The Sound Of Perseverance 1998 Europe
Chuck Schuldiner~Richard Christy~Shannon Hamm~Scott Clendenin

Date Venue City Country  
May 31 Dynamo Open Air Eindhoven Holland review
June 4 Markthalle Hamburg Germany  
September 26 Milos Club Thessaloniki Greece  
September 27 Rodan's Club Athens Greece review
October 1 Nighttown Rotterdam Holland [!]
October 2 Noorderligt Tilburg Holland review | ticket [!]
October 3 Zalen Schaaf Leeuwarden Holland ticket [d] [!]
October 4 Biebob Vosselaar Belgium  
October 5 Markthalle Hamburg Germany review
October 6 Hyde Park Osnabruck Germany  
October 7 Zollhaus Leer Germany  
October 8 Live Music Hall Koln Germany  
October 9 Ratskeller Fraureuth Germany  
October 10 Glad House Cottbus Germany  
October 11 Culture House Usti Nad Orlici Czech Republic  
October 12/13 Orpheum Graz Austria ticket [f]
October 14 Z7 Pratteln Switzerland  
October 15 Incognito Munchen Germany  
October 16 Kulturfabrik Krefeld Germany  
October 17 Hafenbahn Offenbach Germany ticket [e]
October 18 Rockhaus Vienna Austria .
October 20 Rainbow Milan Italy [!]
October 22 Laiterie Strasbourg France  
October 23 Rail Theater Lyon France pic 1 | 2 [g]
October 24 Le Café de La Danse Paris France  
October 25 De Kade Zaandam Holland review [!]



The October '98 Sound Of Perseverance European tour was my first tour as the new singer of Benediction, so it will always have a special place in my memory. It was all so strange for me, but Death was sheer class from the first night I saw them and we were soon into a cool tour. The German band Crack Up (real nice guys) played the dates between October 5 and October 18, as far as I can remember the rest of the shows were Death, Benediction and local supports, apart from the gig in the Czech Republic, where lots of bands played a really cool sort of mini festival (sorry if I'm forgetting anyone!). I remember Death's sound guy used the Rush song "Tom Sawyer" to check the PA out before sound check, and then at least in my memory, Death often played Empty Words to soundcheck- so now when I hear either of those songs, it takes me straight back. It was amazing to play with Death the first time I got to tour, and I'll never forget it. At the last gig of the tour, everyone got all the spare guitars out and played along on stage to Death's last song, it was funny as hell.

Dave Hunt - Benediction



Rotterdam/Holland October 1, 1998 [a]

Tilburg/Holland October 2, 1998 [a]


Leeuwarden October 3 [b]

Leeuwarden October 3 [a]

Milan/Italy October 20, 1998 [c]

Zaandam/Holland October 25, 1998 [a]

[a] Martin Valk [b] Robbie Woning [c] Gianluca "Legion" [d] Erwin "Grinroth" Greven
[e] Elöd Oberst [f] Sebastjan Skupek [g] Jerome Meschiari


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