Review: Spiritual Healing
Magazine: Archaic / UK
Written by: Ricardo Mouwen
Published: June 2007

The successor of the old school and straightforward death metal album ‘Leprosy’ is the more progressive and technical album ‘Spiritual Healing’. This album has almost never been hailed as the best album in Death's career, but a lot do acknowledge ‘Spiritual Healing’ as the perfect bridge towards "Human".

Another remarkable fact is the combo of 2 great guitarists, Chuck and James Murphy, which took this album to a higher level. The variation of technical riffs, fast and slow passages within the songs, non-gore lyrics, the clearer grunt of Chuck (compared with his performance on ‘Leprosy’) and especially the solos made this album something new in the death metal scene.

Still it was a huge risk as the scene was more conservative back then. ‘Spiritual Healing’: Less brutal, more technical, underrated.


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