Review: The Sound Of Perseverance
Magazine: Amazon / USA
Written by: Jeff Brooks
Published: January 2002

The sound of pure, classic metal. If you are not a great lover of 'death metal' but like your metal heavy, buy this or at least listen to it. The guitar work is amazing, the instrumental 'Voice of the Soul' is superb and the second track 'Bite the Pain' has a touch of EVH about it. The final track pleased me no end as I have been a Priest fan for over 20 years.

Chuck's voice on this album has a greater sense of clarity about it and what I think is a good piece of production is the fact that all the instruments are given equal status. All of the DEATH albums have their own character, this one is no different and I was happy to pay the extra for an import. Still aggressive with fantastic harmonies. Chuck may have passed on but the music that he passed on to people like me will be his epitaph, hopefully there will be some sort of tribute album. The track 'To Forgive is to Suffer' is a metal masterpiece. Excellent.

Thanks Chuck R.I.P


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