remembered this poem, a bit of it is on the memorial video so I am asking Yvonne to put it on the emptywords site. I want to thank all of you who realized that Mother's Day was difficult also and sent me emails and cards, even flowers, to wish me well on that day. And today many of you realize it's his birthday and are sending your thoughts my way. Thank you for that comfort.

We miss all that you were
We miss all that you would have become
We miss all that you did
We miss all that you would have done
We miss all that you said
We miss all that you would say
We miss loving you
We miss all the love you had for us
We had so much love, joy, hope,
peace and dreams for the future
Now we have so much pain, sorrow,
grief, loss, anger, remorse, broken
hearts and broken dreams that have
destroyed our peace, hope and future
We hold on to our precious memories
but it will never be enough
For nothing we will ever have or do can
fill the vast hole in our hearts and lives
when we lost you.
Missing you always
Loving you forever
Forgetting you never.
  • Monday May 13 2002
    Today, on Chuck's 35th birthday, we wish all those who were close to Chuck lots of strength.
    To keep Chuck's memory alive we've added two more articles on the memorial page, one from the French Hard Rock Magazine (thanks François), and one from the Norwegian Scream Magazine (thanks Frode and Jens-Remi).

  • Saturday April 27 2002
    We gave the BANDS page a new look. The mainpage now contains a timeline (thanks Robbie). Besides the biographies that were already on, you can now find a link to the complete history of Death/Control Denied (thanks Perry).

  • Monday April 22 2002
    Added another tour schedule (Full of Hate festivals/1995), thanks Burkhard. Also added some pics from the Waldrock festival (right before the ITP-USA tour in 1993), thanks Hendrik. Check the TOURS page.

  • Sunday April 14 2002
    Added four articles, three from Metal Forces and one from Thrash 'n Burn, thanks Aurel. Added an album review from Metal Hammer, thanks Aitor. As always check the TALKS* and the VIEWS*.

    We work hard to get the old articles you send us published. As you may understand, we have given the most recent pieces (memorial articles) priority. For those of you who sent in material and haven't found it posted on EmptyWords, please be patient, and keep sending us whatever you have.

  • Thursday April 11 2002
    The fifth book of the books of condolences has been posted. Check the memorial page.

  • Saturday April 6 2002
    The fourth book of the books of condolences has been posted. Check the memorial page.

  • Sunday March 31 2002
    We added some guitar-solo tabs of Symbolic, thanks Siroa. Check the Symbolic page.

  • Monday March 25 2002
    We added two more memorial articles, one from the Dutch webzine Martelgang and one from the British Terrorizer, check the memorial page. We've also added tabs to 16 pieces. Check the album pages for Leprosy, Human, Individual Thought Patterns, The Sound Of Perseverance and The Fragile Art Of Existence. Thanks to Kerry Vick for giving them to us after shutting down your Control Denied site, and thanks Jane and Bethann for letting us put them on EmptyWords. We ask the guitarists amongst you all to try and tab other songs as well.

  • Tuesday March 19 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom:
    I know Chuck wanted to be on the Guitar World cover, but it was in the days when the magazine represented a different image than it does today. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chuck's reward for his music was for the only people that mattered to him, his fans. He told me that shortly before his death, during one of our many talks while reading his email to him. And most important, the fans let him know it while he was still here to enjoy it. That gave him immense pleasure. I hope you all remember that and let it go.

  • Sunday March 17 2002
    It seems that the Guitar World forum has been sabotaged. What started out as a playful urging to get Chuck on the cover, seems to have ended in a tasteless joke. Despite our requests to keep civil, some people took it upon themselves to continue in a rather uncivil way. With the 'high' number of entries we surpassed our goal, and that's a pity. In our attempt to promote Chuck's musical legacy in the best possible way, we disassociate ourselves from the further developments on the Guitar World messageboard. We can't help but wonder whether Chuck would even want it this way. Thanks to those of you who had good intentions and made civilized posts, but we have to call it a day.

    The EmptyWords team

  • Tuesday March 5 2002
    More information about the available shirts on the support page.

  • Monday March 4 2002
    Some of you probably noticed already, but the guestbook and the book of condolences are down because of problems at Bravenet. Keep checking back, they are working on it.

  • Friday March 1 2002
    We added Perry Grayson's history of Death (from Metal Maniacs), check the memorial page.

    We are pleased with the number of responses in the Guitar World forum. Chuck wanted Guitar World to be a magazine for guitarists, and was annoyed at seeing overrated, less talented musicians (eg Courtney Love) on the cover. Remember, slamming Guitar World won't get us anywhere, so keep it civil, and keep the entries coming. Hopefully we can get Chuck on the cover.

  • Sunday February 24 2002
    As Chuck once said in an interview with Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (09/10-1998):

    "One of my missions and goals is definitely to be the cover story of Guitar World," he admits passionately. "That would be like a personal dream. Everyone has dreams and goals and you've gotta shoot high in life 'cause you only live once. My goals are high and that's why I'm still here. That's something that I would love, really love to see happen. I'd be so thrilled, I can't even tell you. I've been doing this a long time, I get really tired of seeing bands on the cover just because they're popular. And not because they're really empathising guitar work. I see a band like Matchbox 20 on the cover of Guitar World and I'm thinking, you can barely hear their guitars. We need to start seeing people who really are playing their instruments on the covers of magazines like that."

    At the moment there's a discussion going on at the Guitar World forum about getting Chuck the recognition he deserves. Why don't you all step in to give your thoughts about this issue, and maybe get them to realize one of Chuck's dreams. You can find it here: Schuldiner gets no love from Guitar World

  • Saturday February 23 2002
    Added the first memorial articles, from Aardschok and Rock Tribune, check the memorial page.

  • Thursday February 21 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom:
    "I am so sorry for the delay in mailing the videos, but there were hundreds of orders and along with the t-shirts and my job, it just took time. The first batch were sent out yesterday. Please expect 2 to 3 weeks from the time I receive your order for it to arrive to you, and I want to thank each and every one of you. Let me know what you think."

    Jane Schuldiner
    Any questions you have concerning the video and the shirts you can ask Jane at

  • Saturday February 16 2002
    Added four articles: a transcribed interview from the Metal Mania Video Show (thanks Perry), an interview from Unchain The Underground (thanks Greg), an interview from the Spanish Mag, Grind Zone (thanks Aitor), and an interview from Ill Literature. Check the TALKS*.

  • Thursday February 14 2002
    The third book of the books of condolences has been posted.

  • Friday February 8 2002
    Another Italian article has been posted (from GrindZone, thanks Vincenzo), check the TALKS*, as well as three reviews (from Metal Judgment, thanks Laura), check the VIEWS*.

  • Thursday January 31 2002
    First, we'd like to thank those of you who took the time and effort to send us worthwhile material for EmptyWords. At the moment we are working through everything bit by bit. There's still a lot to be done, so it will take a while before everything is on the site. The first five articles are published, three interviews (including two Italian articles, thanks Matteo), check the TALKS* and two reviews (thanks Aitor), check the VIEWS*.

    The EmptyWords Team has promised to continue supporting and promoting the legendary works of Chuck Schuldiner. There was never any doubt in our minds that we would continue with the site even after Chuck had passed on. New and old fans alike still have much to gain from our continually growing collection of articles, interviews, reviews and other information pertaining to DEATH and CONTROL DENIED. We thank all our friends in the international metal community for helping us compile the contents of this site, and encourage any of you who may have relevant material to send it to us. It is our unshaken belief that Chuck's music will live on, and it is our sincerest hope that through our efforts this site will continue to be a valuable and current information source for that music. This site now serves as a memorial to one of the pivotal figures of metal music, the guitar virtuoso and godfather of death metal, Chuck Schuldiner. May he rest in peace.

  • Monday January 28 2002
    The February 11th release of the demo album "Zero Tolerance" has been cancelled.

  • Tuesday January 22 2002
    A message from Bethann Schuldiner (Chuck's sister and executor of his estate):
    If my suspicions are not correct, then surely Mr. Hazeart would be more than willing to turn over an inventory and accounting of the auction in question. Since he stated he has no intention of doing so, Chuck and my attorney, Scott Corbett will ask for the assistance of the California state Attorney's office.

  • Thursday January 17 2002
    Message from Chuck's mom:
    Bethann (Chuck's sister) spent days trying to contact the people who had the auction. Through his internet provider it was discovered it was Thom Hazeart. Bethann also got his cell telephone number, and spoke directly to him, and he was outraged she had gotten the number. When she asked him about the proceeds from the auction, he said there was no money to send, he had spent it for postage and also there was no merchandise left, he had sold it all, and what difference did it make, Chuck was dead. Loathsome man. Chuck's attorneys have contacted the State Attorney's office in California and are investigating what charges are to be brought against him. I have contacted MTV because they had that information on their site to publisize the auction, innocently helping these people commit the worst kind of fraud, making money off a very, very bad, and ultimately fatal, illness. As a person, this would sicken me, as Chuck's mother, there are no words to express how horrified I am, and so sad for my son. It puts a slur on the wonderful efforts of so many to help Chuck, who unfortunately was made aware by friends this past year that those things were happening. I wish Chuck had never known that, it made him so sad and upset. I am writing this because I want you all to beware of the vultures out there making money off helpless victims.
    We, Chuck's family, will continue that fight on his behalf.
    Jane Schuldiner

  • Tuesday January 15 2002
    Luca is restyling the archived books of condolences to make them visable on EmptyWords. The first two books are done and published on the memorial page. In the chaos of the first two days (sometimes over 10 entries per minute) some of the entries got lost during the archiving process. This happened with the first and last entries of each book. We apoligize for that and thank you for all the kind words of comfort.

    Message from Chuck's mom:
    Dear Fans,
    There was a VHS, professionally done, made of the different stages of Chuck's life from the beginning to the end, to be shown at Chuck's memorial on January 4, 2002. This was a wonderful testament to him and I have decided to share it with any of you who wishes to have it. There will be a donation of $ 25.00 for the video which will include shipping and handling, and all proceeds will go towards Chuck's continuing expenses. I am not having it go hrough his bank because of the 10.00 fee they charge for each transaction. The video can be ordered from me with a $ 25.00 money order (or $25 cash when you're from outside the USA) at my address which is:

    Jane Schuldiner
    613 east Citrus Street
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

  • Sunday January 13 2002
    On the advice of Chuck's attorneys, any permission for benefits, auctions, or anything else pertaining to Chuck Schuldiner are to be given by Chuck's attorneys only. Any others are unauthorized and not supported by Chuck's family,and will be dealt with by these attorneys. This is being done because of problems due to mishandling and confusion in the past, to protect the fans and Chuck's interest. Please contact me at the email address and I will give you telephone numbers and addresses. The names of these attorneys are Rick Muser, New York and Scott Corbett, Orlando, Florida. I will be in touch soon with more information concerning this situation.

    Also, nobody has permission by Chuck's family to accept donations of any sort, money or merchandise or anything else, in Chuck's name or on his behalf. These can be sent to me, Jane Schuldiner 613 East Citrus Street, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32701, as they were in the past. I have friends of Chucks helping, and all will be appreciated and acknowledged by me. Also, unless it is issued by Beth Schuldiner or the above attorneys, ignore any news about the new Control Denied album. Attorneys are at this time reviewing options and contracts and any decisions will be done in Chuck's interest. I had many talks with Chuck about people not doing things in his best interest, and being fully aware of behind the scenes manipulation detrimental to his best interest, his wishes for the album were made clear. Remember what Chuck always said, SUPPORT MUSIC, NOT RUMORS!

    Even though it was a very tough battle at times, Chuck always stayed clearminded and positive that he would get well, to the very end of his life, literally. His many fans and friends are responsible for that positive attitude because you always gave him that hope with your emails, cards and letters. And now you are sending emails helping his family through the most difficult time of our lives, trying to cope with the loss of the most wonderful person I have ever known, a much, much loved and missed son, uncle and brother. As his sister said, life has a haze over it with Chuck gone, and life will never be the same.

    Thank you for your support.
    Jane Schuldiner (Chuck's mom)

  • Thursday January 10 2002
    We just got home from Chuck's memorial service in Florida. Chuck's mom is going to write something about it for you all as soon as she is up to it. The enormous number of entries in the books of condolence are appreciated beyond words. We hope to post the books on the site in the near future. As promised, we will continue with EmptyWords to the best of our abilities. With that in mind, we ask you once again to send us everything you have that would be worthwhile to have on the site. There are a lot of interviews and tourschedules out there that we still don't have.

    The sitekeepers


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