Review: The Sound Of Perseverance
Magazine: Archaic / UK
Written by: Ron Salden
Published: November 2005

Chuck aka Death is back with a vengeance!!! As we could hear on the Dynamo festival the compositions have become longer and even more complex and more technical. Just what we expect from Chuck! Fans who have sanctified ‘Scream…’ and ‘Leprosy’ will hate this but this new album contains a lot of aggression and fast sections.

I would say this album follows more along the lines of ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ than ‘Symbolic’ considering the complexity of the tunes. But this easily exceeds Death entire discography! The 8 tracks plus the cool ‘Painkiller’ cover (original by…) will be printed into your puny brain only after several listening sessions but those of you who love Chuck’s music will eagerly invest the necessary time in this CD.

Furthermore, Chuck has changed his vocal style in that it now it a much higher scream which sometimes reminds me a bit of Kreator’s Mille. But you’ll soon get used to this new vocal style and soon realize that it fits the music perfectly.

It may sound impossible but Chuck’s Death remains THE innovator of the death metal genre! I’m not gonna waste anymore words but will enjoy this album in utter silence! I’ve said it before but this is my fave CD of 1998!!!


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