Spiritual Healing World Tour - 1990
Chuck Schuldiner~James Murphy~Bill Andrews~Terry Butler


Date Venue City Country  
January 14 Beacham Theater Orlando USA flyer
March 1 Siboney Club Toronto CA USA  
March 2 The Skyroom Buffalo NY USA flyer
March 3 Blondies Detroit MI USA  
March 4 Cubby Bear Chicago IL USA picture
March 14 Paradise Boston MA USA  
March ? ? Rochester NY USA  
March ? The Lost Horizon Syracuse NY USA  
March 17 Streets New Rochelle NY USA  
March 18 Murphy's Law Long Branch NJ USA flyer
March 22 Peabody's Down Under Cleveland OH USA  
March 24 Newport Music Hall Columbus OH USA  
March 25 Crystal Palace Milwaukee WI USA  
March 31 Country Club Reseda CA USA flyer
April 1 Mason Jar Phoenix AZ USA  
April 4 Convention Center El Paso TX USA ticket [b] picture [a]
April 10 ? New Orleans LA USA  
April 11 Night Owl Pensacola FL USA flyer
April 12 After Dark Club Houston TX USA [!]
April 19 Beacham Theatre Orlando FL USA  
April 20/21 The Pit 21 N. W Palm Beach FL USA ticket [e]
August 17 The Thrash Can Miami Beach FL USA  
August 18 21 North W Palm Beach FL USA  
August 19 Plus Three Longwood FL USA  
August 20 The Masquerade Atlanta GA USA  
August 24 4808 Charlotte NC USA  
August 25 Jade Elephant Richmond VA USA  
August 26 G-Willikers Philadelphia PA USA  
August 28 Bayou Washington DC USA  
August 30/31 L'Amours Brooklyn NY USA  
September 1 Sundance Bayshore NY USA  
September 2 The Channel Boston MA USA  
September 3 Derringers Brockton MA USA  
September 6 Empire Cleveland OH USA  
September 7 Country Club Skyroom Buffalo NY USA  
September 10 Bar D'Auteiu Quebec City QB Canada  
September 11 Fou Fou Nes Electr. Montreal QB Canada  
September 12 Apocalypse Toronto ON Canada  
September 14 Blondies Detroit MI USA  
September 15 Bogarts Cincinnati OH USA  
September 16 Medusa Chicago IL USA  
September 17 Varsity Theatre Minneapolis MN USA  
September 24 Gothic Theatre Denver CO USA  
October 4 Omni Oakland CA USA  
October 5 Country Club Reseda CA USA  
October 6 Iguana's Tijuana Mexico pic 1 | 2 | 3 [f]
October 7 The Asylum Tempe AZ USA ticket [b] pic 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 [f]
October 11 Fitzerald's Houston TX USA  
October 12 Showcase San Antonio TX USA  
October 13 Joe's Garage Fort Worth TX USA pic 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 [f]
October 25 - Bruay France  
October 27 - Rennes-Vitre France  
October 28 - Poitiers France  
October 29 - Toulouse France  
October 30 Miranas Bordeaux France  
October 31 - Lyon France  
November 2 - Paris France  
November 3 - Nancy France  
November 5 - Bristol UK  
November 6 - Birmingham UK  
November 7 - Newcastle UK  
November 8 - Glascow UK  
November 9 - Edinburgh UK  
November 10 Queens Hall Bradford UK  
November 11 Parr Hall Warrington UK  
November 13 - Belfast Ireland  
November 14 - Dublin Ireland  
November 16 Milton Keynes UK  
November 17 Zaal Pede St. Lievens Belgium  
November 17 - London UK  
November 18 - Tilburg Holland  
November 19 - Amsterdam Holland  
November 21 - Kopenhagen Denmark  
November 22 - Lund Sweden  
November 23 - Oslo Norway  
November 24 Rockborgen Fagersta Sweden ticket [c]
November 26 - Helsinki Finland  
November 27 - Tampere Finland  
November 29 - Hamburg Germany  
November 30 - Berlin Germany  
December 1 - Magdeburg Germany  
December 2 Aladin Bremen Germany  
December 3 - Oberhausen Germany  
December 4 - Mainz Germany  
December 6 - Fürth Germany  
December 8 - Osnabrück Germany  
December 9 - Kassel Germany  
December 10 - Stuttgart Germany  
December 11 - Völklingen Germany  
December 12 - Ludwigshafen Germany  
December 13 - Winterthur Switzerland  
December 16 K.O.M.A. Biberach Germany ticket [d]
December 17 Theaterfabrik München Germany  
December 18 - Vienna Austria  
December 19 - Prag Tjech Rep  
December 20 - Ostrava Tjech Rep  
December 21 - Katowice Poland  



Back of tour shirt [b]

The first time I saw Death perform was when I was in high school around the summer of 1991 (or maybe later, my memory isn't that well) during the "Spiritual Healing" Tour. They played at a small club/bar called AFTERDARK. The other bands that played were Devestation (I am almost sure) and Dark Reign from Houston, TX (I am definately sure). The most memorable moment of the show was when Death started playing "Spiritual Healing." The pit grew large and the brutality was flowing. I got up enough guts to dive from a speaker stack and was thrown around like a bag of old rags (I weighed 95 lbs at the time). The energy and the intensity grew. Then "it" happened. The barrier that seperated the audience from the stage COLLAPSED! Fists were flying. Bodies hit the floor. Bouncers were crushed. It was mayhem. I can say that no one died. I was almost sure were we going to have some crippled teenagers on our hands. As far as I know, that didn't happen either. It was one hell of a night of PURE BRUTALITY.

I still remember my "I Survived The Brutality" T-shirt I bought. I proudly wore that shirt to school as much as I could because I believed I truly had lived through a night of "awesome brutality."

Thanks for the memories Chuck.

Alvaro Saar Rios, Houston, TX, November 5th 2004 03:39:31 AM



All flyers + March 4 pic: James Murphy [a] Familia Luna [b] Brandon Hall
[c] David Isberg [d] Elöd Oberst [e] Eddie Grider [f] Sean Sitka


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