Review: Human
Magazine: Metal Hammer / Spain
Written by: Unknown
Published: February 1992

The return of the authentic DEATH commanded by Chuck Schuldiner. As you know, last summer, there was a band called DEATH touring Europe without Chuck Schuldiner. All the fans wondered what had happened with the band. Now we have a new album with Chuck and fabulous musicians. According to him, these guys play a very curious Death Jazz Metal.

The new DEATH is Steve Digiorgio (Sadus) on bass, Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal (Cynic), on drums and guitar respectively (do not miss Cynic, an amazing band with a brilliant future). These three guys and well-known producer Scott Burns helped Chuck with this recording at Morrisound Studios. For the moment, Schuldiner has teamed up with Skott Carino for the forthcoming tour. By the way, Skott performed the additional bass track on "Cosmic Sea".

An astonishing album, super thrashing. Nobody can deny DEATH are the masters of Death Metal. If you like this style, get it now!


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Translated by FC/MM for EmptyWords-Published on September 19 2002