Individual Thought Patterns 1993 USA
Chuck Schuldiner~Gene Hoglan~Ralph Santolla~Steve DiGiorgio

Date Venue City Country
July 3 Waldrock Festival Burgum Netherlands [!]
July 7 ? Tampa, FL USA
July 8 ? Atlanta, GA USA
July 9 Mad Monk Wilmington, NC USA
July 10 ? Bensalem, PA USA
July 11 ? Washington, DC USA
July 12 City Limits Pittsburgh, PA USA
July 14 The Grand New York City, NY USA
July 15 Huntington, NY USA
July 16 Salisbury, MA USA [!]
July 17 - Rochester, NY USA
July 18 Indianapolis, IN USA
July 20 Cleveland, OH USA
July 21 Cincinnatti, OH USA
July 22 ? Detroit, MI USA
July 23 Oak Theatre Chicago, IL USA
July 24 St. Louis, MO USA
July 25 Lawrence, KS USA
July 27 Albuquerque, NM USA
July 29 Corona, CA USA
July 30 The Stone San Francisco, CA USA
July 31 One Step Beyond Santa Clara, CA USA
August 1 Variety Arts Center Los Angeles, CA USA
August 2 Phoenix, AZ USA
August 4 Oklahoma City, OK USA
August 5 Houston, TX USA
August 6 San Antonio, TX USA
August 7 Ft. Worth, TX USA


I met Chuck while he was on tour in 1993 at Salsbury beach, MA. He was walking around with 2 other guys and me and my friend were sitting on a bench. As he walked by my friend and I said "Hey Chuck, hows it going, nice to meet you man". I don't remember what he said to us but I do remember how pleasent, laid back and genuine he was. This has always stuck with me and I have always thought that Chuck was a special person and not just for his musical talent. His music was always heavy and in your face, sometimes brutal. However, those of us who listened to his lyrics and delivery knew that he singing about real issues, world issues as well as personal experiences. For those people who did not take the time to listen to what Chuck was saying, I feel bad because they truly have missed out on a brilliant mind!! Wherever you are Chuck you will never be forgotten by your true fans, friends and family. May our paths cross in the future in another place and time. PEACE BE WITH YOU... Jeff Gardiner, Rhode Island USA, January 25th 2007, 12:44:08 AM





Pictures were taken at the Waldrock festival in the Netherlands and send to us by Hendrik Attema.



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