Review: The Fragile Art Of Existence
Magazine: The Final Verdict / USA
Written by: Fox
Published: 1999-2005

Chuck Schuldiner evidentally sick of growling in Death, brings over vocalist Tim Aymar along with present and former members of Death for Control Denied. So what you basically get is a toned down Death. The music is not as complex as Death's overall, and leans more toward power metal than death metal. Its still quite tight though, I think the problem here is Chuck got a brain tumor and thus rushed to get the album out instead of taking the time to make it incredible like the last few albums. Its still good, just not as good, but I understand his plight, and my wishes and sympathies go out to him. Even the production job seems a subpar by Jim Morris standards, and while I loved Christy's drumming on Sound of Perserverance, this album it seems like a few fills have been botched. Thus leaving me to think it was rushed, I feel a couple of songs and riffs could have been tweaked better as well. What does kick ass though is Steve DiGorgio's bass playing (phenomenal as usual) and Tim's vocal lines demonstrate his range, emotion and power. All of which kick ass. Some Death fans are likely to be disappointed, but those that don't listen to Death because of the growly vocals will be amazed with this.

"Consumed" is a pretty cool song, the intro is wicked. The rest is hypnotic and 'consuming'. "Breaking the Broken" is another solid tune, very cool bass parts in this as well. "Expect the Unexpected" just rocks out, awesome tune. "What if...?" is probably the most progressive piece here, its very unique, I'd have a hell of a time to desribe it. "When the Link Becomes Missing" is a cool tune, an awesome acoustic part in the middle demonstrates how awesome Aymar's voice is. "Believe" just rocks as well, cool lyrics, great vocal lines. "Cut Down" is another strong tune. The title track is the weakest tune, some parts of it don't go anywhere, the ending drags out too. Not too bad though. A decent effort that could have been great if not rushed.

Rating: 8,4


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