Review: Symbolic (reissue)
Magazine: Suite 101 / USA
Written by: Paul Travers
Published: April 2008

It's an oft-held theory amongst those without a taste for it and people with no ears that death metal - thrash metal's uglier, less well behaved younger sibling - is nothing more than untalented, unrefined noise. It's certainly noisy and it can be hard to get beyond those serrated guitars and vocals that sound like a bear crapping a wasp's nest but afficionados will also point out how technically accomplished, precise and demanding the form can be.

Floridian pioneers Death were one of its foremost exponents until founder member Chuck Schuldiner's untimely death from cancer in 2001. A massively influential guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Schuldiner helped shape the modern metal scene and Death's 1995 album Symbolic - one of the band's most progressive works but still possessed of that trademark brutality - stands as one of the scene's finest moments.

Remastered and with five bonus demo tracks culled from the album's recording sessions, the reissue serves as a reminder of the talent the metal scene lost. Chuck Schuldiner RIP.


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