Review: Live in L.A. (Death & Raw)
Magazine: Archaic / UK
Written by: Steven van Cauwenbergh
Published: January 2003

I can begin by giving a speech about how great and how good Death was and how painful the loss of Chuck (RIP) was and still is, all this is true but this is not the point here, here is the place to write a review about their DVD so I will do so.

First and all I was a little dissapointed by the quality of it, the picture is rather grainy and the sound doesn't do any justice to their excellent music. Also the idea of "let's tape a whole concert" is rather boring, of course now I can't say see them live instead of on your screen so maybe it's a good thing we can see them "live" in the privacy of our own homes.

Although I really am bothered by the quality, you see that everything is perfectly played and you get a shitty sound I wouldn't have cared if they cleaned it up afterwards instead of this. And we all know you don't have to go to a Death concert to see a lot of action on stage but you go to see great musicians and you will excellent structured songs.

My DVD player is connected to my hifi for the best sound possible and still it sucks, I turned off my stereo and I almost didn't hear the music. Maybe it's a good idea to put the original songs on a cd first in the order of the DVD, mute the sound of the DVD and listen to the orignals while watching one of the best guitar players on your screen because the balance between instruments is worth nothing, all you hear is Chuck 'n drums (sounds kinda funny doesn't it).

Honestly I felt this was a disrespectful act, I cannot imagine Chuck was/would be pleased with this. But I still like to watch it for the great techniques, and also something else if I'm not wrong (and this is for the guitar players) they play on simple Valvestates (Marshall) on this one so even the greatest don't need equipment that cost you an arm an a leg if I'm not mistaking of course.


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