Review: Spiritual Healing
Magazine: The Final Verdict / USA
Written by: Fox
Published: 1999-2005

Spiritual Healing fits nicely into Death evolution as a band, its the last album that features the primitive death metal sound, while simultaneously being the first Death album to incorporate more complex song structures, and some other more progressive tendencies. Additionally, the lyric style changes with this one and topics seem to be more towards the serious side (like "Altering the Future" being about capital punishment and abortion) instead of just horror. Amidst all that I think this album tends to get lost, it doesn't have the 'whoa' shock factor of the later albums or the classic Death metal vibe of the first two (you know, songs like "Evil Dead" and "Pull the Plug"), its still a good album though. James Murphy's shredding guitars are certainly a nice addition to the band. There's not a bad song on this album either although I think the only great ones are "Altering the Future" (listen to the guitar solo, simply amazing) and "Spiritual Healing", which features some cool riffing and overall flow. It may be their weakest album, but its still pretty good, if you're a Death fan pick it up.

Rating: 8,5


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