Review: Human
Magazine: Archaic / UK
Written by: Filip Dupont
Published: October 2006

Death had me with three albums: ‘Symbolic’, ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ and definitely ‘Human’. Death’s dictator and worldwide musical genius Chuck Schuldiner passed away on the 13th of December 2001 and now even more I see the magic which the Florida based band once released. On songs like ‘Flattening Of Emotions’, ‘Suicide Machine’ and ‘Lack Of Comprehension’ Schuldiner leaves the past behind and accesses a new world of death metal, based on technical skills and catchy rhythms. Assisted by world class musicians like Paul Masvidal on guitars (Cynic), Steve DeGorgio on bass (Testament) and Sean Reinert on drums (also Cynic) there isn't a single note out of tune or misplaced! I think ‘Human’ is Scott Burns (from the Morrisound Studios) heaviest effort ever!

Still now, more than ten years after, this album haven’t lost anything of its ultra heavy sound. Many bands would envy the music, the song writing and the overall sound on ‘Human’. And I can’t say they are wrong.


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