• Sunday December 13 2009
    8th Anniversary Of Chuck's Passing, Day Of Remembrance And Contest

    Eight years… Thanks for all the wonderful words in our guestbook!

    Happy Holidays

    Message From Chuck's Sister Regarding The Contest

    This day, as all of you know, is the day we lost Chuck, eight years ago. Well, this is indeed one of the hardest decisions I have made in my lifetime. The incredible tributes to my brother, Chuck, were overwhelming. Many, many brought laughter & tears and were read over & over again. Chuck was a profoundly lucky man to have all of you. I wish I had hundreds of Chuck's things to give each & every friend/fan who entered their essay; such is not the case. You are all unbelievable people! Extraordinary really.

    All of the essays will be printed in a book "SYMBOLIC "What Chuck's Music Means to Me" - The Journeys of Chuck Schuldiner's/Death Fans". I thank all of you for your support in this project. I also send heartfelt thanks for the many personal words sent to me and my family. Today is and always be a day that still hits me in the pit of my stomach and will always be a painful reminder of just how very much our family lost in the son, brother, uncle; Chuck Schuldiner. I think of you every day. You were my best friend and always will be. We miss you Chuck, more than words could ever express.

    My best and be well my new friends………

    Beth Schuldiner

    1st Place - Chuck's BC Rich Mockingbird: Vincent Vinas-New York/USA
    2nd Place - DEATH backdrop: Derek Petrovich/Canada
    3rd Place - Stealth BC Rich: Martin Diamond/UK
    4th Place - Dimarzio pick-ups and guitar straps: Jon Rohn/Country Unknown
    AND: our mom Jane Schuldiner, just added one of Chuck's personal T-shirts from his collection and OVER-WORN by Chuck (Scream Bloody Gore) to the 4th place prize winner!!!

    FIFTH PLACE - We have added a fifth place Winner: Alberto Colmenares/Country Unknown. Prize -1st Control Denied CD "When Man & Machine Collide" hot off the press and the 1st "When Man & Machine Collide" T-shirt and a Memorial Essay Book of "SYMBOLIC "What Chuck's Music Means to Me" - The Journeys of Chuck Schuldiner's/Death Fans".

    Winners, please contact me directly at chuckslegacy@gmail.com, along with a photo of yourself.
  • Sunday December 6 2009
    December Tributes To Chuck Announced

    There are four tributes to Chuck announced, one in Chile, one in Bulgaria, and two in Russia. Please check out the Benefit page on the details. Thank you!
  • Sunday August 23 2009
    Message From Chuck's Mom Regarding The Fan Contest

    Hello everyone,

    I need to remind you of the rules, you are to send your essays and payment to the address on the EmptyWords site. I am not involved in that part at all, though I do answer anyone who writes for information. When you send it to me, it is just delayed because I have to then pass it to Beth (Chuck's sister), who is in charge. Take care and good luck to those of you who do enter.

    And Regarding The Regular Merchandise

    Hi everybody,

    There are no more tour shirts, but as I promised some of you, below is the list of shirts I do have left. After those are sold, we will see about the future. Any suggestions are welcomed. These shirts will be sent to the first people I get an order from with payment at my address below, preferably by US money order or Western Union. I'm sorry, I can't save them for anyone anymore, it just didn't work out doing it that way.

    All shirts are 15$ plus postage, 5$ for postage and packaging per shirt in the US, more if overseas. I have a few books left also. The book is free with postage paid by you. The hooded shirts are 35$ plus postage. Also remember, if you don't send your order within a week, then I will have to then go to the first one who does. I had to disappoint someone this morning, and I really feel bad about that.

    Also, I have some Metal Crusade newsletters from 1995 and a few other things of that nature that I have been enclosing with shirt orders. They are free, of course. If you don't want those included, just write no on the front of the envelope when you order, if you do, write yes. For those of you who told me they did not want the ones I did send, I apologize.

    Jane Schuldiner
    PO Box 540742
    Orlando, Florida
    FL 32854-0742

    12 large gray let The Metal Flow shirts and 1 black one, large
    11 large Leprosy shirts
    6 Sound of Perserverance shirts, 2x large, 2 large, one medium, 1 small
    4 black shirts, with logo only, 1 XL, 1 medium, 1 small and 1 large
    1 medium Symbolic, 1 Spiritual Healing, and 1 medium & 1 small Human
    1 xlarge Scream Bloody Gore
    1 xlarge Individual Thought P, 2 large and 1 medium
    1 large Philosopher shirt, and one medium
    and somehow there is one large purple Philosopher shirt that was included in the order.
    1 black large shirt with white logo on front
    also, one xl hooded sweat shirt, pullover with logo on the front and one large and one medium
  • Friday August 7 2009
    Chuck's Family Officially Opens Fan Contest

    Well, the day is FINALLY here and the giveaway and member site is officially open and online at chuck-schuldiner.org. This project was originally intended to be a contest, however, trying to comply with all of the different laws of so many different countries, regarding contests, was virtually impossible or we would have had to exclude certain countries. Rather, we made the site a membership site, the same cost as the original contest entry, $25 US dollars.

    With this membership, members (fans and friends) will receive a commemorative t-shirt especially designed for members only and the project this site supports: getting the last work out of Chuck/Control Denied, Richard Christy - drums, Steve DiGorgio - bass, Shannon Hamm - guitar and Tim Aymar - vocals. After a member joins, they will automatically be directed to the official essay page, where they can write and submit their essay with the theme of 'What Chuck's Music Meant To Me.' The winners of the giveaway prizes will be announced on December 13, 2009. (items on web site).

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the friends and fans for their constant commitment and dedication to Chuck's/Death's/Control Denied's music. I especially want to personally thank all of you, who throughout the years, have lent words of kindness, compassion and many stories to our mother, Jane. You have no idea how very much each and every one of you have meant to her over the years; you made a real difference.

    Well, lets get this thing going, kick butt and 'Keep the Metal Flowing.' Great luck to all of you!

    Beth Schuldiner

    PS from EW: to vote for the additional tracks on Chuck's last work, please click here.
  • Wednesday July 1 2009
    Tribute Film To Chuck Announced

    "My name is Dimitar Lazarevski and I graduated from the Film Academy in Macedonia, Europe. My graduation work was a short documentary about a Chuck tribute band from Macedonia. This film is titled "The World Needs a Hero" and Chuck is their hero. I'll have a small premiere in NYC on July 8, and will be glad if you can come. This film is made for the people that knew Chuck and loved his work, for the people who saw Chuck as their hero." Please check EW's Benefit page on the details.
  • Friday May 29 2009
    Message From Chuck's Sister Regarding The Fan Contest

    To all of the fans,

    We are trying to launch the contest & have been delayed because we are trying to get the most secure program to put on the payment part of the web site. We are working closely with the bank officials to ensure that any/all information that the fans input into the contest web site is secure and protected. We should have this addition to the contest web site by next week even though we were hoping for this week.

    Thank you for your patience and support,

    Beth Schuldiner
  • Friday May 15 2009
    Chuck's Family Announces Fan Contest

    Let me introduce myself, I am Beth Schuldiner, sister to Chuck Schuldiner. In keeping with Chuck’s planned promotion for his latest album at the time, Father of Rock Corporation will be announcing the fan contest that Chuck had been putting together prior to his illness and tragic death, via international press releases, beginning May 25, 2009.

    The top, 1st Place Prize will be Chuck Schuldiner’s personal guitar, a BC Rich custom handmade Mockingbird. The 2nd Place Prize will be the Death stage backdrop used by Chuck/Death while touring internationally, including concerts in the great country of Mexico. The 3rd Place Prize will be a replica of his Stealth guitar, made by BC Rich/Hanser music group, an exact replica of the same guitar Chuck played on stage. The 4th Place Prize, but certainly not least, will be a set of guitar pick-ups by Dimarzio Pick-Ups/USA, the pick-ups exclusively used by Chuck while both touring and in the recording studio.

    From May 25th on contestants will be able to enter on-line at the website chuck-schuldiner.webs.com, web design by Fernando Medina of Gudtalajra, Mexico. The entry fee is $25.00 USD. The contestants must also submit an essay entitled “What Chuck’s Music Meant to Me” along with the fee, at the time of entry. The contestant will beissued a number. The winning numbers will be drawn and the winning contestants will be announced on August 20, 2009 on EmptyWords.org, the only official Chuck Schuldiner/Death website, created and operated by Kees & Yvonne, both of whom are considered to be members of the Schuldiner family.

    The family requests that winners submit photos of themselves with their respective prizes for posting on EmptyWords.org. All prizes will be sent to the winners within 14 days of the drawing via insured and registered FedEx. All winners will be issued a certificate of authenticity by the estate of Charles (“Chuck”) M. Schuldiner and a photo of Chuck with the winning guitars along with a photo of Chuck in front of the winning stage back drop.

    Essay entries will be published in a book dedicated to all the fans who meant so much to Chuck, soon to be available on the internet, which will also contain a selection of the letters of support and inspiration which fans sent to Chuck during his illness. Chuck was always about the fans and had no stomach for the commercialization of his music, instead always keeping true to his vision. He was known for battling record labels and the like throughout his entire career. One of his favorite sayings, ‘Support music, not rumors’, comes to mind.

    The proceeds, in part, will be used to finally produce the never before released last music Chuck was able to record in the studio. This is an important project not only to the fans who have been waiting years, for all of the “red tape” to disintegrate, but for Chuck’s long time close friend & drummer, Richard Christy and other band members, Chuck’s family and the entire international metal music community.

    Thank you for your support of this important announcement,

    Beth Schuldiner
  • Wednesday May 13 2009
    Small Chat With Paul Masvidal To Celebrate Chuck's Birthday

    When we met Paul at Amsterdam’s Paradiso at the end of November last year, he agreed to do an interview for EmptyWords. So for today, on Chuck's 42th birthday, we present Paul with a few statements and allow him to respond. Enjoy!

    Message From Chuck's Mom

    Dear fans,

    Another anniversary. I know I will be fortunate enough to have many emails from all those who remember Chuck on this day, and as always, it helps tremendously to have you to not only remember, but to write and share that with me. After all this time someone said. It doesn't seem like all that time to me, just a blip.

    I know there are plans in progress right now that I know many of you will appreciate, as the Stealth guitars have been. All this is quite an honor for Chuck's memory, and quite an honor to his family. Many of you have been corresponding with me since 1998, and have become friends, and always will be very dear to me.

    Remember, if any of you have a special thing you would like for me to offer, just write to me your suggestions. Many things are already out there, so when I think of something I might like to do, I look on the internet to see who is doing what.

    I am on a visit to Virginia and North Carolina and won't have ready access to a computer, but I will be returning on the 18th of May and will be sure to be in touch then. Until then, take care.

    Warm regards,
    Jane Schuldiner
  • Wednesday April 22 2009
    Message From Chuck's Mom

    Hello fans,

    This message is about the shirts that have been ordered. When I agreed to hold shirts for you I meant a week or, at the most, 2 weeks. I am sorry to do it, but it has been well over a month for some of you and I am going to have to release these shirts to others who want them. As for inquiries about the books, I have just a few left.

    I want to be free to consider other options in the near future, and I need to sell these shirts first. I also have some of the gray shirts and leprosy shirts left. If any of you have any ideas for future merchandise, I would love suggestions.

    I want to continue being in touch with Chuck's fans, it is a continuing pleasure to be able to correspond with you and I would really miss that. It has been a lot of years for some, they're like old friends. And there are many new fans, I receive mail from young adults starting from the age of eleven years old. Chuck would be so pleased with that news. Another generation.

    Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Warm regards,
    Jane Schuldiner
  • Sunday April 5 2009
    Message From World Community Grid

    EmptyWords - You Can Help End Childhood Cancer

    Alert to all members of World Community Grid - your donated computer cycle time may now help find a cure for childhood cancers! There is a group of cancers that are particularly loathsome because they normally only strike young children. Neuroblastoma is one of these cancers, arising in children under the age of two and resulting in a less than 40% survival rate.

    While scientists have uncovered the three proteins that enable this cancer to grow, they now need to search the three million drug candidates for a treatment. And your computer can help us complete this search in the next year.

    The cause of neuroblastoma is unknown, but most physicians believe that it is an accidental cell growth that occurs during normal development of the sympathetic ganglia and adrenal glands. It occurs most often during the first two years of a child's life, and has a high risk for disease relapse with survival rates of less than 40 percent.

    The rapid advancement of genetic research at Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute holds great promise for treating neuroblastoma. The new Help Fight Childhood Cancer project will use the idle computational power from your computer to identify which of the three million potential drug candidates can inhibit growth of three particular proteins believed to prevent successful treatment via conventional approaches, such as chemotherapy.

    "Our promising research will be further advanced by the free computing power we will use from World Community Grid," said Dr. Akira Nakagawara, the principal investigator at the Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute. "It would take us about 100 years using our own computing resources to make progress, but with access to one of the world's largest virtual supercomputers, we estimate to complete this project in two years, and begin laboratory trials."

    Dr. Nakagawara recently earned the Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Prize 2008 for his neuroblastoma research. In his work, he discovered that one protein, TrkB, is expressed at high levels in aggressive neuroblastomas and enhances the tumor cell's growth. World Community Grid will conduct complex chemistry simulations to determine which drug candidates bond to TrkB, as well as the proteins ALK and SCxx, so that those can be tested further in the laboratory. All results will be made available to the general scientific community to advance the field of cancer biology and drug discovery.

    For more information about the Help Fight Childhood Cancer Project and other projects running on World Community Grid, please click here. "If you want to join the Death & Control Denied Fans United team on World Community Grid's health research projects, please click here or check out EW's United Devices page first. Thank you." [EW]

    We sincerely appreciate your wonderful support!
  • Tuesday March 31 2009
    Contributions To The Betterment Of Mankind

    The editorial comment for 2008 took some time, but is now done. Today, March 31, 2009, marks EW’s 10th birthday, but it seems like it was only yesterday… It’s an anniversary year to be celebrated but with mixed feelings… after all 1999 was the year that Chuck (on his birthday May 13) heard about his illness… Well: first we go back to the (Death wise) most significant moments of 2008 and take an advanced look at 2009. [more]
  • Saturday February 7 2009
    Canadian Tribute To Chuck Announced

    The first tribute for 2009 is announced! A Canadian tribute gig to Chuck will take place in Vancouver at The Cobalt on April 3th. The Irish band Chosen (supported by the Canadian Mecha Messiah) will be covering the entire Symbolic album. Please check out the Benefit page for more details. Thanks David, Paul & Brian, enjoy and good luck on the tribute! And thanks Julio for your Brazilian tribute on 12-13-2008!

    The 100 Greatest Metal Gitarists (Of All Time)

    Two excerpts from Joel McIver's twelfth book, "The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists" (published by Jawbone Press), have been placed online at the U.K.-based author's website. Chosen at random from the 100 entries, one of the excerpts discuss the guitar genius of Chuck.

    The book takes the reader in reverse order from No. 100 to No. 1, the greatest metal guitarist of all time. McIver — a regular contributor to the U.K.'s Total Guitar magazine, the biggest guitar mag in Europe — based his selection on the technical ability, pioneering ideas and historical significance of each player.

    And guess what: Chuck ended up in 10th place! And as Chuck’s mom used to say: “He would be so proud!” So we titled the piece “Chuck on 10” and put it on EmptyWords. The book "The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists" can be ordered via Amazon. Thanks Matt, our faithful watchdog ;) [Source: Blabbermouth + JoelMcIver.com]
  • Thursday January 22 2009
    Much More Album Reviews Added On EW

    A belated welcome to the new year! EmptyWords’ 11th! Next March 31th EW exists for 10 years, and it’s like it was yesterday… Anyway: with the exception of Live in Eindhoven we have ten (!) more reviews of nine of Chuck's albums: SBG, Lep, SpH, Hum, ITP, Sym, TSOP, TFAOE & Live in L.A., all from Archaic (former Dutch based Vampire (hence the Vampire logo)) Magazine. Enjoy!

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