Review: Spiritual Healing
Magazine: Amazon / USA
Written by: Craig McLaughlin
Published: August 2006

This is Death's third studio album and was released in February 1990. It featured a bit of a progression from their first two studio albums which were just all out brutality, but on this album some melodic bits show up here and there, and that foreshadows a bit of what is to come on Death's later studio albums as well as Chuck's future band Control Denied. This album features the brains behind Death, Chuck Schuldiner on lead guitar and lead vocals as always, and he is joined here by James Murphy, who also is on guitar. James by the way went on to play in Obituary, Cancer, Disincarnate, Testament, and made a few records under his own name. The album kicks off with the brutal tracks "Living Monstrosity" and "Altering The Future" which feature some great solos by Chuck and James as well. "Within The Mind" and "Spiritual Healing" are two other highlights here, showing some great melodic playing yet still keeping it brutal. Another impressive thing about this album is the crystal clear production.

Lyrically this album is a bit more political than what Death did earlier in their career about topics that meant a lot then and still touch many lives to this very day. The bass and drums are solid throughout, and the solos between Schuldiner and Murphy are timeless, even if you don't usually like solos I think you'd agree the ones done here are very tasteful. Its a shame this line-up did not last long, after just a short tour with the band James Murphy left to join Obituary, which his stay with them didn't last more than the "Cause Of Death" album.

On a more personal note, I just learned on this dreary December day of Chuck Schuldiner's passing, after two years of fighting cancer. I have got out all my old Death cd's to appriciate a true guitar and metal god. This album, as with everything by Death and the one Control Denied album are highly recommended!! May he rest in peace and his music will forever live on.


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