• Christmas Eve 2007
    "Hardly A Day Goes By..." EmptyWords’ Annual Editorial Comment

    Usually we finish the year with December 13th and all that goes with it, but this time we wanted to end with this year’s closing editorial comment, […] [read more]
  • Thursday December 13 2007
    6th Anniversary of Chuck’s Passing, Day of Remembrance

    Today, December 13th, on the 6th anniversary of Chuck’s passing, we have an excerpt of an interview that Chris Reifert did for Metal Rules earlier this year. At that time it was exactly 20 years ago that Chuck & Chris would conquer the world with this “two man Death machine” on SBG.

    Further we have three interviews from the Moroccan Zero Tolerance Webzine: an interview with Tim Aymar + an interview with Sean Reinert (the very first with Sean on EmptyWords!) + an interview with Bobby Koelble (also the first one with Bobby on EW!), thanks Samir.

    And finally, speaking of first and very first, we added a recent interview with Kelly Conlon (oh yes Kelly Conlon! Death’s mighty bassist on Symbolic) also from the Zero Tolerance Webzine. Okay, that’s really all for now, thanks again Samir. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

    Message from Chuck's mom

    Dear fans and friends,

    I'm sorry to write so late in the day but hopefully you will go onto EmptyWords and read this message. I inserted a memorial to Chuck in the Orlando Sentinel as I usually do on the 13th of December. In tribute to him, I spent the day fulfilling requests Chuck had asked of us, difficult emotionally but rewarding also. It was past time. Seems hard to believe it has been six years today, but I think I will always be saying that very same thing in the future. Time stands still that way.

    Thank all of you who remember Chuck, not just this day, but all the days of the year, and who write to tell me so. Thanks to all who have sent portraits they have drawn or painted, I cannot express my feelings well enough. I received a wonderful one today from Maissa of France. I can never have too many, I frame and hang them all over the house and constantly enjoy them. Someday I'll take a picture and send it to EmptyWords to show you. You are a comfort and joy to me, always. I frequently wonder what I would do without you. I will answer all the emails as soon as possible, I am 300 behind now, but making progress. Take care.

    Warmest regards,
    Jane Schuldiner
  • Wednesday December 5 2007
    Macedonian Tribute to Chuck announced

    The 5th edition of the Macedonian Tribute to Chuck will be held on December 13th. Please check out the Benefit page for details.
  • Tuesday November 27 2007
    Drummer Nick Barker added to Canadian Death Tribute

    Two more names have been confirmed for the Canadian Death Tribute gig. The seventh name is a bit less known to the many Death followers but he was a part of their history. On the Perseverance tour, he was Richard Christy's drum tech: Jonathan Lee. Over the last few years, he's been involved with THE AUTUMN OFFERING (studio) and ACHERON.

    The eighth name will complete the list of drummers. He's one of the most respected drummers in the metal community. He's been a member of CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR and many more: Nicholas Barker. Death is one of his favorite bands and Gene Hoglan one of his influences. The gig will take place on December 12th. Please check out the Benefit page. Thanks Martin.

    Below the list of performing musicians:

    1- Nicholas Barker (ex-Dimmu, ex-Cradle, etc)
    2- Jonathan Lee (The Autumn Offering, ex-Acheron)
    3- Antoine Baril (Symbolic)

    1- Scott Clendenin (Death 1996-1999)
    2- Alexis Robitaille (Symbolic)
    3- Daniel Perron (ex-Symbolic)

    1- Shannon Hamm (Death 1996-2001)
    2- Bobby Koelble (Death 1995)
    3- Ralph Santolla (Death 1993, Obituary, ex-Deicide, Ex-Iced Earth)
    4- Daniel Mongrain (Martyr)
    5- Marc-André Gingras (Quo Vadis)
    6- Matthew Sweeney (Symbolic)
    7- Mike Sweeney (Symbolic)
  • Tuesday November 20 2007
    Ralph Santolla confirmed for Canadian Death Tribute

    Another guest musician has been confirmed for the Canadian Tribute to Death: Ralph Santolla (Death - Individual Thought Patterns US tour – Obituary, Deicide, Iced Earth and so many more). More guests to be announced soon!
  • Sunday November 18 2007
    December Tributes to Chuck announced

    The Canadian DEATH tribute band SYMBOLIC will play a tribute show for Death founder Chuck Schuldiner on December 12th at the Theatre Imperial in Quebec City, QC. Symbolic share the stage with Bobby Koelble (Symbolic album), Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin (The Sound Of Perseverance album) and Daniel Mongrain (Martyr). More guests will be announced soon.

    Tickets are on sale on Billetech (started yesterday, November 17th). There will also be limited V.I.P tickets available. This will allow people to enter the show 30 minutes before doors open, have a meet and greet with the band, free posters of the show and more. All the profits will be divided between Schuldiner’s foundation for cancer research and a local foundation. [source: BraveWords]

    In other benefit news: Two more Tribute Shows are scheduled for December 6th + December 15th (in Italy and Massachusetts). Thanks Fabio and Grant. Please check out the Benefit page for all (future) information on the upcoming events. Thank you.
  • Sunday November 11 2007
    WFLM RADIO To Honor Fallen Heavy Metal Musicians

    WFLM Radio will air a special live tribute show honoring the various heavy metal/hard rock musicians who have died. The program will be broadcast all day/night on Saturday, November 24 and will include tributes to the following groups/musicians: DECAPITATED (Vitek), PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN (Dimebag Darrell), KISS (Eric Carr), METALLICA (Cliff Burton), JIMI HENDRIX, OZZY OSBOURNE (Randy Rhoads), ACID BATH (Audie Pitre), MAYHEM (Dead), DEATH (Chuck Schuldiner) & VOIVOD (Denis "Piggy" D'Amour). Special guests, other musicians and fans will have the opportunity to speak out on how the various artists have affected their lives. To listen to the show live via the internet, visit www.wflmradio.com.
  • Sunday November 4 2007
    2008 Girls Of Metal Calendar to honor Chuck's memory

    The new Girls of Metal 2008 calendar is available now. A $12 donation will get you new metal trivia, metal memorabilia and a girl of metal for each month! All proceeds benefit the American Brain Tumor Association in loving memory of Chuck Schuldiner. Please check out EW's Benefit page on how to order. Shipping available worldwide! Paypal, credit cards, money order, and checks accepted. Isn't it time you got yours? Thank you for helping us support the cause!
  • Sunday October 7 2007
    Message from Chuck's mom

    Dear Fans,

    I have received emails telling me that it has been a long time since I have been in touch. Life has been hectic and I remain busy working. My computer is so slow I don't like to go onto the internet very much, so I'm going to get Road Runner so I can be more motivated to get my emails and answer faster. Also, as much of you know, I have moved and rented a PO box for my mail until I settled into my new address, which I finally am. So you can now write to me at my home address, which I will give you at the end of this message.

    I want to thank you all for your continued support, all the emails remembering Chuck and sharing memories with me. You really have enriched my life. One fan from Australia send me an absolutely wonderful portrait of Chuck, painted on canvass. When I took the wrappings off it I was in tears, it was just like looking into Chuck's face. His sister and nephew felt the same. I have it in the living room on an antique easel where I can look at it everyday. This time of year I always dread, the holidays and another December 13th. I look forward to having the consolation of so many of you remembering that day with me and I am so thankful for that. It still seems so near, that time. Not long at all.

    I have just a few shirts left, 11 Leprosy, 4 Symbolic shirts and 10 gray Let The Metal Flow shirts, and the books. I can't hold these for anybody, I am going to sell those shirts to the first ones that I receive an order from in the mail. Then I am going to think about what is next, I have some ideas.

    Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jane Schuldiner
    1330 Eastin Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32804
  • Tuesday September 11 2007
    Chuck Schuldiner Sydney Tribute Gig

    The upcoming Chuck Schuldiner Australian Tribute Gig will be held in Sydney, at the Live House, Lewisham Hotel on December 13th, 2007. Rock Feast will be hosting the event. Keep an eye out on EW's Benefit page as in the lead-up to the gig we will announce the bands that will play etc! Thanks Megan.
  • Monday July 9 2007
    Death Videos on YouTube

    Sean Sitka, tour bus driver for Pestilence on the Inhuman Tour 1991, posted some cool Death stuff on YouTube and we thought you might want to see it. Please check it out here. Thanks Sean. Enjoy!
  • Monday July 2 2007
    Cynic visits Europe

    At this moment Paul and Sean are visiting Europe with Cynic. They still have a few more shows to go. Please check out the Cynic reunion site for the remaining dates. The Norwegian show has been taped by the Norwegian TV. You can download the rar files at RapidShare for free [part 1 | 2 | 3]. Finally, we offer you an interview Paul did earlier for the Polish Masterful Magazine. Enjoy!
  • Monday June 25 2007
    Message from Chuck's mom

    Hello everybody,

    I am writing to give you a different address, it will be more convenient for me and when I have to go out of town the post office will hold my mail until I return home. Some of you will remember the last time I was in North Carolina for two weeks, the mail was all over the place when I returned. I will be going back and forth in the future to be with my sister. For those of you who ask about her, thank you. At this time she is struggling but optimistic. I deeply admire her, and of course I am full of memories of another struggle.

    Take care,

    Jane Schuldiner
    P.O. Box 540742
    Orlando, Florida
    32854 USA
  • Monday June 18 2007
    Message from World Community Grid

    Dear EmptyWords,

    World Community Grid is pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy (HCMD) project is coming to a close. This project, which launched on December 19, 2006, will have run for just over seven months by the time the final results for Phase 1 are returned. During this time 106,000 members will have donated more than 8,000 years of computer time on 154,000 different computers. This is a significant contribution to muscular dystrophy research.

    The end of Phase 1 means that the researchers are doing significant work in preparation for Phase 2. To learn more about what is going on between phases, please read the posts by Dr. Alessandra Carbone and Dr. Sophie Sacquin-Mora, two of the researchers on the HCMD project, in World Community Grid's forums. In addition, the research team has prepared a progress site which may be reviewed here. Phase 2 is scheduled to start in early 2008. World Community Grid's team will continue to meet with the HCMD researchers on a regular basis and will provide updates on the forums as information becomes available.

    We still need your help with other ongoing projects! World Community Grid continues to run the FightAIDS@Home, Genome Comparison, and Human Proteome Folding - Phase II projects. In a few months, we'll be launching new projects for cancer, dengue fever, and climate prediction. All of these important projects need your computer time.

    On behalf of the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy research staff and World Community Grid's support team, we wish to express our thanks to you for contributing your PC power to this project. With your contribution, this project was completed in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.

    IMPORTANT: If you have elected to participate only in the Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project, you must take some action to prevent your World Community Grid agent from sitting idle on your PC until the next phase of the project launches. Please sign in to World Community Grid, and from the "My Grid" page, select the "My Projects" link from the menu on the left. From the "My Projects" page, select one or more of the other projects in which you choose to participate. If no action is taken within the next 2 weeks, we will set your default to "Participate in All Projects." You will then be automatically enrolled to participate in any new projects that will be launched later this year.
  • Sunday May 13 2007
    Guitar World's tribute to Chuck on EmptyWords now

    He called his band Death, but Chuck Schuldiner loved life, family and the most brutal metal imaginable. On the fifth anniversary of his passing, Guitar World celebrates death metal’s pioneer and spiritual guide in: "Lust for Life".” Now, today, on Chuck’s 40th birthday, we have GW’s recent tribute article to Chuck published on EW (thanks Jeff, Chris & Jimmy).

    So we managed to have something special again on a very special day, as always. And as a fan said in EW’s final guestbook: “Chuck Schuldiner was a TRUE artist. His spirit is undying. Infinite respect for him is all I/we have to offer. Infinite respect from every musician/artist/person is what he deserves.” Need we say more? Thanks Matthew. Enjoy!
  • Tuesday May 1 2007
    Death & Control Denied Fans United team returns!

    Because we didn’t want our computer to be useless when we’re not using it, we decided to form a new Death & Control Denied Fans United team at the World Community Grid. Learn more about World Community Grid’s health projects.

    It’s powered by United Devices so it will be simple to use for our former members. You have to uninstall your United Devices Agent software and download the World Community Grid Agent. For new members just download the software.

    When you’re done downloading and installing the programme please join our team. You helped us make a difference with the old team (almost 80 years of computing time!) and we encourage you to help us make a difference with this team as well! Thank you!
  • Sunday April 29 2007
    Grid.org: A Pioneering Internet Grid Project 2000-2007 MISSION COMPLETE

    On Friday, April 27, 2007, Grid.org (United Devices, EW) announced it has completed its mission to demonstrate the viability and benefits of large-scale Internet-based grid computing, and will be retiring its famous efforts to support critical health research.

    Grid.org was the largest and most ambitious public interest grid venture ever attempted, and thanks to Grid.org and its millions of members, dozens of similar global grid projects have been able to catch on and succeed by following its footsteps.

    Thank you to all our members! The excellent work Grid.org has done, both in contributing massive compute power to critical health research and in establishing this Internet-based model as beneficial, would not have been possible without the faith, efforts, and support of our millions of members worldwide. Thank you so much for your years of ongoing support!

    We encourage members to take your valuable resources to other projects of this kind that are ready and willing to accept you as new members. [learn more]
  • Thursday April 5 2007
    Message from Chuck's mom regarding the Death merchandise

    Hello everyone,

    I have had an incredible response to the Symbolic tour shirts and the long sleeve shirts are sold. I wish I had more. I have only 5 of the short sleeve ones left, and one pair of shorts. The first ones to order gets them, I cannot save for anyone anymore.

    I do still have a few of the black shirts with the Death logo on the front in red and silver, the word Symbolic on the back in silver. Very nice shirts. I don't remember selling any of those before, if I did could you let me know? I also have a few of the Leprosy shirts left, 12 of them, plus Let The Metal Flow shirts, 15 of those, all are in large except for 1 xlarge in LTMF.

    I said I wasn't going to offer any more shirts until time for the Control Denied shirts, but I am thinking I like the contact with Chuck's friends and fans too much to quit. So as soon as I sell all the shirts I have I'll decide which to offer next. Or what to offer. I had a license plate made for my car in memory of Frank and Chuck and I like it a lot, but I don't think I will do that. I did find a Death license plate Chuck had in his trunk and it was really nice. I hung it on the wall in my office. If you have any ideas you want to share, let me know.

    Just a reminder to please write, or better yet, type your name and address so it will be legible for me.

    Take care,
    Jane Schuldiner
    728 W Princeton Street
    Orlando, FL 32804
  • Sunday April 1 2007
    Old interviews with Chuck on EmptyWords

    We added three interviews with Chuck, all from the early/mid '90's. The first interview appeared in UK's Terrorizer Magazine some time before the recording of ITP. The second interview also appeared in Terrorizer following the release of Symbolic. The third and last article is a short reflection on Death as the blueprint for modern metal (from RIP). Enjoy!
  • Saturday March 10 2007
    Interview with Richard Christy on EmptyWords

    We’ve added an interview that Richard did for About.com last October + a Spiritual Healing review from Deadtide.com. Enjoy!
  • Tuesday February 27 2007
    Message from Chuck's mom regarding the very last Death merchandise

    Hello fans and friends,

    I have done a recent count of the total shirts left and I want to tell you about them. Below is the shirt and the number I have left of that shirt.

    XL Leprosy shirts - 19
    XL Let The Metal Flow gray shirts - 4
    XL shortsleeve Symbolic tour shirts - 2
    Large shortsleeve Symbolic tour shirts - 11
    Large longsleeve Symbolic tour shirts - 5
    Large pair of Symbolic shorts - 3
    Large Symbolic shortsleeve shirts- Death Logo on the front - word Symbolic on the back - 5

    I don't think I will offer any more shirts until time for the Control Denied shirts.

    Let me take this opportunity to answer those of you who wrote to ask me about people speaking for Chuck's family about personal issues. There is no person who has permission to talk about nor to make decisions about anything to do with Chuck or his album or other works. Chuck named his sister Beth as the executor of his estate and she, and only she, with the exception of me when she requests it, has the right to make those decisions and to speak about it with knowledge and authority, and the truth. I thank you for keeping me informed and not believing rumors, just write if you have any more questions, I'll answer as soon as I can.

    Jane Schuldiner
  • Saturday February 17 2007
    New date for Bosnian Tribute to Chuck

    There's a new date for the upcoming tribute show to Chuck. Headlined by Voice Of The Death, the show will be held now on February 25th at Club Bock in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Please check out the Benefit page for February 25th!
  • Wednesday January 31 2007
    Tour schedule pages updated

    The tour schedule pages have been updated with many more dates, venues, flyers, pics, ticket stubs & stories. We also seized this opportunity to change the menu code and implement Huddle Together’s program Lightbox 2.0 (thanks Lokesh Dhakar). We think it looks great and fits perfectly with EW’s existing design. The Benefit page has been changed as well. In time other pages will be adjusted.

    As for the schedules: The lines in grey now are cancelled concerts or the shows without Chuck. We decided to be complete in regard to Death’s history. Anyway, check out the TOURS page for a full list. Thank you all for your contributions. If your contribution is missing, please let us know. Also check out the THANKS page and see if your name is immortalized there. With due credit to all contributors, we must mention one name: Laurent. He provided us with the biggest collection of Death shows. Thanks again! More soon!
  • Monday January 22 2007
    Guitar World magazine pays tribute to Chuck Schuldiner in April 2007 issue

    January 22, 2007, New York, NY — The April 2007 issue of Guitar World will feature a lengthy article about the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as transcriptions and videos of Death songs. The feature story is written by GW executive editor Christopher Scapelliti, who interviewed some of those who were closest to Chuck and knew him best, including his mother, Jane Schuldiner, and Death/Control Denied drummer Richard Christy, who was Chuck’s closest friend.

    The feature covers Chuck’s life and music from its happy beginning to its untimely end. Jane talks about Chuck’s childhood and gives a revealing look at his difficulty overcoming the death of his brother Frank. (“He never really came to terms with it. He always missed Frank.”) Metal writer and former Combat Records publicist Don Kaye tells the previously untold story about the label signing Death to their first record contract. (“Steve Sinclair said to me, ‘Somewhere in the credits, I’m gonna put, “This record is Don Kaye’s folly.” ’ ”) And both Jane and Richard reveal Chuck’s struggles to complete the second Control Denied album during the last months of his life. (“He drove himself unmercifully that last year,” says Jane. “We worried so much about him and begged him to rest.”) The article is generously illustrated with previously unpublished private photos of Chuck that were kindly provided by Jane.

    The April 2007 issue will also feature a complete guitar and bass transcription of the Death song “Pull the Plug.” In addition, the included CD-ROM (newsstand only) will include the guitar and bass transcription for the Death track “The Philosopher” as well as live videos for both songs taken from the 2001 Death DVD Live in L.A. (Death & Raw).

    The April 2007 Guitar World will also feature tributes to other fallen guitar heroes, including Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhoades, Stevie Ray Vaughan and former Allman Brothers guitarist Duane Allman. The issue goes on sale at newsstands everywhere February 13, 2007. [preview]

    In other news: especially for the fans from Bosnia, check out the Benefit page for February 18th (thanks Zlaja).
  • Monday, New Year's Day 2007
    2007 Girls of Metal Calendar to honor Chuck's memory

    Welcome to the new year! If you want to purchase something very nice for this year you can finally own one of your very own Girls of Metal calendars! Please check out the Benefit page for more info. All proceeds will benefit the American Brain Tumor Association in memory of Chuck. Help a good cause and buy the calendar. Thanks for your support.

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