Review: Human
Magazine: The Metal Observer / Germany
Written by: Gabe Gose
Published: 2002

Errr, how to say? Amazing? Godly? Incredible? Unmatched? Trying to review an album like "Human" is a lofty task indeed. This album is, in my eyes, an achievement of monumental greatness in the realm of Death Metal. There has never been, nor will there ever BE another album in Death Metal such as this. I personally equate such an album with "Master Of Puppets", "Slaughter Of The Soul", "Rust In Peace", or "The Jester Race" in terms of it's impact on the Metal-movement. This is Death Metal's finest (half) hour. There is simply no topping "Human". EVER! Some bands may play faster, some more brutal, some may tune lower, some may sing more praises to Satan, some may grind harder, but in the end it all pales in comparison. I have heard this album thousands of times, but I still think I'm trying to grasp its brilliance! Trying to put it into "words"? Now THAT is something far more difficult (I'm TRYING here OK?)...

So what examples do I need to give you to convince you to go buy this album (if you haven't already - SHAME ON YOU!)? Well, how about: razor-sharp double-picked riffs, WALLS of jackhammer double-bass-drums, guitar-solos from beyond our Milky Way galaxy (no doubt recorded at the edge of the universe), brutal Chuck Schuldiner-vocals that you can DECIPHER, intricate, jazzy cymbal-work, mindboggling time-changes, I'd better stop, I'm starting to sweat. There is SO MUCH to take in! This album is just over 34 minutes, and by the time it's done, it feels like you've fallen through a timewarp! I have found myself listening to this album 3-4 times consecutively before I finally realize "have I been here this long already?".

DEATH has never equalled this album, though they have come close, the closest being the next album "Individual Thought Patterns", and "Symbolic" was almost better in some ways (production being one of them, after which they went downhill with "The Sound Of Perseverance" in my opinion), but "Human" is the pinnacle for the band. The most complete, focused, and direct album in the Death Metal-genre to this day! From the opening fade-in drum part on "Flattening Of Emotions", to the closing punches of "Vacant Planets", every second in between is pure genius! Every note is a testament to the staying power of Death Metal. I cannot see ANYONE being able to justifiably say that they do not respect such musicianship. This is, to put it simply, four musicians collaborating on something so special that perhaps EVEN THEY themselves could not fathom the brilliance of what has been created! This is a rare gem, one-of-a-kind, unmatched, incredible, godly, amazing...even at the end of this review I find myself searching for the same words as when I started, so I will stop and simply say:



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EmptyWords-Published on November 3 2002