Magazine: Heavy Rock / Spain
Article: Nuevos Horizontes

Written by: Elisa Lorca
Translated by: Fernando Cheppe

Published: January 1992

DEATH have just released their new album entitled "Human". This band has always been considered one of the best exponents of Death Metal. The general opinion is that it is completely true.

Chuck Schuldiner, leader and founder of the band, left England in the middle of the tour. Without Chuck, the drummer and the bassist (Bill Andrews and Terry Butler) decided to call on Louie Carresalez (Devastation's former drummer) to take over the vocals and Walter Thrashier to play the guitar.

H.R.: Why did you leave the band before DEATH could play with Kreator in Europe? You just left without giving any explanation.

C.S.: "I really needed a vacation. For many years I've played a leading role, not only as a manger but as a musician too, without mentioning that I've tried to live a normal life. It's possible that people have the worst opinion of me because of the things I did and I'm really sorry that they couldn't see the true DEATH, but I wasn't ready to assume the responsibilities of the band and live up to the fans' expectations".

DEATH have been a band in which their members have continuously been changed; Chris Reifert (Scream Bloody Gore), Rick Rozz, T. Butler and B. Andrews (Leprosy), James Murphy (Spiritual Healing). DEATH have always improved their music. Human is the last proof. This album was recorded with an awesome line-up: Steve Digiorgio (Sadus), Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal (Cynic). This album is probably their most important album so far.

H.R. : Why do you think that Human is an innovative album?

C.S. : " There are many bands that set limits to Death Metal. In fact, I don't like telling people I play Death Metal because they get scared or try to find a connection between Death Metal and Satanism. I try to overcome this frontier and I guess I've succeeded in combining melody and the typical sound of the brutal Death Metal in my music."

"If I hadn't created Death, I'd have been a vet."

H.R. : Do you not think that there are some fans who might reject the new music you do?

C.S. : "There are some people who have said that our music have gone weak. How can they say that we've gone weak just because we add some melodies to our music?. I've been into music since I was sixteen. I'm now twenty four and I believe that I know exactly what I'm doing. I try to be far away from what the other ninety nine percent of bands do. Besides, I'm not listening much to Death Metal bands, I'm now much more into Queensryche or Crimson Glory's stuff."

H.R. : and what about the lyrics? Have they changed that much?

C.S. : "They are not as evil as they used to. In fact, Human is an album about people because it has been done for them. We started this change since the Leprosy album and I think we are far from this satanic thing."

H.R. : It seems that you are just like Dave Mustaine, you both don't like to deal with people.

C.S. : "If I hadn't created Death, I'd have been a vet. I love animals. They're better than people in many ways, it's because they don't judge people, which is something we should learn."


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Translated by FC/MM for EmtyWords-Published on September 19 2002