Review: Scream Bloody Gore
Magazine: Archaic / UK
Written by: Felix Schoonen
Published: November 2005

After a huge number of demos Death comes up with their first album. The demos were extremely popular in the underground scene and all have been traded heavily. So, to say the least, people were expecting the best from Chuck. Keeping in mind that this album was released in 1987 the boundaries of (death) metal weren’t as wide as they are today. In fact, Chuck kind of set the pace for a genre to come and later it seemed that he kicked off a true revolution in metal. By many, ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ is seen as the first death metal record, despite all the Master/Deathstrike and Possessed fans. Due to all the extensive tape trading most songs on the album were already known by the underground freaks by then.

Still songs like ‘Baptized In Blood’, ‘Zombie Ritual’ and especially ‘Evil Dead’ mark this release, and had a huge impact on all (death) metal that was yet to come. The only complaint may be the rather weak production, but that was something that Death had to go through and something that would improve with every single release after ‘Scream Bloody Gore’. A true classic by all means.


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